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Is It A Good Idea To Get My Mother A Small Dog As A Companion?

Yes if she is able to get up and down to be able to let it outside to use the bathroom. Not a high energy dog.

How Can I Talk To My Mother About Down Sizing?

Offer to help her make it easier to help her downsize. Point out she can make money on some of her possessions like garage sales,consignment, craigslist and then offer to reward her with something she likes to do with some of the money she makes. Remind her that you... more

What Are Some Easy Card Games?

My favorite games would be UNO, memory using a deck of cards. You could use the whole deck or split in two colors or use two suits. Adult coloring books and youth are fun. Old Maid, Go fish. Checkers just to name a few. Thank you, Robin

How Do I Make Tying A Scarf Easy On Arthritic Hands?

I would suggest tying it in your lap first and then put over head. If someone else is available they could assist.

What Do I Do About Taxes For A Home Health Aide?

As a caregiver experiencing my first job not taxed my employer gives me a form 1099 with no taxes taken out. Its up to me to contact the IRS and make quarterly payments on my own. At the end of the year I received a 1099 misc. income form they... more

Disabled Adult Transportation

I feel if you can work out a set rate per job it can be doable. Some people can utilize Uber or Lyft. They seem to be available on the spot and the rates are posted when applying for the ride. I'm not sure if they all are wheelchair... more

What Are Your Thoughts About Informal Caregiver Credentials/certification?

Extra education can not hurt anyone. With changes of laws and more people wanting home health care for themselves or family members, education and certification plus background and fingerprinting can be a great idea.