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Should I put my 2-year-old in preschool?

I heard that it can be really good for 2-year-olds to start preschool, but my daughter still seems so young to me. Should I keep her at home with me for another year?


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  • Toddlers don't necessarily need to go to preschool. It's good to have social interaction before starting school. This could be anything from Sunday school, an occasional daycare visit, play dates, a weekly Kindermusik and/or a local library's story time program. It seems to be an easier transition to have some peer involvement before being dropped off with a bunch of strangers on the first day of Kindergarten.

  • Skyla has it right. Socialization is assumed to be with children of same age, but it isn't so. Interaction with everyday people, grocery store, dry cleaners, park, church, especially anyone providing a service; grocery carryout, lawn service, trash pickup. These people are in our lives every week and we need to teach our children to say hello and thank you. Let children be free to explore. They have to spend 13+ years in school, what is the rush.

  • I certainly think by the age of three or four your child must be enrolled in preschool. However, if there is any possible way at all, I think the most time spent with mom or dad are cherished times. Believe me time goes by way too fast and I think babies should be babies for as long as they can be!

  • There are benefits to keeping her home with you as well as benefits to enrolling her in preschool, but there are also happy mediums that you can consider. If you're wanting her to be more independent, consider finding a local Mother's Day Out program that's only once or twice a week for a few hours or, as Skyla said, enroll her in Sunday school at your church. If you're hesitant to leave her just yet and simply looking for social exposure (which I would highly encourage!), Skyla is also on the right track in suggesting Mom & tot activities such as library groups, play dates, etc.

  • Yes, it will help your child's mental growth so much. I have a brother that wasn't in preschool and one that was in it for two years and the difference is so much greater. My brother that went for two years is more social and smarter than a lot of kids his age. I believe it helps the brain growth so much more. It is so beneficial for the child.

  • There a pros and cons to putting your kid in preschool. It is good because it allows her to learn how to play together and communicate with kids her age. You don't have to put her in pre-school full time, if you are worried about it I would suggest taking her to pre-school once or twice a week and then more once you get more comfortable with the idea.

  • put her in pre-school yes, now you have a open window to relax and get stuff done for your families future.

  • I think its helpful!! Even if you are able to keep them at home financially, I would still do a mommy-day-out program 2-3 days a week. It really helps the kids, and they are great places!! And it will give you a few free hours a week too

  • This really all comes down to what you're ready to do. There are children who start in daycare at 6 weeks, and there are children who do not attend any formal schooling until kindergarten. There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a formal school setting: they develop social skills, they learn to share, they share germs, which builds immunity. By joining a play group or attending a social group of moms and kids, children can build these skills, as well. The added benefit to a formal school setting, is that kids learn to develop relationships with other adults outside the home. As a teacher myself, this is invaluable when children permanently enroll in school.

  • There are benefits to both options. I think you need to make a judgment call based on the fact you're the one who sees your child every day. If you think she seems bored and wants to be around other children her age, then preschool could be a great option. If you still think she needs time at home before starting preschool, that's also totally fine. Each child is different so there's really no clear-cut answer to this question. I'm sure whatever you decide will work itself out!

  • I don't think you need to enroll a 2 year old in preschool at that age it really is just daycare. They are taught some but you can do that at home and possibly do something like play dates or group. My son went to daycare for maybe 2 months before entering pre k(state funded in ga) and he is very social and doing great in school. pre k does not necessarily make a child more social some children are just more social than others that's more of a personality trait. Hope this helps.

  • I agree with Skyla.

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