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My son has autism and is being bullied. What should I do?

My 6th grader has autism and is being bullied by another student in school. The school seems reluctant to step in or help in any way. What can I do now? Who should I reach out to?


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  • If you have a care provider they could check into getting you an assistant to attend school with your child. I went to school for 2 years with a child that had autism as a one on one. It worked out well for his mother knowing someone was always there to focus on her child to help him improve and prevent bullies etc.

  • Jackie my son had the same issue and it became physical to the point his twin brother started fighting to protect him (no ten year old should have to worry about safety). Adults are sooooo oblivious and slow to believe anything. Valerie P. gave a great answer. Also it wouldn't hurt to sign your child up for karate. I did and I have more peace of mind. Trust me, it's not about beating a child up, karate is about protecting yourself. The first thing he learned (besides Japanese) was how to block punches. Plus he had a great teacher and it actually helped with his autism.

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