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The Complete Guide to Home Care

How to find, hire, and manage a senior caregiver

Overview and cost

Home health care aides assist with daily tasks that a senior may not be as capable of doing themselves like cooking or doing laundry. They generally don’t have medical training. Instead they work in conjunction with a registered nurse if any medical attention is required.

If you choose to hire a home care aide, keep in mind that the cost will vary based on the geographical location, job requirements, and the level of experience the candidate has. Their rate will also change depending on if they’re an independent caregiver or part of a staffing agency. According to the 2017 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the median monthly cost of home care aides was $4,099.

A senior can qualify for Medicare assistance if they are cared for by a home care aide hired through a preapproved agency. The other qualifications include the following:

  • Their plan of care is recommended by a doctor
  • They are considered homebound
  • They’ve met face-to-face with their doctor to discuss home health care
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