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  • Depends on how much you'll really willing to tire them out.... Look up the numbers.... Kids get bit more from dogs that are at their eye level or lower. The stare is interpreted as a challenge. Unless you have a clone of yourself skip the puppy. Rescues have fosters where the dogs are with children currently. Start there. Mixed breeds live longer and are less inbreed which equals greater overall mentally stability. Good luck!!

  • Good dog breeds for children include Labs, Mastiffs, Golden Retrievers, and boxers. All of these dogs love families and are very loyal. Of course, it is always a good idea to ask who you would like to get your pet from about their personalities beforehand. Some places will even let you meet and walk the dogs before you adopt them.

  • I grew up with a Golden Retriever. She was the best dog with kids I've ever had. That would be the kind I'd get for my children, if I ever have any.

  • I've had a goldendoodle since I was 13 and she had a litter of doubledoodles (goldendoodle/labradoodle mixes) and all three breeds are wonderful. They're naturally very cuddly and gentle, and with just a bit of training we've never had an issue with biting or chewing or anything. They're also hypoallergenic!

  • Most dogs are pretty good, but Golden retrievers are the best kind of dogs around children. Only dogs you should watch out for are akita's and Shockley Dalmatians. But other than those dogs most dog when you have them as a puppy are great

  • I would suggest getting in touch with local rescues and tell them what you are looking for. An adult dog who has already been trained and socialized with kids is probably the best choice for your family. Puppies can be trained to do well with your children, but it is not guaranteed. Also, you will have to deal with the nipping, biting, chewing, and jumping phases. Older dogs will be calmer and already trained so the adjustment period for your family will be easier. Be sure to train your kids How to properly handle the dog as well. Take your time picking the right dog for your lifestyle.

  • I volunteer for Tailwaggers 911 Dog Rescue and there are many dogs and puppies that are brought up from kill shelters in Georgia (simply because there are so many homeless dogs down south and not enough space). Tailwaggers brings up the most highly adoptable, friendly dogs. It is required to have a trial period with the dog that is about 5 days (or less if you decide you don't want the dog). It is a great chance to have a trial run with the dog and get to live with it before committing!

  • There are definitely many family friendly breeds... Many listed above... But a lot of their behaviors will be determined, regardless of breed, by how they are raised and trained. If a dogs personality seems skittish or agitated well after a normal bonding period... It might not be the best dog to have around children. I think the key is to always watch them... Even calm, trustworthy dogs can snap unexpectedly, even if unprovoked... Especially if it has an injury you are unaware of or has recently had a litter of puppies it may be protective over.

  • Golden retriever. They're very gentle, loyal dogs. That was the first breed that popped up into my head when I first read this comment. They are great family dogs.

  • Great Danes are great with children and are a low energy breed If that fits your needs

  • Most dogs are good with kids, you just have to make sure you are training your children how to interact with the dog. No hugging around the neck, putting their face right by theirs, etc, until the dog is comfortable around the kids. I would say any breed, you just need to train the kids and the dog appropriately.

  • Labs and Golden's! Best family dogs ever, excellent temperment & always aiming to please. Also, easy to train bc of this!

  • Golden retriever is a good one. my dog loves kids and even the very little ones. But you always have to keep an eye on them and train them to be gentle

  • Beagles are really good with kids of all ages. They have great personalities and they don't bite and they are not aggressive. They are loyal and they love people. I raise beagles. I love them!

  • Any breed is good as long as you get them as pups if not make sure they have been around children before but any dog is good around kids

  • Golden Retrievers are outstanding with children

  • I always find that Labs and Golden Retrievers are the classic family dogs- they have a great temperament and the right amount of energy. They are normally very loving, loyal and affectionate. Then again I'm biased because I have a Lab!

  • I would have to say Labradors are the best . My son and daughter were raised around them and they were the perfect breed :)

  • On, local rescues, shelters, and foster families post adoptable dogs with info volunteers have collected about them. Most are very thorough and test them out in different scenarios (or sometimes make assumptions to be on the safe side) and if a dog has not shown not to be kid-friendly, they will have a symbol with children and an X next to their picture (there's another one for not being cat-friendly, and multiple-dog friendly). Their descriptions may even say, "I'm great with kids" etc. Petfinder is the best. It's where I found my pup!

  • It really depends on what kind of family you have. with hyper kids and a loud house i would recommend a dog that isn't too hyper but isn't lazy, such as a lab or beagle. If you have a quiet house then a dog that is small and gentle would be good, such as a golden retriever or husky. you also have to think about size, and how much time you think will be able to keep him/her in shape and if you can afford to feed and care for him/her. if you have any really specific questions, email me and i would be happy to answer any questions.

  • #1 – Boxer: One of the Boxers' most distinctive qualities is its love for children. They are a people oriented breed and prefer to have their pack close by. Energetic and affectionate, the Boxer needs to have plenty of exercise and playful interaction. #2 – Mastiff: This good natured giant bonds instantly with its family and loves to be around his people. Gentle with children, this breed makes an ideal family pet. When he feels his pack is threatened, a Mastiff will most likely knock an intruder to the ground and lay on them until assistance arrives. #3 – Old English Sheepdog: This working dog is considered affectionate and loving, although there may be an instinct to herd its family; this might not be so bad if the kiddos are running late for school. The AKC described this breed as athletic filled with clownish energy. #4 – Labrador Retriever: This eager to please breed is bouncy and enjoys playing with her pack members. She loves to swim and frolic in the water or on the land. Parents would benefit from a Labrador's athletic tendencies; she would wear the children out faster. #5 – Dalmatian: People oriented and lover of fun and play, the spotted Dalmatian would be an incredible addition to any family. Energetic, this breed loves to run with the kids all day long and snuggle with them at night. If the home includes horses, even better; the Dalmatian has a symbiotic relationship with horses. #6 – Dogue de Bordeaux(a very rare breed): If an owner can get past the drooling nature of this lovable breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux sports a calm temperament, is loyal to its pack and affectionate to a fault. Gentle with the children, this French Mastiff will also be protective of the family it loves. #7 – Golden Retriever: Active, energetic and friendly these are just a few words to describe one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Goldens are intelligent, eager to please and love to play and run with children. The "Buddy" franchise movies aid in keeping the Golden Retriever a popular choice among families. #8 – American Staffordshire Terrier: Extremely loyal, this breed loves nothing more than to be part of a family. At the turn of the 20th century, the Staffordshire Terrier was the number one family dog in the country and was the poster dog for WWI. Pete from the "Little Rascals" short movies was an Am Staff. #9 – Newfoundland: Don't let their size be intimidating, these gentle giants are wonderful family dogs. Referred to as a workhorse, this dog would love nothing more than to pull around the kiddos in a sled on the snow. Nana from the story of Peter Pan was a Newfie. #10 – Mutts!: Don't forget about mixed breeds! Make it a family event to go to a shelter and pick a loving, loyal family mutt! Just remember that in general, mid to large size mixed breed are a much better fit for families with children.

  • If you do get a puppy I'd suggest getting one about 9 weeks old, by then it's well on its way to being housebroken and having good habits, but it's still young and playful. Also, with big dogs they're easier to house train than small, fragile, easily freaked out dogs.

  • Beagles are the best family dogs i believe, especially if you have young children. i have had beagles all my life. i am 19 so my childhood boy beagle died a few years back but he was always so protective of me, never leaving my side.

  • You should really research different dogs. There are many dogs that are great family pets, but some of them also require a high level of commitment from the family. High energy dogs that are not properly exercised may start finding ways to exercise themselves, and you probably won't like the result! Some dogs also require more grooming than others (even including extensive daily brushing). Make sure your family is ready for the time and energy commitment.

  • Golden retriever. I grew up with one as a child and it was a great companion.

  • Golden Retrievers, mastiffs, boxers, Irish wolfhounds and their are some great rescues out their too! I wouldn't recommend a small dog because if they arent use to kids they can get nippy and kids tend to want to pick up small dogs all the time.

  • I think mutts are the best! Labs & beagles are great too! I grew up with a yellow lab and currently have 2 lab mixes. Mutts are definitely my favorite and the great thing about rescuing besides saving a life is that the rescue can help match a dog to your family's needs and lifestyle. Shelters have dogs of all breeds and mixes (even purebreds) and ages from puppies to seniors! And you can give it a try first to see how the dog fits into your family. I truly believe all dogs regardless of breed can be great family dogs they just need the right amount of exercise, training, and love :)

  • My favorite are any kind of sheep dog, you want a dog that can stand up to whatever "fun" things your kids decide to do, one that won't snap or get hurt if it's stepped on, kicked, sat on, has it's hard pulled...etc. I had a Saint Bernard for a few years until she died of heat stroke one summer, but she was the most patient, soft, lovabl thing, my love little sister who was learning to walk would use her as a step stool when she slept in front of the couch, and she was super fun we could put her leash on her and we'd wear roller skates and she would pull us around and when we were little she carried us around on her back. The bottom line is that kids want a dog they can play with, that won't get upset or injured if they decide it makes a fun sled dog, plus sheep dogs are very protective and will keep on eye on their family/herd.

  • I believe the best match for a family is a rescue dog. If the shelter has his history they can tell you if he is use to children, his temperament before and during his time in the shelter. Shelter dogs who are adopted seem to know what you did for them and they show it.Not just my belief, many people say the same thing. Any dog, particular breed to a mixed mutt can be great with kids, or not so much. Make sure the kids and all of the family spends some time with a dog before making decision. Definitely a younger dog and make sure you have some background information. Wish your family the best in finding a canine to join the family.

  • Let me respond regarding the last breed mentioned. Border collies.These dogs are highly intelligent but with intelligence comes a need for adventure and the smarter they are the more clever ways they may find to destroy things to entertain themselves. I only suggest this breed if you are going to be highly active with this dog and keep him mentally and physically worn out. More so than most other breeds. High energy! Find a dog that is friendly and fits the needs of your family. Research research research. I do suggest a puppy under 6 months to ensure a good bond with your children. I only say that because you have young children.

  • Definitely a mutt over 40lbs. Small dogs bite the most frequently, and having a large dog can actually guarantee your family a certain level of safety. Most homes that are robbed are cased before hand; my family's home was cased while I was present. A young boy around 15 years old came to the door, asking for donations for a "speech and debate trip". The only time he broke eye contact and stammered during his entire dialogue with my mother, was when he joked, "It's not like we're going to rob you, or anything". The thing that saved us, was our 90lb flat retriever mix, Bear. The boy couldn't take his eyes off of him. No one wants to bother robbing a house that they know has a large dog inside, and that's what you want when you have children -- a SAFE home :) I say, don't focus on BREED; lots of pure bred dogs are inbred and have personality and physical issues. Focus on size, cost, and how much you and your family connect with the animal.

  • lBeagles are the best dog ever. Get when a puppy

  • I feel good way to see what your child likes is to take them to a shelter and they can see first what the sizes are and the different kind of personalities! And then of course you are going to adopt, right? Tara

  • Great danes!!!!! I have 2 kids a 2 year old and a 5 year old ive had sampson since my first was born the eat a lot but thats about it with smaller kids you dont always have time to go for a walk with the pooch and sampson is ok with that he lets the kids hang all over him and he is very low maintance and he like to cuddle with use like he is a toy breed and they dont bark and since they are low in neds they are recommended as apartment dogs or small homes

  • I would definitely suggest a lab. Please stay away from boxers, Dobermans and German Shepards. A mix breed is less high strung.

  • Golden retrievers!!

  • Bernese mountain dogs are gentle giants and are SO great with children and other animals! They are friendly, nurturing, sweet, and well behaved.

  • Golden and Labrador Retrievers are great with children. They are highly intelligent and are affectionate and loyal as well as patient. They are also good natured with a predictable disposition. They are easily trainable. Of course, there are other choices but these 2 are my top ones for small children.

  • Golden ret, take whole family to puppy school too!

  • You will never go wrong with a lab! Stay away from little dogs. They tend to bit. Sways start with a puppy.

  • My theory is that the younger the kids, the bigger the dog. I suggest checking out and The latter has a breed selector that would help you decide on a good fit. And remember, adopt and save a life. Adopted dogs are the most grateful creatures and that gratefulness lasts the rest of their lives. Also grateful, happy dogs are more patient.

  • Rachel, They are many good breeds that great with children and many that should just be for experienced adults. This list can go on and on so here is what I suggest, look past the breed whether it be pure mix or mutt. Yes, do your homework but go deeper than google and breeders. Talk to a local vet, human society, shelters. What these guys will all say in the end is what will fit best for your family. You need to find that dog that not only will steal your heart, but you know that you'll be happy with for the rest of their lives. Finding that dog is like finding your husband, you'll know when you see them.

  • Good dogs with kids include labs, border collies, retrievers in general, and my favorite is Australian shepherds. Both Collies and Shepherds will want to heard young children which can be great if you have little ones running around everywhere. The important thing is to get the dog young and train it around children.

  • Golden retriever,Great Danes,Black Labs

  • Pitbulls are amazing with children. There is no breed specially to avoid, just individual dogs themselves (do to previous, neglectful owners). I suggest adopting a puppy/young dog to have the dog used to children specifically.

  • I grew up with a very protective pitbull . She is very protective and tolerant of children (meaning that I've seen children pull on her skin and try to ride her but it doesn't bother her). I also grew up with a German Shepherd. He was also very protective and was a great guard dog. However, he was very expensive to take care of and he had a high level of energy. The main reason I like these two dogs is because they are both very friendly and protective. They look scary and they are scary if they don't like you. The only thing is that with younger children and bigger dogs, you have to be careful that they don't hold food or toys at chest level, otherwise the dog will bark or jump on them.

  • I believe a pitbull would be a great dog for your family. Pitbulls were breed to be nanny dogs in the 1800s, once people had seen their loyalty they began to fight them in dog fighting tournaments. I also suggest not to get any poodles or Dalmations because they are know for agressavness to childeren.

  • we have two dogs, a labradoodle and a fox terrier mix (she is either mixed with corgi or chihuahua, definitely a mix because of her apricot colored markings, and her shorter, not long and narrow muzzle). we got both of them from shelters. we are in a neighborhood with kids, and some have met them. the little one, the fox terrier mix is a playful little instigator, but may bite. the big one, the labradoodle (she is a standard mix labradoodle, so she is a big solid ball of (mostly black) fluff) is a big pushover and a very friendly large "puppy". shes one of those dogs that 95 percent of people she meets she likes (yes there are people she does not like, but they are far less than those she does). though at her height, shes as tall as a 4 year old and when she met the one from across the street she had fun chasing him.... or trying to lick him. she loves to lick

  • Standard poodles are great for kids! They are playful and love pleasing their people. I've had standard poodles my whole life and they are more than just show dogs!

  • Pit Bulls, xtremely loyal and protective. very Loving

  • I have always found Border Collies and Shelties to be the most loyal and patient dog breeds. They are always gentle with children, love to play, but more importantly know when to stop so no one gets hurt. They are very smart and will learn commands very quickly. They are also amazing cuddlers!

  • I would start with a small dog (15-20 pds). It's important to to teach your dog what right and wrong is in your household as well as teaching your children how to handle and respect a dog whatever breed you get.I suggest getting a dog from a shelter and that way it's good for all of you.

  • Stay away from small dogs like Chihuahuas and wiener dogs. The best family dog would be yellow or chocolate labs (black ones are very energetic and a little wild), golden retrievers, german shepherds, poodles, Irish setter, Vizsla, Newfoundland, collie, bull terrier, beagle, bulldog, and pug/beagle mix.

  • I know this won't be your favorite answer but pitbulls are considered the nanny of dogs your kids will always be protected otherwise German shepherd or lab

  • Labs and golden retrievers. My family had a black lab while I was growing up and she was the best family dog to have.

  • Hello my name is Dia and I am a dog expert. It depends on how your family lives, basically the lifestyle - how many hours you will be spending with the dogs and how old the kids are and their temperament. Most of the time, when a puppy grows with a child, they inherit the persona of the baby and the environment. From experience, best dogs are the hypoallergenic ones to start owning a dog. Some would be, poodle, yorkies, maltese. There would be other but the level of their hypoallergenic-ness would differ depending on the shampoo you use. If you have anymore questions message me :)

  • Breed dictates extremely little. It is all in how you raise them and teach your child how to interact with them.

  • My family has had many dogs! Honestly, SOME smaller dogs (lap dogs) can be more aggressive, because they want the attention. This is not true for all dogs (for example we had a teacup poodle that grew into a lovely family blessing over the 19 years we had her). I would avoid huge dogs and or dogs prone to diseases. Some small dogs are great as are medium and large dogs. I would try to avoid shedding dogs as indoor pets (incase of allergies). Hope this helps!

  • I know that Labs are good with kids. {I had a lab that was great with my children}. But any time you bring a dog into the home where there are children it's safer to start out with the a puppy. The dogs behavior will be dependent on the training and care it receives. There are plenty other breeds considered to be good with children. I would recommend checking with local shelters and vets for more professional advice. Smaller dogs can be a bit aggressive in my opinion. The main thing to remember about dogs are they all have teeth and the potential to bite. Make the children aware of this. Even goods dogs can turn on anyone if mishandled or feels threatened.

  • I would say boxers are the best, Akitas and Maltese are the worst.

  • Im 16 and have bloodhound and have shown many breeds, grown up around the group my whole life, I would say that any breed would be okay as long as it gets proper training. New breeds are being discovered as well, I would recommend going to a dog show and asking about different breeds. i.e health, grooming, exercise, etc.

  • The pit bull is nicknamed the 'nanny dog' for a reason! They're incredibly human focused and actually rank better than many other, more commonly accepted family dogs! While they do get a bad rap, remember - it's the owner not the dog. The reason that they are even able to be used in such a way is because they are so focused on making their human happy.

  • So, I have a dog. Real protected over kids. (example: my dad scares us, we scream, my dog comes to see what s wrong, then she understands that we were playing). Her breed is a Catahoula Leopard mix. I think her breed is the best. Also I think *German Shepherds are 2 because I have seen some blind people walk around with them before. I don't know if they can be mean, 'cause I don't own a GS*. But I know they will protect your kids. You should stay away from pit bulls. If you want to start out as a baby pit bull, go ahead, you can train it and it won't be so mean. But other wise, STAY AWAY

  • German Shepherds. I was raised. with them and any expert will suggest the same breed. After Shepherds, Labradors run a close 2nd.

  • boxers and Rottweilers are great with kids from experience. However a lot of it has to do with the way the dog was raised. I currently have a boxer and although he is very spazzy and hyper once children are around he is oddly calm other than the face licking. I have yet to break him of that habit once a child is around.

  • I think the breed matters far less than whether the dog is used to kids or not, unless you want to have to train the dog to behave around children (which can be easier with puppies). Most importantly, make sure your kids are training your dog just as much as you are, to the best of their ability. Otherwise the dog is going to get more are more unmanageable and the kids are going to have less and less interest in it, not only because the dog acts like a bit of a menace, but also because they don't feel invested in the dog's existence in the home. Make sure they at least feel like they are an active part of caring for the dog, it will be incredibly beneficial to all of you.


  • I would start with a smaller dog(15-20pds). It's very important to teach your dog what right and wrong is in your household as well as teaching your children to respect and handle your pets correctly whatever breed you get. I suggest getting a dog from a shelter, that way it's a good situation for everyone.

  • I really like golden retriever that's because I've grow up around them

  • I personally have a cavapoo (cavalier and a poodle mixed). She is so lovable and easy to train. They are people-person dogs!

  • When my husband and I met we always liked animals and so happens to be a pug I had one when I was a lil girl and when we finally got our first pet it was like our lil child we loved her and caTed for her she was only a few weeks old so we decided to have our own childern and she was so loving and caring for my first born she treated him like it was one of her own it was the cutest thing I have ever seen she was over protected and still is now I have two and one on the way I wouldn't have it any other way We now have bought a big home I woupd like to get a German Shepherd I hear those are the best ones to get when we have kid's around good luck

  • Shetland sheep dogs, aka shelties are the best with kids, I have a chill daycare for the past 13yrs, and got my first sheltie when starting daycare, they protect the children at all times.. They have that herding nature and keep kids in their boundaries. Best pups ever... Little Lassies

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