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How Much Does A Tutor Cost?

When hiring a tutor, you’ll find that you have a wide range of options, so it should come as no surprise that pricing will vary greatly depending on your child’s specific academic needs. So, just how much is a tutor going to cost? Private tutoring rates are calculated based on... more

20 Ways To Save Money On Child Care

Think you can't afford child care? Think again. You may believe it's too expensive for your family, but once you explore your options, you might be surprised.  The first step to take before looking into your child care options is figuring out how much money you can... more

How To Explain Martin Luther King Jr. Day To Kids

With a fresh year just beginning, this is an opportune time to help children set a respectful and kind tone for the year ahead. Many offices and schools will be closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 20, making the nationally recognized holiday a great chance for... more

How To Explain Veterans Day To Your Kids

For kids, especially the young ones, Veterans Day might not seem like much more than a day off from school. And, if your kids are anything like my 4-year-old, they have little to no awareness of the important role that veterans play in our everyday lives. This time of year... more

25 Fun Babysitting Games To Play On The Job

It's only natural for some children to feel a bit leery of spending time with a babysitter while mom and dad are away — especially if it's their first time being left with the caregiver. One way sitters can help put the child at ease is by coming prepared with age-appropriate games... more

The 7 Most Helpful Housecleaning Apps

Between busy work schedules, back-to-back activities for the kids, and a laundry list of errands (oh yeah, and let’s not forget the actual laundry), it’s easy to let house cleaning fall to the back burner. Sure, you could use a site like Care.com to hire housecleaning help near you... more

Worms In Dogs: What Are The Types, Symptoms And Treatments

Your dog hasn't been behaving normally over the past few weeks. You talk to your dog walker or doggy day care about it, and they say that they've noticed a change in your dog's bathroom habits. You check in with your dog sitter after you get back from a trip, and... more