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How To Switch Account

you have to make a whole new account

I'm 17 Now Everyone Was Telling Me I Wasn't Getting Hired Much Because I Was 16 But I Been Applying & Applying To Everything No Response What Am I Doing Wrong ?

I think the problem people were trying to express too you is that you are underaged. 16/17 is not that different and you are still not an adult

Do I Need Parent Approval To Get Jobs? Or Should I Make An Account Where I'm An "adult" And Explain To My "care-Seekers" My Situation?

That would be a bad idea, right off the bat theyre going to think youre lying to them. 

I Recently Went On A Mini Get Away With The Family I Nanny For. They Paid For The Trip Except One Meal (A Dinner). I Worked On My Usual Day Off Which Brought Me To Working An Extra Day And Extra Hours As Well As Not Working For Another Family....

I think it will be very difficult to ask for more money after. Did they say they would pay extra? If not it may be very awkward and difficult to explain your case. Were they aware your dog would be going in a kennel? Best of luck! Post an update... more

Am I Being Scammed?

This is 10000000% a scam. This is literally word for word a well known scam people get caught up in. Block and report them.

How Much Should I Charge For A Weekend Of Overnight Babysitting?

I would ask to be paid hourly through the night, it makes even more sense if there is a special needs child is involved. I don't know if I would personally ask for more for the dogs. But I do not see it as a crazy idea to ask... more

Should You Ask For A Review?

I personally think it would be a odd to ask. Just my opinion! I've seen some reviews where the reviewer states they only had a phone call.