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Should I adopt a dog or get one from a breeder?

My wife and I are going to get a dog. She wants to adopt from a rescue, but I always thought we would go to a breeder. I'm not too picky, as long as we get a great dog. Can anyone help with pros and cons? Is one better than the other?

  • Adopting is always the better option. Depending on the age of the dog there are some risks with you not knowing its background and knowing whether or not your dog has been abused. In that sense you wouldn’t know if there were any trauma factors that may scare your dog at home. This is rare however and rescues and shelters offer perfect family pets as would a breeding facility. You also have costs to factor in, if you adopt you’ll spend less and have more money for future vet bills a toys for your new friend, if you buy from a breeder you could potentially be spending thousands on just the dog before you even bring it into your home. Hope this helps :)

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  • ADOPT!!! For yourself!!! Adopted dogs tend to appreciate their owner on a whole new level. They will love you and feel like they owe you the world and prove it to you with kisses, cuddles, and playful energy! They tend to have the most unique and interesting personalities!! You will not find a more loving and special doggy if you don't adopt! Plus their are sooo many homeless, starving or abused animals waiting to be rescued and by adopting an animal you open up a new spot for a new doggy to be rescued!!! ❤❤

  • adopt!!! There are so many animals yearning for a chance to find a special person that will love them and give them a chance to be an amazing pet. Just go and look into their eyes and you will see. Plus they usually have less medical issues like arthritis, joint problems, etc that stem from being over bred. I'm sure if you go visit a shelter you will be drawn to one special one if not all of them! Good luck!

  • I would definitely say to adopt! Rescue dogs are great family pets because they truly appreciate you saving their lives. I've had a lot of great dogs over the years, and I've never bought an animal! Take your family with you to the shelter and observe each animal's reaction to your kids. Don't be afraid to adopt an older dog, just look for any pooch that seems friendly and loving. Ask the dog's caregivers how it reacts at feeding time and during other daily activities. Bottom line, you can get a great dog either way, but adopting saves lives and costs less. Many shelters even spay or neuter as well as give the necessary shots and vaccines before you adopt. Do some hands on research, and good luck!

  • Adopt. Many rescues have dogs in foster homes so they can give you a good feel for how the dog behaves with other dogs, cats, and kids. I volunteer with God's Dogs rescue who transports dogs from Texas to the NW and they are hard-working, trustworthy folks who helped us find the perfect dog for our family. Also keep yourself open to an older dog and not just a puppy; puppies are great but a lot of work and you may not have as good of a feel for their general personality as an older, established dog. Many wonderful dogs are given up for terrible reasons. Look carefully, be specific in your requirements, and only go with a rescue that provides references and asks a lot of you in return (in terms of information about how you'll care for the dog) and you should do fine.

  • Hi! I got my dog from a breeder. She's great, however, the only reason I think people should goto a breeder when looking for a dog is only if you intend on becoming a breeder your self and you want to be sure it's a pure bred. Getting a dog from a breeder is also much more expensive. Now that I have my pure breed I have reconsidered breeding her because I have seen people give up these amazing dogs due to the fact they didn't think they would have to do so much work.. etc. I love my dog, but I would DEFINITELY go with adoption from a animal shelter. You will find alot of PERFECTLY lovable beautiful dogs who were given up or (surrendered) by their owners because of a "move", a new baby and not being about to efficiently care for both, owners passing and family members now wanting to care for the animals, etc. You would be surprised going to a shelter and seeing that some dogs are even trained already. Go to a shelter you will not regret it. (Plus if the dogs were sick they will kill them so healthier ones will have a chance for a home)

  • Hi! I have a dog from a breeder and two dogs that we rescued. All are great dogs. However, since there are so many homeless dogs, I would suggest adopting. I volunteer for Tailwaggers 911 Dog Rescue and there are many dogs and puppies that are brought up from kill shelters in Georgia (simply because there are so many homeless dogs down south and not enough space). Tailwaggers brings up the most highly adoptable, friendly dogs. It is required to have a trial period with the dog that is about 5 days (or less if you decide you don't want the dog). It is a great chance to have a trial run with the dog and get to live with it before committing!

  • Hello, That is a great question. I will give you a simple answer that will contain the pro's and con's. Why would you like to adopt? It is just for a good cause. There are many dogs that need a home and love. Why would you like to get a dog from the breeder? Well, typically, these dogs didn't have to go through the stress many rescued dogs have gone through. Rescued dogs might have been sick, some might still have a weak immune system and they could even die in the future. However, this is not always the case. I have known people that have adopted and the animals are doing great!. It is rewarding adopting a dog and seeing their improvement. Even though I know adopting could be challenging I would do it. Think about the happiness you could bring to an adopted doggy :) I wish you the best whichever decision you choose. I hope you choose to adopt! Yuli

  • Adopt!!! There are many great dogs in rescues and shelters looking for great and loving homes. There are also breed specific rescues if you are looking for a certain type of dog. And there are plenty of purebred dogs in shelters if you are looking for a purebred. Save a life and adopt a homeless dog! They will love you forever. Don't ever buy a dog from a pet store, they get their dogs from puppy mills and there are a lot of problems with the puppies, usually are sick within the first 2 weeks of the owners buying them. I see a lot at my job I am a vet tech. Not saying if you adopt a dog from a shelter he won't get sick. But the puppies are taken from mom too young and shipped and end up with respiratory problems, pneumonia, etc.

  • Many dogs need homes that live in rescues. True it's noble to rescue. There are some rescued dogs that will have issues though. Seperation anxiety, potty issues. Etc. The number one reason dogs are given up is bad behavior. With that said, there are good dogs in rescues too. Just be careful. Breeders, well good breeders want references. They want to interview you. Make sure the dog is going to the best home they can. Most sell pups on pet papers for less than show paperwork.

  • Always adopt, you'll save a life. Plus adoption fees are a lot cheaper than breeder fees.

  • I have both a dog from a breeder, and multiple rescue dogs. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't choose the breeder route again. There are so many wonderful pets out there that are looking for homes. Yes, you can sometimes get a dog with problems or issues, but you have no guarantee that won't be the case going with a breeder. In most cases training or retraining can cure the issues, or at least make them to the point where they are easily dealt with. There are many purebreds at the shelters, and there are breed specific rescues if you are looking to adopt a specific breed of dog. Most dogs available through rescues have been fostered, and you can find out beforehand if they're great dogs or ones with some problems. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new family member!

  • Hi Jenny, I suggest you visit a few local adoption locations and see if you meet your match. You most likely will as there are just so many amazing pooches out there. If you don't feel that any of those are the dogs for you, you can always go to a breeder. Just keep in mind that an adult dog will almost always consistently have the mannerisms you fell in love with while a puppy may grow out of them very quickly. Additionally, after working with rescued dogs, it seems that they are well aware of your help and are eternally grateful for it. Best of luck! Alexandra

  • Adopt! There are so many dogs in need of good homes! Also there are many pure breed dogs (if you are looking for a specific type) in shelters as well as breed specific rescues. If you need advice on resources, please feel free to email me: HIDDEN


  • Adopt! 100% adopt. There are over 1.4 million dogs (and thats just dogs) that get put down in a year. If you do choose to adopt get one from a non-profit, no kill shelter. Usually kill shelters don't keep the animals healthy. They keep them for 7 days and then put them down. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. Approximately 2.7 million shelter animals are adopted each year. About 649,000 animals who enter shelters as strays are returned to their owners. Please adopt!

  • Adopt! I volunteer at an animal shelter, there are so many good pets that are forgotten and abandoned there. The staff does a really great job taking care of them, but they deserve a home of their own. It's a really rewarding feeling when you save an animal that is at a shelter. I have three shelter pets so far. Two dogs and a cat. They are the greatest pets I have ever had. If you are interested in a certain type of breed I know that a lot of shelters keep a list of people to contact for a specific breed. Adoption is a really rewarding thing.

  • ADOPT ! Shelters and rescue groups often include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee

  • I always go for rescue dogs because they are typically healthier than purebreds because they have the best of each breed and they know who saved them and will love you even more. I have three rescue mutts of my own who have gone through heartbreaking situations but have become some of the best dogs I've ever had. My pug mix had burns on her when she was 2 months old and was scared of a simple candle now she'll sprawl out in front of a fireplace. My mentally disabled border collie mix used to be terrified of men now she's the first one to greet them. My German Shepherd was afraid of every noise and person but now he'll protect me because I saved him of being euthanized just because he was "too big" each of them know they got another chance at life.

  • The only reason to purchase a dog from a breeder is if you plan on breeding yourself or want to show your dog. Purchasing from a breeder is a waste of money if you simply want a family pet. The other downside is purebreds have many more health problems, & a shorter lifespan! I have adopted 3 rescue/shelter dogs in L.A. & ended up with AMAZING, LOVING, OBEDIENT, best friends each time! My black lab mix lived to be 15, my golden mix almost 16, & the American Staffie I have now is about 4. Not one has had veterinary needs beyond the normal vaccines, flea meds & joint supplements for the senior dogs. Not many dogs purchased from breeders can get through life so healthily! ADOPT!!!

  • Adopt!! There are millions of amazing dogs waiting to be adopted through rescues or shelters. These dogs just want love! You can easily adopt a puppy from a rescue that will be the same as any puppy from a breeder. If you are looking for a specific breed you can always rescue from a breed specific rescue. I work with local rescues and shelters there are always awesome dogs waiting to be adopted. I also work at a dog kennel and can assure you that any puppy from a rescue is the same as one from a breeder.

  • PLEASE ADOPT! I have volunteered at many non profit animal rescue centers and I can tell you, the hardest thing in re-homing an animal, is that many people want "Pure Breed" dogs either for a status or because of how beautiful the animals are. Now I have no problem with pure breeds or people who want them, but I suggest( if you will purchase from a breeder) to do research and make sure they have a license and how often they breed/the methods they use(to make sure you arent supporting and animal cruelty). There are also many shelters that rescue pure breed dogs IE Chako for Pit Bulls. You would be surprised how many pure bred animals end up at shelters every year. Most of them end up homeless because people over breed and cannot keep the puppies, often dumping them, or in worst case scenerios, neglect them and let them starve to death. If it is obtaining a pure bred animal that you are concerned about, is a great way to find pure bred animals in local rescues that deal with specific breeds. I suggest adoption because you will be contributing to the well being of animals in the community and the war against animal cruelty. Many people have the assumption that shelter dogs have issues. That is not completely false, however it depends on how the animal was raised. The only problem I have had in a shelter dog is separation anxiety, and that is easy to train them out of, especially if you have other pets in the house. Hope this helps!

  • Always adopt. There are so many dogs in shelters that need homes. Every dog deserves a good home. Also many breeder dogs have health problems. Pure bred dogs tend to have more health problems than mutts. Adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful thing to do and that dog will be so loving towards you for giving her/him that home that she/he deserves.

  • Adopt!! Breeders usually breed animals that end up needing more health care later on in life.

  • NEVER NEVER NEVER buy animals from breeders. The simple fact is there are way too many animals in need of rescue. Breeding is a horrible thing because it's so unnecessary and takes so much away from animals that need help or adoption from a loving person. Also don't buy a dog from just any shelter if you buy from one. Make sure you support a shelter that deserves it.

  • Adopt! There are so many animals suffering. And are going to be euthonized because of breeders. Def adopt!!

  • Sometimes people say that if you get a dog from a breeder and get a puppy you'll have this amazingly well adjusted dog with no issues, whereas if you go to a shelter you'll get a dog with separation anxiety and behavioral problems. I now have a shelter pup ( is the best! It shows dogs from all rescues and shelters by location) but I grew up with a dog from a breeder that we got as a puppy. Although it's not the personality "of the breed," she was painfully shy, and had a ton of fears, and clearly always was that way. When the other puppies in her litter were playing, she was standing off to the side too fearful to join in. The bottom line is - when people describe a "breed's personality" or raising a dog from a puppy to be a certain way, it's not necessarily possible. Go to a shelter, meet a couple mutts and see who you bond with!

  • 100% adopt. Animal shelters are getting way to over crowded which forces some animals to get put down. There are so many great dogs in animal shelters that have been in a kennel to long an desperately need a home. I had volunteered at 2 different animals shelters and take it from me that adopting an animal from an animal shelter is not only giving a dog that might have in the shelter for years but it's also saving another dogs life as well. So adopt to help 2 dogs instead of 1!

  • Adopt! There are so many pets killed everyday because places like the SPCA run out of room for them. There are so many dogs that would be more than grateful to be rescued and live in a loving home. Once you adopt a rescue I bet you'll wonder why you ever second-guessed it in the first place.

  • Adopt for sure. Read the bio on the dog first this give alot of insight as to if the dog will fit your family or not. Some are given up because people move and cant take them and some are even sent to shelters because there owners have died.

  • Hi - I'd ask myself 'why do I want a pure bred?' 'Why do I want a dog?' 'What can I offer that dog, how much time am I willing to spend with it? Am I going to make him a part of my life , a companion and lastly do I want a puppy and am I willing to spend the time meeting it's needs?' I've worked with many dogs at shelters and I absolutely disagree with a comment made that most dogs are surrendered for bad behavior. The vast majority are fantastic dogs who's owners failed to train them (if that's an issue) or who didn't realise that all dogs are a lot of work first. It always amazed me that an animal could be so resilient to neglect and even abuse. Whichever choice you make remember how your dog perceives his place in the world is greatly influenced by you. I have 3 rescue dogs that I wouldn't give up for the world. Good luck!

  • There is a pure breed dog in a shelter. So many pure breeds are returned because no one trains them and it isn't a good fit for whatever reason. So go to whatever breed you think you like . com example: There are around 3 million dogs in this country as we speak in shelter's that need a home!

  • Though I personally think adoption is the best option, if you are set on going to a breeder make sure it is a small private breeder and not a pet store breeder. While small private breeders tend to have a passion for what they are doing, breeders for pet stores tend to over breed their dogs at a vary young age, and most of them end up in rescue centers or even put down. I would encourage you to adopt though. Not only is it cheaper, but you are helping to save the life of an animal that would probably otherwise be put down. Though I assume you would be looking for a puppy I would also say you should not rule out adopting an older dog, or maybe even one with some kind of disability. Puppies get adopted very fast, and older dogs are looked over because they are older, but with an older dog you already know what their temperament will be like. A puppy on the other hand could turn out to be a little demon. The same goes for disabled pets. People think they are "broken" and therefore adoptable, while in reality a dog with three legs or one eye may actually be the sweetest kindest creature. I spent a year of my life researching this topic, but the decision is still never easy. Take your time to think about it and weigh the pros and cons. Good luck.

  • There are a lot of great dogs at the shelter. You do need to becareful that shelter workers don't push you into a dog that doesn't suit your home if that's the route you go. I offer pre-purchase/adoption evaluations if your interested. $30 per dog interviewed and it will help ensure that the new pooch, fits you and your life style!

  • Adopt DON'T shop! There are wayyy too many homeless animals in shelters being euthanized at any age. I volunteer in a no-kill rescue where we save from kill shelters. It is very sad and inhumane.

  • Breeders can almost always get someone to adopt their animals, but for a fraction of the cost, you can go to a shelter and give an animal a second chance. More than half of animals that are in shelters will end up being euthanized. Adopting from a shelter is a win-win. You save money, and you get an animal that will love you unconditionally.

  • To me adopting is much better...cause u are rescuing a animal that really needs a home and that if they don't get a home they would be put down

  • Adopt. Period.

  • I personally would go with adopting from a rescue/animal shelter. My baby was a rescue dog whose previous owners (assumingly male) beat him and abandoned him in a grocery parking lot. When adopted him, he was very hostile towards the older men in my family, and he didn't react to strangers very well. It took quite a bit of TLC, but after about a year, you could hardly tell he was a rescue. He's been a full-fledge member of our family for almost a decade now; Adopting him was the best thing my family ever did. Adoption Pros: -less expensive - you'll be giving an awesome dog a second chance at finding a loving family Adoption Cons: -a majority of the animals you'll run across in shelters are rescue animals. They'll be coming from trouble pasts and may take a little more love and effort to fully integrate into your household setting. -many shelters have implemented a mandatory spay/neuter fee (which I don't really object to), so if you plan on buying a pet for breeding, a shelter may not be your best choice. Breeder Pros: -certified breeds: no guess work on the age or breed Breeder Cons: -it can be pretty pricey -the fear of buying from a breeder who gets their dogs from breeder mills... Whichever choice you make, you'll be giving some lucky dog the opportunity to be apart of a loving family. (:

  • Both have it's pros and cons. Cons with a rescue are the behavior of the dog once it is in your home. It could be aggressive or territorial considering what it went through before it was rescued. Pets may be very cute and cuddly at the rescue but be very different once in your home. BE CAREFUL! The pros of a rescue is that you are saving a dog that needs a great home. You are giving to a local adoption center that could use it. Cons of a breeder is that some are illegal so you definitely need to read up on it. Pure bread dogs are much more expensive. Breeders don't necessarily allow you to bring the dog back if it isn't a good fit for your home. The puppies could be in-bread from either the mother mating with one of her sons or the father mating with one of her daughters (very possible). Pros to breeders is that you meet the parents of the puppies to observe the behaviors and actions that they have. You have more of an option of the same type of dog. You know if you don't find a puppy with this liter, there will probably be another liter in a few months to chose from!

  • A dog from either a breeder or shelter is great as long as you do good enough research. Breeders are the most common first source that people go to when they want a dog in their early puppyhood years. However getting a puppy from a breeder is more expensive than getting one from a shelter (when they have the right certifications and paper work). On the other hand if you were to get a dog from the shelter it's important that you look for a dog that fits your families needs (i.e don't walk into a shelter looking for a dog that meets your physical definition of cute. Make a list of a few traits that you want in your family pet. Here are a few questions to consider: What age range are you looking for? Do you want a dog that is already house trained? How good is the dog with children? What kind of medical problems has/does the dog have?) Breeders and shelters both have their pros and cons but whats more important is to find a dog in a way that you are most comfortable with and to find a dog that meets your family's needs.

  • Adopt :) mixed breeds often have less health issues & there are so many dogs out there who need homes. I wish people would stop breeding honestly bc of the second point I mentioned. There's really no need to bring more pups into this world when we already have so many who don't have a home and bc of that are being put down. It's terribly sad. I wish I had the time and space to rescue them all!

  • ADOPT! Dogs that are adopted are cheaper, usually don't need to be trained, and you get to see their true personality up front. With puppies from a breeder you have to spend a lot of time training and learning about them. Adopting is the way to go.

  • You know there are tons of breed specific rescues or pure breeds in shelters. If you go online they usually have pics of animals that are ready. Remember, let the dog choose you if going to a breeder. Get written guarantee that the pup wont die and if it does rufund or replace agreement

  • I adopted my dog as a puppy and he is wonderful. His temperament is spectacular and because I was able to adopt him as a puppy, with consistency from me he was very easy to train. There are so many benefits to adopting dogs, including that you are saving dogs from euthanasia and reducing the number of strays. Some breeders are great, loving people, but some treat the parent animals very poorly. Pure bred dogs are more likely to have breed-specific genetic problems, such a hip dysplasia. In general, I think there are so many animals that need homes that I feel that breeding dogs to sell is almost irresponsible. I'd like to see the breeders adopt and train dogs to be good pets, then sell them to good homes, and make their money that way. But that's a side thought. My point is ~ adopt!

  • If you are not picky about a particular breed, then rescue is the way to go! There are so many wonderful and deserving animals that can and will give you years of unconditional love and devotion .. and believe me.. these pups know when someone has rescued them. The animals in shelters are all taken care of by fabulous vets and are all spayed or neutered. No dog or cat is ever adopted out if the caregivers and vets do not feel they should be. There is no guarantee however, either from a breeder or a shelter that you will get a "great" dog. If you give your animal love and devotion, he will return it a hundred fold. I have 3 rescue dogs, they are the best!

  • Adopting a dog is the best thing. Did you know that adopted dogs usually live longer because they are not pure breeds. Also many Animal shelters provide necessary shots before you adopt and some even fix your dog for a cheaper price. And adopted dogs will love you unconditionally. With all of those lives in the shelters why breed more dogs that will end up in a shelter when not adopted.

  • Adopt. As someone who has done both adopt. You change their whole life and yet they some how end up changing yours even more.

  • Breeders have dogs that are usually pure bred which is good because their less likely to have backgrounds and breed mixes that cause behavior issues. Rescues normally take in dogs of any type of background but really a family, care, and affection are most needed for these dogs. Breeders you never know what their motives really are. They have put two aggressive dogs together and bred them simply for color. Really it all depends on the breeder you go to. Look around read their personality do they for their dogs or are they just out for money. Do the parent dogs look healthy. Breeders do this for money so if you want a pure bred than go for a breeder if you like a specific breed. I hope this helps

  • The shelters have many unwanted purebreds surrendered for the most inane reasons. When you rescue, you are saving a life, and unless you are getting a little puppy, that young dog will be the happiest and most grateful guy you ever met. Another suggestion: if you're thinking of a particular breed, research it and then contact your local rescue for that particular breed. i.e. Dalmatian Rescue of XXXXX. Your local vet probably has the number of all the rescue groups. I got 3 gorgeous Basset Hound puppies from my local Basset Hound rescue. Good luck!

  • Hi ladied

  • A breed dog is not always the better dog. You can get a great pet from the shelter thats only crime is not being wanted. Our dog was a pound puppy and she lived till aged 16. She more or less picked my children, not the other way around. She was a mixed breed. I heard they do not have some of the health problems that a purebred may have because certain weaknesses occur more frequently according to each specific breed. Pure bred dogs are beautiful and expensive well. As long as you love your dog and it loves you, and can learn obedience, it comes down to personal preference. I like a dog with shining eyes, sturdy legs, wagging tail, that seems happy without being too hyper. I have a chiahuahua Pug mix and she is a sweet natured sturdy little thing. I paid 600 bucks for her and would do it again for her. I also had a Golden Retriever Collie mix that I got from a person whom I knew. That is always an option if you ask around a bit. I paid 10 dollars for her. She was beautiful and healthy. She lived 12 years before getting a tumor that was inoperable. I paid 10 dollars for her. Good luck and love the one you pick. Many shelter dogs are shy and afraid at first, but love can overcome this most of the time. How much do you want to love. It is true; we love the things we have cared for. Good luck and peace to your new family with puppy.

  • The thing about shelter dogs is that you are saving a dog, which is wonderful and much less expensive than a breeder. But this also means they could have some past problems you have to deal with (i.e.- abusive early life, anxiety) Also, you usually never know what kind of dogs are there from day to day. So if you are looking a specific breed, it's probably better to go the professional breeder route. Just make sure you are buying from a professional and responsible breeder. Any professional breeder will have you sign a contract saying you will have the dog fixed and if you do not want the dog anymore to bring it back to them You really do have to decide what's right for you.

  • There are so many wonderful dogs waiting in shelters. Please take the time to discover the great dogs in shelters waiting for a forever home.

  • I don't necessarily think one is better over the other. Most of the time I suggest adopting since puppies from breeders are highly more likely to receive a home as opposed to a rescue or shelter dog. If you're looking to fully train your puppy in a specific way then going to a breeder is best to get the pet at a good age, if you don't mind a little extra work and perhaps getting an older dog than adoption sounds best.

  • ADOPT. There is TONS of dogs getting euthanized everyday, innocent dogs. There is always so many to pick from, it's way less expensive, and you will be saving a dogs life<3 you can even find puppies in kill shelters! Even purebreds, and dogs that are housetrained, and you can find some that know commands too! Adopt, don't shop.

  • Depending what you want to do, if you want to show the dog; go for a breeder. If you want a companion for around the house rescue is a great option.

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  • Oh please adopt! If you get one from a breeder, your getting them from a puppy mill!


  • Adoption pros: A dog gets to live.  You can adopt purebred dogs & puppies. Each breed has a stand for behvior that you can expect to enjoy, or not as the case may be for you. Mixed breeds have a bit of both with the traits toned down, usually. And yes, some dogs can have behavior problems. Be aware of your skills in working with the dog's issues for a good match towards success  & you'll be rewarded with having made the world a better place. And love.

    Responsible Breeder pros:  you can (should) meet the dam & sire & chances are their personality traits will be passed along. If you need to utilize a dog for the function of the breed such as hunting, herding, mushing, etc. A dog from a lineage of proven performers enhances the chance of getting a performance dog. Keep in mind that there are breeders that cull (kill) undesirable pups.

    PLEASE don't buy a "designer" dog. Makes me crazy that people are purposely breeding mutts for profit when thousands of mutts are killed every day due to lack of resources & homes.

    NEVER buy from pet shops. It's almost guarenteed the puppies came from a puppy mill, aka hell on earth. The breeding dams & sires live wretched lives in small, filthy cages. Check out 

    A link National Mill Dog Rescue

    And read Harley's story. Harley lost an eye from a pressure hose. He wasn't removed while his cage was being cleaned. A typical horror of life in the mill. Harley was rescued and went on to win the 2015 AHA Hero Dog Award.

    A link Harley's Dream
  • We've adopted most of our dogs and have had nothing but wonderful experiences!

  • My last three pets, an Australian Cattledog/Shepard Mix. and a Flame Point Siamese were adopted from the Maui Humane Society. "Buddy' was scarred badly from being gored by wild boars and picked up as a rescue. He sat with his face pressed up against the bars and melted my heart. That was it for me, I took him home (but not before the Humane Society came to our home to be sure we had acceptable living arrangements (big fenced yard). The following month I adopted Nico, the cat. The third tiny pup was "bought" from a next door neighbor who wasn't caring for him. ALL three animals turned out to be the most loving, faithful pets you could ever want for many many years. You won't regret adoption, at least I never have.

  • Adoption really is the best option. while there is nothing wrong with getting a dog from a breeder, unless it comes from some sort of puppy mill, a few of those turn out to be disreputable, there's a certain joy that comes with knowing that your fury friend is safe and sound because of you. You are that cute little dog's hero, and that has to count for something.

  • It's always better to adopt from a rescue or shelter.

  • If you are an enthusiast to a particular breed, many rescue groups are breed specific and you may be able fulfill your dreams of giving an unwanted dog of your favorite breed a good home.

  • Adopting an animal is great, however you should know what you're getting into before you do. With a breeder you have some medical history, with a rescue you don't. Many purebred rescues end up with medical issues that the owners aren't prepared to deal with, and are subsequently given up for adoption. If the rescue is a mutt, it tends be much healthier, and less likely to have some of the genetic disorders that come with a lot of purebreds.

  • Adopt, most mutts are healthier than the average pure breed because so many breeders don't pay close enough attention to the actual genetics of the mother and father. Shelters are packed with wonderful dogs that might just be there simply because their owner passed. Once they lived in a warm house and loved and now they're in a cage and don't understand why.

  • A great dog comes from a shelter. Shelter dogs have so much love to give! I only adopt shelter dogs and I have never received so much love. They want to please all the time. You will not go wrong with a shelter dog.

  • Depends on what you are looking for. You should never be made to think owning a purebred results in a shelter dogs death. There are purebreds and there are dogs bred for a quick buck, including designer dogs that people somehow think are better. Lots of "designer dogs" in shelters, no point in paying $1000 for one. I've worked in shelters and I belong to an AKC breed club. I have had AKC breed for 40 years and adopted shelter animals as well. I also train. I know far more people with very large vet bills with rescues than those who have purchased from reputable breeders. With a purebred you have a good idea of personality traits and health of dogs behind the pup. Often a "free" pet gets relinquished before a dog one has researched, waited for and purchased after being vetted for that breed. Responsible breeders take care that their dogs have necessary tests for good hearts, eyes, hips, elbows and whatever might be relevant to their breed, which does add up to costs in breeding that puppy. Dogs are even being imported to this country for "rescue adoptions", skewing shelter numbers and in some cases bringing disease with them. At this time the number of people wanting a dog outnumbers the number of dogs in shelters. Doesn't mean you can't find a nice dog in a shelter - I have one I love right now - she had mange when they found her in their drop box. Purebred dog clubs have rescue organizations if you want to go that route. They know the story behind the dog, have it fostered to see if there are problems, take care or medical needs and vet prospective owners, in the event you you can't afford a pup but still want a purebred dog. Good advise can be found here (bottom of the page)

  • ADOPT!! :) if you search enough and find a good shelter, you will find the perfect pup! There's hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters each year, and when you "buy" your dog from a breeder it's contributing to over population. I'm not necessarily against breeders especially for specific breeds for hunting and such, but I prefer adoption. Not to mention a lot of "breeders" aren't truly breeders. Majority are puppy mills. But there are good breeders if you do your research:) I hope this helps!

  • A dog who is rescued will always remember what you did for him/her. Sounds strange to some but it has been known to happen. They are thankful. A shelter dog needs a loving home. You will save a life possibly. The shelters check out all the dogs as far as shots and health in general. You can spend time with the dog to see if it is a good fit for you. Cheaper than breeder fees. Also you will know some of the dogs personality at a shelter, a newborn you don't know how the temperament will; be from a breeder. You can't go wrong giving a pup a loving home.

  • Adopt. Period. Lots of peoplw think that adoptable pets have issues, butitbut there are plenty of dogs in the shelter that were born there or taken as puppies. Unless you plan on breeding or showing your pet, adopt, trust me.

  • Although you're more inclined to get a specific breed of dog that you would like if you buy from a breeder, adopting is always the best option. Not only are you saving the dog's life but I know a lot of people, myself included who say that the best dog they ever owned was one that they adopted. My dog that I own now is as smart as a whip and extremely loyal and affectionate.

  • We Euthanize 6,000 dogs and cats a DAY in the U.S. alone. So I guess it's a not brainer, Always adopt. Besides they ALWAYS make the most lovable and adaptable dogs to a new home and kids. They just have this "spark" in their personalities that's a little different than a pure breed? All shelter's screen the dogs so the behavior is not an issue and their health is good. Breeder's have one purpose to breed and make money. They don't know about nutrition most of the time and the puppies always come with some health issues in my experience. Get one that's at least potty trained and isn't biting anymore!!! T.Liggett

  • Adopt! So many dogs are euthanized every year because they never found the right home!

  • I'm exbreeder. It's preferance. Do want non purebreed or do want purebreed. Are going show or breed. Many ? . Rescues great first thing is you got find breed or type . You needs fit dog to lifestyle. Utube. Good place look up types . If that's not concern of course you can get rescue. Great family dogs still look type. Also most people go breeder for puppy. And some breeders have adults sell too. Those things look at many rescues too once find type dog you like they are by breed at rescue. Personally I even had dogs local dog pound called me go get wonderful dog. City pound Spca. These dogs desperately needs home due life span . Best wishes finding family dog.

  • If do want purebreed puppy references by vet and good standing akc ckc. Breeders do breed family too these interview you may have go list be approved. One Thing I Stress Is If Needs Small Dog Medium OR Large. Fit your lifestyle schedule what can you maintain.shotsgrooming heartworm. Where people go wrong not research breed or size. Making time for pet too. Pet ownership is responsibility.

  • Adopt, adopt, adopt! By adopting a dog, you are potentially saving that dog's life. Pretty much any dog from a shelter is just as good as any dog produced by a breeder, but usually for a much smaller price. You can find all sorts of dogs at shelters with all kinds of additional information. Often, with breeders, on top of the costly rehoming fees, your dog isn't going to be fixed, or have his shots. When you get them from the shelter, they will be fixed, have their shots, and possibly even be microchipped! Check with your local shelter.

  • Hi Jenny! There are definitely upsides and downsides to both. The important thing is to figure out what is right for you. Adopted dogs especially ones from shelters tend to be mix breeds and therefore have fewer medical issues that may need to be taken care of in the future. However, adopted dogs usually have a past that you may not know about which could result in some behavioral problems... Sometimes. Dogs from breeders are usually pure breed which means more medical issues, but you get a puppy normally which means the dog is growing up with you and you have time to nip behavioral issues in the bud. My advice? Do lots of research and figure out which would be best for you and your situation because there isn't a right answer to give to the general public. Everyones preferences and situations are different and you need to figure out what would be right for you. Good luck with your dog hunt and remember, the right dog will choose you. Elizabeth.

  • I would adopt, there are lots of great breeders out there but I think it is a wonderful thing to give an animal a second chance.

  • Pros of a shelter - Adopting a dog to a good home!! Shelters are unfortunately always full with dogs/cats needing a good home. Most are very happy to be in a new, open place and finally out of the cage. Cons for shelters- You may not get a full history of the dog's past. If you and your wife decide this path, just know that some dogs may come with a sad back-story of abuse and may take time to get used to you. Because of this, some dogs may be dog/child/gender aggressive. Or the dog may be skittish. Not all dogs are like this, some dogs are put in the shelter because they're too 'old'which most aren't that old, just a case of neglectful owners. Pros of a breeder- You know exactly where the dog is from, often times, meet the dog's parents (depending on age of dog). Cons of a breeder- Getting a dog from a breeder can be very costly, especially if the dog is a purebred. Also, studies show that purebred dogs (such as pugs) can come with a list of health problems in their life time. Mixbreeds usually do not have the same health issues of a purebred (subject to change with individual dog breeds)

  • if you want to adopt you'll be giving a dog a second job of a forever home, but most will be mixed breeds. Getting one from a breeder coasts a lot a money n may take time if you're looking for a specific breed.

  • Adopting a dog: Pros: you are saving an animal's life and giving it a loving home, house training may already be complete, and most often a lot cheaper than a dog from a breeder. Cons: you are limited to the breeds and ages available from the rescue, some animals may be very timid or apprehensive and need work, and you will rarely find a young puppy if that is what you want. Breeder: Pros: you are able to find the specific dog you want, and you are able to train the dog how you want it trained. Cons: much more expensive than from a rescue, will often take more work, and sometimes breeders will cheat you on prices.

  • Dogs from breeders can be expensive but I typically recommend going this route if you're more selective of the breed and needing proof of heritage. Rescues are commendable and the caregivers are some amazing people. Most of their pets have been in bad situations or owners couldn't take care of them like they planned. Rescue dogs have proper vaccinations and pet check ups before they come to you. Some rescues even want to do follow-up visits to make sure they are ok. My experiences with both have been positive but it's ultimately based on your preference, finances and future pet loved one.

  • I would definitely advise you to get a furry companion from a rescue! Nearly all the dogs I have ever had are from rescue pounds or events. They take better appreciation to what you do for them, they protect, they are loyal, and they are family.

  • I have to say I have seen some strange answers here about breeders. If you decide on a breeder, you need to do a lot of homework and background checks on the breeder you choose. Usually, you would go with a breeder if you are looking or in love with a certain breed and you want those characteristics. You are basically knowing what you are getting into from the very beginning. For instance, a good hunting dog, or a herding dog, an active dog, a good family dog, etc. But if you aren't sure what you want,, then go to a shelter and rescue the puppy that looks at you and wins your heart. I'm not sure what these other people were saying about dying and all that. There are never any guarantees, so just go with your heart.

  • Go get a rescue. They are immunized and the shelter will know if the dog prefers kids, a quieter home, is just a one animal household pet or if it gets along with other pets. The shelters are swelling with abandoned dogs and they know their personalities and they will not sell a dog to you if it is sick. IF it doesn't work out, they will also take it back. A breeder will not. Some dogs are predisposed to genetic problems and the shelter will advise on that;such as a hip disorder in Shepards. Shelters are honest.

  • Breeds are expensive and all dogs need homes it's really about what you want in a pet

  • You can always foster a dog a few days before adopting, but please never purchase a dog there are too many lovable animals in rescue that needs homes.

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