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Child caregiving tips

You landed your child care dream job! Now what? Here are some tips to help you find where to turn for support, learn how to handle challenging situations and get started planning fun activities for kids.

Salary and payments

As a child caregiver, you deserve to earn a living wage – and the minimum wage laws were created to ensure that happens. According to New York City-based employment attorney Jeffrey Risman, Esq., Householder workers – such as nannies and babysitters – must be paid at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Here is a complete list of minimum wages per state. If you have realized you’re not making minimum wage, talk to your employer about an increase.

In addition to minimum wage, a few other money-related situations you may face are:

  • You’re working longer hours and not being paid
  • You're driving the kids and need money for gas
  • You're working unpredictable hours, often at the last minute

To avoid some of these issues, you should make sure you have a contract that states expected hours, salary, holiday, benefits and overtime stipulations. Then, make sure you keep good records of your hours, your mileage or whatever might be in question.

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Child caregiving tips
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