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In Need of Sandwich Suggestions for my 2 year old!

My daughter isn't a huge fan of lunch meat so we do peanut butter and jelly.  She is getting tired of the same sandwiches every day but she still doesn't want to eat meat.  

What other meatless sandwiches do you serve your little ones?


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  • My 7 nieces and nephews (3 yo quads, 12yo twins and 6yo) are vegan/vegetarian. They love peanut butter and banana with honey and/or cinnamon, fried egg, avocado with flax and chia seeds, ALTs = Avocado lettuce and tomato, grilled cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, grilled jam and cream cheese or just jam and cheddar (sounds super weird I know!) fried tofu and kimchee (definitely not for most toddlers!), plain tomato and black pepper. Get creative! Good luck!

  • When I was younger I was (and still kind of am) super picky! Something that helped was my mom and I went to the grocery store's deli counter when the store wasn't super busy and the deli counter employee cut me a sample of almost everything I wanted to try! I tried a ton of new cheese and meat, and with the employee's recommendation, I even tried some together! Once I found some I liked (Salami and White American, Ham and Munster, and Roast Beef no cheese), my mom taught me how to make them! After they were made we cut each sandwich with a cookie cutter (I didn't eat the crust) and put them in my lunch along with carrots and pb, or an apple! 

    I think being so involved as a kid in my own meal prep really helped me eat more confidently!

    • HIDDEN Great response for helping .  I loved the history how this important memory stayed with you and you now can share it.
    • HIDDEN Have you tried banana and almond butter, or egg sandwich , tuna, chicken salad sandwich?? Veggie sandwich with a cream cheese spread? Maybe…. Just some suggestions 😊
  • I have been a vegetarian since age 5 and my favorite is mock tuna fish sandwiches. You make the tuna salad exactly as you would but replace the tuna with food processed garbanzo beans. Also cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are delicious. Hope this helps!

    • HIDDEN Oh, that sounds yummy! We make lentil burgers with some mustard on nutty/seedy bread. But our toddler is NOT a picky eater, she survives momma’s cooking…poor thing :P
  • Apple and Cheddar Grilled Cheese! Slice the apples very thin and cook them until they're translucent. Then place them on the (uncooked) grilled cheese, and continue to make as if it were a "normal" grilled cheese. I personally like Granny Smith apples for this recipe, but you can use any type of apple! 

    Egg, and cheese sandwiches are also often a favorite. 

    I'd also recommend experimenting with other types of meats besides lunch meat. Try salami or pepperoni and cheese sandwiches. Even if your daughter won't eat meat, you can put it on her plate at lunch each day in the hopes that she'll try it again. 

    You can make the same lunches less boring by using cookie cutters to turn the sandwiches into fun shapes!

    And if sandwiches are still boring, try cheese and crackers, mac n cheese, quesadillas, wraps (pb&j sushi), french toast, pizza bagels, spaghetti with butter, pancakes, etc.  There's lots of other options!

    • HIDDEN Yes and can be creative throw bananas and Nutella
  • Instead of jelly mash banana and mix it in with your peanut butter until it is creamy.

  • My two year old actually liked to eat hummus and cheese sandwhiches (with toasted bread of course) and he would also eat cottage cheese sandwhices :) hope this helps!

  • Thin slices of cucumber with cream cheese is such a nice sandwich to have. Sounds a bit weird but, taste really good!

    • HIDDEN Using a cinnamon bread for these are really good! Maybe try banana bread with raisins, that sounds good as well.
  • I would suggest grilled cheese or egg sandwiches. The egg can be scrambled or made egg-salad style. A hummus sandwich, with optional avocado and feta cheese, would be a creative, healthy and easy choice. I googled "vegetarian sandwich ideas" and there are endless possibilities to choose from!

  • For the little ones I will make a cashew butter or Peanut Butter sandwich,or a Grilled Cheese sandwich and use a cookie cutter in the shape of a Heart or Star, and say your mom and Dad Love you so much they made this Heart to show you, and with the Star say Everyone thinks you are a Superstar.... The big kids like it to!

  • Peanut butter and honey is one of my favorites! Peanut butter and bananas, or avocado and tomatoes are great options too!

  • I would skip the sandwich with my daughter offer and opt for a variety of fruits and veggies. I wasn't worried about the protein because I could make sure she was getting that at home.

  • Hi, my son was also a PB&J only, blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese work well for him. good luck!

  • I have a plate of a few favorite items my little ones have picked.  Don't worry about what they pick to go on the plate. We try to encourage new items from all food groups.  Then take big cookie cutters and make shapes in the bread slices. Build a sandwich, if they want and discover new foods we have not tried  Don't be surprised, if the bread and food items are ate separate. :>)  Make a fun food chart, using pictures, and every day new things will be discovered.

  • Although I don't have kids, I babysit my 3 year old niece and she loves loves loves goat cheese and honey on bread!!! You don't even know how much she loves it! Instead of pb n j you can try pb and bananas :) 

  • There are many options! It depends on the kid though. If they enjoy fruits and vegetables you may want to try a cucumber sandwich(toast cucumber slices and dip in some mayo), tomato sandwich(same as a cucumber) or BLT. There's also substitutes like goat cheese, honey, spinach, apples, peanut butter with a little chocolate, ham pieces, turkey and cranberry sauce, a garlic pepperoni bread(like pizza), or even getting bagel cream cheese spreads like pumpkin, honey or strawberry! You can even try doing crepes. I suggest keeping pre made batter in a squeezable container so you're not constantly making it. And you can make a few so you make them every couple nights. Just make sure she's gets enough protein--she still growing!

  • PBS with sliced fresh sliced fruit instead of jelly.. strawberries, blue berries etc super yummy

  • Maybe try a Tuna Mayo sandwich? Or does that count as meet for her?

  • peanut butter with banana slices, tuna salad, grilled cheese

  • i've nannied a few mostly vegetarian children and am vegetarian myself since childhood.
    original hummus is becoming a fast favorite for children, from my experience.
    sandwiches are EXTREMELY versatile and very easy to customize with your child's favorite condiment.
    i've known some kids to eat bread + a spread sandwiches (nutella sandwiches, cream cheese, etc) when parents are desperate for little ones to eat.
    if she's old enough, maybe trying out some recipes together could be fun!

  • Peanut butter and honey, and egg sandwiches

  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich

  • I always found that children respond well to egg sandwiches and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. They are both easy to make and very tasty! Also healthy!

  • Since peanut butter is a win, have you tried other combinations with peanut butter, such as honey and cinnamon or peanut butter and thin bananas? 

    Also, have you tried some Swiss cheese and mustard or light mayo? Kids like to look at the holes before they eat the cheese :O)

    You could also spread whipped avocado and agave nectar on toast.

    • HIDDEN Peanut butter and bacon works for 2 year old’s who love peanut butter and who also love bacon.
  • Grilled Cheese is always a good way to go.

  • Egg, cheese or grilled cheese sandwich, apple and peanut putter, cheese stick and carrots

  • My mother owns a daycare, and she often makes her kids grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and egg sandwiches (scrambled or hard boiled). They're absolutely delicious! 

    Hope this helps! :)

  • (Nutella) Chocolate and banana, between 2 sliceso of thick challah bread.

  • peanut butter & apple on sandwich rounds are good (:

  • Grilled cheese. Blts. Tomato and mayo. Cucumber.

  • My son always loved egg salad sandwiches,he really liked them and they are just about the best thing you can give your kids in terms of protein they are considered (THE PERFECT PROTEIN)They don"t need a combination of carbs,they work all by themselves.

  • peanut butter and marshmellow fluff

  • try cream cheese and thin sliced cucumber with crust cut off and have a little tea party, this is a traditional finger sandwich and she might think it fun.

    hummus is yummy and has protein

    also cut any sandwich into fun shapes with a cookie cutter or even into long strips, my grandma would call them lizard tails

  • Have you tried sliced avocado with mild chedder cheese? Add some dressing(mayo) and a dash of salt for a great flavor combo. Maybe even toast the bread to add some crunch. Green peppers would add jazz, also! 

  • you could try egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, tuna melt (grilled cheese with tuna on it) or maybe skip the sandwich doing pb with banana and a waffle or bagel. you may even tried a fried egg sandwich.....scramble the egg in the bowl, but try to cook it as one piece in the pan and stick on some bread with mayo and tomato.

  • Toddlers can be picky but giving them a variety of different foods will help with that. My kids LOVE pb&j's but it can get kinda boring. You can try switching it up a bit by trying honey instead of jelly, putting fruit inside like bananas or using a waffle as the bread or even trying a different nut butter. We also do hard boiled eggs, egg sandwiches, tuna, cheese crisps and grilled cheese. Hope this helps.

  • I love whipped ricotta cheese. Just throw it in the blender with a dash of olive oil and voila. Super fluffy and delicious. I like to sprinkle some paprika on top or some sliced avocado.

    Black bean patties are a yummy alternative too! They're pretty easy to make. Or any bean salad really - kidney beans, lentils, and potatoes all go super super well with just some diced onions, fresh parsley, and a little olive oil and lemon juice/white vinegar.

    Also, maybe try non traditional lunch meats like prosciutto and salami and mortadella. The taste is completely different that American lunch meats and they're fun rolled up for more picnic-like spreads with cheese and crackers and fruit.

  • egg salads fast and delicious

  • try grilled cheese or just peanut butter or just jelly

  • Maybe just a basic cheese and lettuce sandwich, or grilled cheese and make it into fun shapes! Or you could try making cheese "roll ups" instead of a sandwich!

  • If it hasn't been said already, some fun a different sandwiches without meat include peanut butter and fluff, tuna and mayo, or peanut butter and bananas!

  • I'm sorry if someone already said it I didn't read all of the responses but grilled cheese is usually a good pick and you can add tomatoes too. You could also put an egg with cheese.

  • How about grilled cheese, cold cheese, or egg and cheese?

  • Making a grilled cheese or a quesadilla is a great option! I had a chef at my work who used to throw in same yummy veggies hidden in the cheese too, like zucchini or squash and the kids didn't even notice! 

  •   You can try peanut butter and banana, mini tuna sandwiches cut into shapes, or a simple grilled cheese!

  • jelly works

  • Some options are grilled cheese, egg salad, canned tuna sandwich is ok once a week, sometimes anything I eat is interesting to my kid too. :)

  • You could make a simple chickpea patty. There are vegetarian chickpea party recipes specifically for toddlers on line.

  • Peanut butter and bananas

  • I used to work at subway, and this is what children would always ask for.

    White or wheat bread, with either turkey or ham and Swiss/american/or cheddar cheese, with lettuce, tomatoes. pickles, and cucumbers with mayonnaise/mustard. 

    • HIDDEN My daughter loves peanut butter and Nutella, sometimes peanut butter and honey too.
  • Honey & Nutella, Honey & Peanut Butter, cucumber and pepper, Nutella chocolate chip & banana, and lastly, grilled cheese

  • What about peanut butter and bananas

  • I do agree its good to try different things. I have a 5 year old that doesn't like meat very much. I sub for things such as cheese,yogurt,peanut butter, eggs and etc. Even just cheese slice and a slice of bread, and miracle whip you could try. A lot of times its just a stage and they will grow out of it and start eating more meat later.

  • Peanut butter and banana slices, or if its more of a treat sometimes we add marshmallows into the peanut butter and banana- sounds weird but it is oddly delicious, Grilled cheese, add tomato and lettuce if desired, lettuce wraps :)

  • Nutella and bananas is great! I even sneak mashed prunes in as jelly if he needs it and it works like a charm.

  • My daughter loves peanut butter, fluff, and banana! Also just pb and banana!

  • Grilled Cheese sandwiches are always a hit. You could maybe do wraps with lettuce tomatoes and other foods. Nutella sandwiches are sugary but if you slice some bananas or strawberries it could make them a little healthier :) I would also recommend salads and foods with lots of fiber to fill her up. Good luck!

  • I highly recommend a fried nutella & banana sandwich. However, not fried is great too!

  • Everyone already said all my suggestions!!!!  What a wonderful community we have.  It warms my heart to see us Americans coming together for the purpose of bettering our children's lives.

  • Try banana and Nutella. Or hummus sandwiches 

    • HIDDEN Try grilled Cheese and egg with ketchup.
  • Kids tend to like sweet things, you should try a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, nutella and fluff sandwich, nutella and strawberry sandwich. Try not to use sandwiches with mayo because that can spoil very quickly and make your child sick.

  • It doesn't always have to be sandwiches. you can try pretzels or little bag of chips. if she really wants a sandwich, you ca try nutella and peanut butter. its really good. hope it help! 

  • Nutella, peanut butter and banana, cheese sandwich, the little girl I babysit for I make her a cream cheese sandwich. Egg salad, bagel and cream cheese, bagel and peanut butter. 

  • I recently had someone suggest I try a "grilled peanut butter" sandwich instead of a grilled cheese.. And my 3 yr old son loved it! He also lives traditional grilled cheese, dipped in tomato soup, or ketchup. And hummus on toast is healthy AND good!

  • Peanut butter and honey used to be my favorite!!!!

  • Peanut butter & honey. Peanut butter & hersheys chocolate spread.. with or without bananas. Tuna. Egg salad. Hummus on toast (my favorite). 

  • Read a story as your child eats. A great story is Daniel in the bible in Daniel chapter 1 when the King appointed daily delicacies and Daniel would not defile himself so he ask his master to let him only eat vegetables and water and then test the appearance of those who ate the delicacies and Daniel who ate vegetables. (Paraphrasing).  You can substitute fruit and talk about how strong it will make him/her.  

  • Peanut butter and banana. Jelly and banana. 

  • Almond butter is DELISH or packing crackers with meat and cheese makes them feel like they get to do something on their own and makes them want to eat it!

  • I make avocado sandwich with soy free vegenise. Also Almond butter and banana with blueberries!

  • Whisk an egg and cook it in a fry pan like a open faced omelet. Make a sandwich out of it and you can always add cheese.

  • My nephew likes a simple tomato, cheese and mayo sandwich.

  • bananas and peanut butter, grilled cheese with jelly on top, green olives with cream cheese, BLT, tomato with mayonnaise sandwich on toasted bread, avocado or hummus on bread 

  • Do you bring your two-year-old grocery shopping with you? Maybe if she is involved in picking out the things that go into her sandwiches she will be more interested in trying new things. 

    Best of luck,

    Brandy in Arizona

  • I make sandwiches with organic peanut butter or almond butter, honey, bananas, and sometimes a few chocolate chips sprinkled in there. The trick is to grill these sandwiches--it makes all the difference taste-wise!

    I make egg, avocado, and tomato sandwiches and then sometimes switch out the bread for a bagel. 

  • Honey & butter

  • grilled cheese 

    • HIDDEN Try sunflowerseed butter and butter.
  • I have had problems with feeding meats to my little ones and some of the Sandwiches that I have made are Peanut butter and Banana's, nutella and banana's, Toasted peanut butter and Jelly, all veggie sandwich "french bread, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, 3 types of cheese and sometimes onions" this was my daughter FAVORITE type of sandwich. My son just loves bread and cheese, grilled cheese and pretty much anything with cheese. 

  • Instead of jelly mash banana and mix it in with your peanut butter until it is creamy.

  • Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff

  • Fried egg on toast or grilled cheese

  • I say a tuna sandwich or a cheese sandwich with lettice and tomatoes.

  • My 3 yr old loves peanut butter and honey, I'll either give him that or put banana slices in it, he thinks it's a real treat

  • My grand daughter loves cucumbers & provolone cheese w/ mustard on multi grain bread. They are pretty great! 

  • You can try a simple cheese sandwich or jelly and cream cheese

  • Nutella and banana on challah bread or grilled cheese sandwish.

  • You can always try peanut butter and bananas it's a great subsitute or maybe try something besides sandwiches

  • Download the Pinterest app and there are many lunch ideas with no meat for your daughter. I often use this website to get ideas. My Daughter also gets tired of eating sandwiches for lunch🙂

  • Spread smash beans on a toasted slice of bread add cheese on top and return it to the toaster oven until it melts  wait until it's not too hot to let your kid start eating  you can put pices of chicken and cottage cheese in a blender and make a spread, spaghetti with ground meat is usually a favorite

  • I always ate tuna fish! but I would also try a pesto sandwich as well. With pesto, spinach and tomato

  • There's always options including using flat bread and cheese with sauce of choice. Toast or heat it and let her help top it the way she pleases. We use crackers and Nutella with cherries or banana when they're tired of pbj. I also use a variety of jams or jelly flavors.

  • If he likes veggies and fruits maybe he would enjoy tomato & avocado (one of my favorites) or tomato & cheese. Also for something different from a BP&J would be banana & Nutella. 

  • You can try egg salad on bread. I use mayo and a little bit of black pepper in my egg salad.

  • I used to make my fussy one cheese sandwiches using cookie cutters to make lunch more fun. They always got to pick the shapes, and help make the sandwich "cookies"

  • try peanut butter and banana or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff

  • I would suggest something with avecado, which is so healthy for your daughter's growing brain! Avocado has omega 6 fats, which get converted into (I forget what but something essential for brain function and development). Don't forget omega 3 fats too, found best in walnuts and flax seeds! I used to eat on a sandwich: plenty of avocado, tomato slices,

  • I'm a vegetarian and grew up eating PB&J everyday so I get where she's coming from. I love to eat hummus and cucumber (on toast). I also like to put peanut butter and honey on a tortilla and then roll it up and eat it kind of like a burrito!

  • Try any kind of bread " we usually use wheat or white" then scramble up some eggs with a bit or salt & black pepper. Put some mayo on the bread and you got yourself an egg sandwich. Every kid loves eggs :) it's delicious , trust me!

  • With so many places excluding the PB&I stand by, she to peanut allergies packing lunches have become quite challenging. Mix it up with bagels, croissant, crackers, pretzels, tortillas, and pita breads. Cream cheese and jelly, also great on Graham crackers, grilled cheese, egg salad, hummus all offer variety and protein.

  • Try not to put lots of sugar or stuff that is not natural. Pay closer attention to her future and hive her fruits and veggies instead. Not sandwiches. We dont need cured meat. It used to be a way to preserve meats with chemicals in winters when there were not refrigerators or meat all the time. Now we have access to fresh foods and its better if you make chicken breasts in a pressure cooker to make quesadillas, soups and stews. Sometimes kids like that and with pasta shapes and peas and carrots and corn on the side to put in the soup and have fun! Playing with food is what they do!!! Keep trying! We are not perfect but we love our babies and have to teach them the right way to eat

  • Peanut butter is always good. But Kelly is not always needed. Switch out fruits or maybe even potato chips (a trick my mom did with me as a kid) to add in a little crunch. On fridays, as a special treat try it with marshmallow. You could always try a banana roll up too. PB&J with banana rolled up into a tortilla instead of on bread.

  • I know when I was a little girl I loved Nutella spread. maybe try giving her a half sandwich of Nutella. she gets a little sugar which she will love and she eats and gets nutrients from her food. Hope it works!

  • You should toast multigrain/whole bread and spread some almond butter on both slices. Then cut up a banana and line it up on one of the slices and top it off with some honey. Super healthy and delicious! 

  • Another simple bit tried and true variation to the peanut butter sandwich is the addition of tortilla chips.

  • Grilled cheese Try adding bananas to peanut butter sandwhiches

  • Grilled cheese, Tuna salad, egg salad sandwiches! :) 

  • My original thought was banana and peanut butter. Lol 

    Spaghetti tacos is a good leftover use. My daughter loves me made with the hard taco shells. 

  • Something that my brothers and I are very fond of for a quick yummy sandwich is apple butter. It spreads like normal jam, but has a different taste just plain grape!

  • Grilled cheese sandwich. Also Nutella and peanut butter sandwich. You can also try egg sandwich (omelet sandwich or boiled egg mashed and mixed with mayonnaise).

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