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Should I tell my teen that I sometimes feel jealous of his friends?

My 16-year-old son and I used to be close, but lately he spends all his free time with friends. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm jealous. Should I tell my son that I'm jealous of his friends who see him more often than I do?


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  • I am a teen and the best way to tell ur son that u want time with him is to lint the time with his friends yes he might get mad but tell him that u want to spend time with him I'm sure he would understand

  • I would have to say no, don't tell your son you are feeling jealous of his friends. I believe that would lead to him feeling unnecessarily guilty about hanging out with them. I also wouldn't try to severely limit his time with them and making him hang out with you instead, either. My parents tried that with me and it only led to me resenting them, which definitely didn't lead to me wanting to be around my parents more. I think a good solution for this would be to set aside a certain day of the week for you two to hang out, e.g. every Sunday night is family movie night. Try to work through your emotions on your own without burdening your son with them, and remind yourself that it is completely normal for 16 year olds to rather hang out with their friends than their parents.

  • I'm a teen, do something special for the kid. Tell him how you feel, maybe he misses you too. Guys usually liking hanging out with there friends more than there parents. Tell him how you feel about it.

  • As a teenager, I know my mom loves to hang out with me but I can only take so much. In order for him to not feel smothered by you, try taking him to lunch one day or seeing if needs to run any errands. I wouldn't tell him you are jealous of his friends because then he will feel guilty and think he has to spend time with you.

  • I am a teen and have been trying to balance my relationship with my family (mother and sisters) with my friendships. It is important to be honest with your teen, don't try to guilt trip or manipulate your way into spending more time with him or convincing him to spend more time with you. It is best to talk to him, his response will signify what stage he is in-sometimes the pushing away may be because you had such a close relationship before and now he is trying to branch out to being closer to those his age to help identify himself. Good luck!

  • just tell him you miss the time you and your son used to have together im sure he'll eventually come to.

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