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Managing your nanny

Congratulations, you’ve officially hired your nanny! Here is some logistical information to keep top-of-mind as you manage childcare.

Managing your relationship with your nanny

Once your nanny starts, you’ll want to know that everything is going smoothly. You can schedule regular “performance reviews” or “check ins” with your nanny – reoccurring sit-downs to ensure there’s a foundation for open communication and mutual understanding. Usually these are held on an annual basis, but it’s not a bad idea to have a 90-day review to see how the transition is going. Some topics you can go over are punctuality, how she interacts with your children, discussing what’s going well and what can be improved on, and any important upcoming events she should be aware of.

You can also informally check in on your nanny by dropping by the house unexpectedly to see how your nanny and child get along, asking your child about how things are going, or browsing your nanny’s social media.

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