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Advice For Teaching Children With Adhd

I think you are doing great. Other than that, just be patient and do not get frustrated with children. When I was younger, I have had tutors who had limited patience.

Do Kids Need To Be On An Exercise Schedule?

Try doing exercise as family a walk before or after dinner is great way to spend extra time together and get your child fit...even try to partake in 1Ks/5ks and races as a family!


Hi Jennifer, I am not a teenager. However, I would suggest saving your money for college and further education and not spending your money. Another open is to invest - start by having a conversation with your mom or dad or guardian about ways to invest. Reeta


I would not suggest it. Treat babysitting as a professional job. Homework outside of babysitting hours or when children are sleeping/taking a nap but still be professional and alert as the children's safety should be priority and homework especially if you are concentrated on it can be a... more

School Bus Issue

Yeah that is not right I would talk to the principal of the school regarding the incident and keep taking it higher/higher up until it is resolved. To be honest, working with children means understanding that "accidents" are going to happen and "spilling" is an accident. Now if she... more