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Is A Garage Sale A Good Way To Help My Mother Make Some Extra Money?

Yes but would ask the family member first. sometime the elders would sell valuable stuff without family knowing. Always have a family discussion first.

How Do You Go About Hiring Some One To Check In With An Elderly Parent On A Daily Basis?

Personally I would have a camera in the home. I have one in my parents home so I can see how the caregiver is acting toward my parents. Also you can always have someone stop by and check or text them.

When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

Depends on the situation. If she cant take care of herself, it's time to get some part time help so you can have a life too. Just remember they are getting older and need much love and caring from you. Sometime it's take a while to adjust. Most... more

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

Must have a liable transportation. Always do a credit and reference check.

My Brother Is Paying A Senior Home Aide And His Friends $22,000 Per Month Of My Parents' Money

That's insane.Way too much. People pay $3,000 to live in Nursing home a month and that includes room on board and food and laundry. Activities and outings. That's a waist of money.