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How do stop my son's bad language?

My son came home from my sister's house and heard some 'choice' words and phrases.  He is two years old and saying them to everyone that will listen and I'm mortified.  I have tried ignoring him and telling him to stop.  Nothing works.  What can I do to get him to stop using this language?  I've already told my sister that I'm not happy about this and she assured me he won't hear it again.


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  • you can put him on a timeout  wash his mouth out with soap when he says a bad word.

  • This is a tricky one, Alicia. Kids are just so impressionable when they're little. Anything they say or do that elicits even the slightest reaction from us is like striking oil for them. Any of us with kids have been right where you are now when ours were little. I know I have. And honestly, you're doing all the right things right now. They problem is, your son's a little too young to fully grasp what 'no' means in a situation like that. Which is why you just need to keep doing what you're doing. Keep reinforcing that the language he's using isn't OK and try your best not to react to intensely when he does say things so it doesn't cause him to say it more often.

    The other thing you may want to try is giving him a consequence for saying a bad word. Like maybe you explain that he'll lose a favorite toy for awhile if he says it again or he won't be able to get dessert if he says something naughty. That will ensure that learns/knows that what he's doing is not ok because it'll come with a penalty. And after a while, he'll just get sick of having a consequence. It's going to be up to you tho to hold the line and follow through. Even if the consequence lasts only long enough to make your point, you need to enforce it. That's the key. And it'll click eventually. Promise.

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