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The Complete Guide to Nanny Shares

Learn what it takes to make a nanny share a success.

Overview: Is a nanny share right for you?

Nanny shares are an increasingly popular child care option, namely because they are more affordable than a traditional nanny, provide hands-on care and are in a home setting but still allow for socialization.

In a nanny share, two or more families agree to share the same nanny. That means families reap the benefit of having more individualized home care for their children — but at a lower cost than hiring a nanny of their own. But before you jump into a nanny share, consider the pros, cons, costs, and alternatives.

The benefits of a nanny share

  • Shared costs
  • Personalized attention
  • Home environment
  • Socialization
  • Flexible scheduling

The challenges of a nanny share

  • More to search for — a nanny and a family
  • Increased coordination among more people
  • More complex communication

The cost of a nanny share

Depending on your needs and the needs of your share family, the cost of a nanny share can vary. Some factors include your nanny’s level of experience, the number of children that will be under her care and where you live. Nanny shares tend to be cheaper than traditional nannies but more expensive than day care centers. See the average cost of nannies, nanny shares and day cares in your local area with our Cost of Child Care Calculator.

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