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Why can't I get anyone to respond to my applications??

I am a 24 year old mother of an 8 month old daughter and I have been trying since she was 6 weeks old to get hired on as a nanny or babysitter! I attended school for early childhood education and I have over 10 years of experience working with and caring for children. I am CPR/first aid certified, I have my own car but yet I find it was easier to get hired babysitting when I was 16 years old. Can anyone please give me some advice? I need to get a job and fast!


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  • I dont get it! Its so frustrating when we are good candidates. People need our services! How do we get their attention?

  • I bet I have submitted 40 or more applications on this site and have only gotten 4 reply to my emails.

    • HIDDEN Well if it’s like me I just don’t have the money and they want a credit card to release any kind of information and I don’t feel comfortable giving my credit card out I’ve seen several people I was very interested in but they want a credit card and they want a credit card for a back ground check and they want a credit card for a criminal back ground check it’s just one thing after another and I don’t know how safe they are it just doesn’t seem that it’s not nothing that you can’t do by yourself there are several people I would have hired but I don’t have the money to get their information they look like really good people just my thoughts
  • To be honest I'm fairly certain that this site is really not worth the "automatic withdrawal" premium. My profile gives a great description of my experience & what I can do, my rate is at the bottom of the standard & I don't receive responses for even pet sitting. I'm going back to word of mouth, professional cards & newspaper ads. I'm not going to renew my subscription.

  • Why does Care allow non-members to post a job? I think you should stop allowing parents to post jobs when they are not paid members of the site. It's very frustrating to find a job on your site. I take a lot of time to write a personalized message for a prosective job. It's a waste of my time to write to someone who cannot respond. Is there a way for the caregivers to know which jobs are from paid members and not just somebody who has nothing better to do than waste our time.

    • HIDDEN Not sure how old this post is but I’ve been experiencing the same thing. It’s been years since I’ve used this website but its saying in order for people to reply I will need to buy a membership?? This must be new, what it the point of applying to jobs and not being able to get a response?? It frustrates me because I just took the time to have people write reviews and what’s the point if I’m going to be waiting around forever for the paid members to find me.
    • HIDDEN

      Susanne I so agree with you. I must be honest I don’t know how old this post is but you are so correct. I put so much time in my post and NO RESPONSES. Word of mouth seems to be the best.

      Thanks! A

  • Wow I'm in the same boat.. I have put out over 40 applications and no responses. Kinda fishy, also I'm constantly being asked to pay for a background check, which I believe isn't MY responsibility. It should be the employers to purchase a background check like every other nanny site I'm on.. So for a free site I feel they want us to pay in order for our profiles to be seen.

  • Personally, I have never had anyone on this site respond to my applications, but i've had a ton of success with people seeing my profile and seeking me out. It may have nothing to do with you, just with the nature of the site.

    • HIDDEN I’m a professional nanny of 24 years experience high profile family’s as well only three family’s very long term during my 24 years experience. ..
    • HIDDEN Only the families and caregivers who pay to use this site will have have free reign over back and forth communication. If the family is paying they can contact you or vice versa but if the care giver is not paying you will not be able to contact the family’s, they you need to upgrade for them to unlock your application.
  • It has come to my attention that many of these parents that do not respond to our letters of interest are not paid members. Therefore they can post all the jobs they want but are not able to respond to any applicants. This is something we dont know before we apply and have no way of knowing. Also, there are many people who have the same job available every 3-4 weeks, like one person who has posted the same job 11 times since August of 2014. This tells me that it is either them or the children that cause them to go through so many Nannies.

    • HIDDEN When you apply for a job, emphasize to them that they can contact you through favebook because I’m pretty sure they don’t want to pay the fee either. Also provide your email address with spaces before and after “@”. If the site detects an email address it will redact it.
  • I received a very positive response to my application. .the woman asked for my number so i sent it and she never called so i followed-up with an email and never heard from her.

  • What is the problem? I have responded to many requests for cleaning. Not one has replied i am so confussed as to why there are when there are many people who need my sevices. I am in between jobs and really need extra cash.:-(

    • HIDDEN Yes. I’m getting emails and texts. They’re all saying they pay me in checks $500 + than when I ask what kind of work do they do, I get no responses. The last person I just told them I know they’re a scammer and I reported them to their email company.
  • I am looking for care for my children and recently had someone inquire about bringing her infant along with her. I do not think her values are wrong for wanting to work, however I don't take my children to work and I do not want someone else bringing their children to work when they work for me. It is a personal preference. Like another poster mentioned, we know most people will put the needs of their child ahead of ours and we don't want that to happen when we are paying for childcare. If I was looking for just a date night sitter then I would probably consider allowing them to bring their child along, but not on a full time basis. Hopefully you will find someone that does not mind!

  • I came here because I've had the same problem. I have an incredible resume as a teacher, child caregiver, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, and housekeeper. I cannot believe, that for most of the jobs I have applied for, I am not the most qualified applicant. But I have not received even one response to my numerous applications. I recently subscribed to the "premium" membership, thinking perhaps that would get some action, but still nothing. So, yes, I'm in the boat with those who believe this is a waste of time and money. The most interesting thing I've found so far is this Q&A; site. First time I've had any communication with a real person. At least, I think you're real, aren't you? ;-)

  • All I want is part time because I don't want to leave my baby. But on the same token both parents need to work in today's world to survive whether it be two full timers or one full time and one part time. And if they think my values are wrong for wanting to work part time then these parents should look at themselves as well because they are asking for a caregiver from 6 am to 6 pm leaving their own very young children. Its kind of a double standard if you ask me

  • I have had no luck with this site. Application after application unanswered! I have more than 15 years in health care field, CPR, first aid training, great references, reliable transportation, not picky about days, time, or traveling! And I am very knowledgeable, responsible, caring, and I am very unhappy that I have been unsuccessful getting responses,I am a bit relieved to know I am not alone!

  • You get more responses when you have a paid account - two unpaid members can't respond to each other. didn't tell me this; I could not find it in the fine print; I didn't know this till I contacted customer service. I was pissed. But I got the paid account. I still don't get many responses. When I do, it's almost invariably from people who write their own job posts, rather than using the standard phrases that I think generates for people who don't want to actually write a job post. For instance: "Lexington family needs a full-time babysitter. Must love kids! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. We ask that you handle pick-ups/drop-offs as needed. Some help preparing meals would be ideal. A car is not provided - please have your own." This kind of person almost never, ever responds to an application.

    • HIDDEN So if an unpaid member contacts another unpaid member, can the the person they contacted at least see the message, just can’t respond?
  • I am having the same problem. I use proper grammar and spelling, personalize my applications, ran the background check on myself, I tell them I'm First Aid and CPR certified, I don't have children, and I only apply to the jobs I think might work for me. If we're talking in years of experience here, then I have more experience than most of the parents on this site. :P Yet most the applications I send get flat out ignored. It's so frustrating. I would even welcome an automatic "no thanks" response! Better than nothing! Seriously.

    • HIDDEN This is just how it works unfortunately. Keep at it, don’t be discouraged. We are fortunate we have this tool to find quality childcare opportunities. You don’t want to work for families who don’t respond anyways.
  • I'm in the process of hiring a nanny right now, and I've turned down a few people without meeting them, though I at least respond to them all. The reasons I've turned them down off that bat were: 1. terrible grammar/writing. One lady put everything into one big, long, run-on sentence that was difficult to read. Since I have a 6 year old that will need afterschool homework help, that was a big turnoff. 2. too far away. We live in Ohio, and winters get bad. I need someone nearby that won't have to worry about whether the roads are too bad to get to my house. Also, if you're close to my house and I get a call from the school that someone is sick, someone nearby can get there easily when I could not. 3. sounded like a babysitter when I wanted a nanny. People who tell me about all the stuff they like to do with my kids stand out. People who talk about all the babysitting they've done do not. 4. they didn't fit my description. I'm willing to give on one or two requests I have, and work with money, etc, but I'm requesting a need for certain time frames because that's when I need someone. I'm not home to get my kid off the bus, so if I say I need you to be there at 2:30, telling me you're available at 3 is useless to me. If I tell you I need someone ASAP and you say you can't start for a month doesn't work, either. Make sure you fit the needs of the family! The last tips I have are these: -update your profile picture. I like to get a feel for the person, and I'm more likely to respond to someone whose face I can see. -update your calendar. I like to verify that you're available during the hours I need you before I respond to you. -get a reference, even just a friend, to post something on your profile. I like to have some sort of reference on there so I feel like this person is not some internet troll. Hope these help!

  • I was just contacted by a PHONY job offer from someone with extremely broken English. They claimed to be moving from Australia with a very generous rate. They said their accountant would send me a check ahead of their move. I've dealt with this in my Avon business, also. They send a larger than needed postal money order to you, by Federal Express, which seems soooooo real and then want you to take out your pay, along with some extra for your troubles and Western Union them the remaining amount. The postal money order is amazingly real looking, but is a FAKE! This should be mentioned in the warnings!

    • HIDDEN Oh my goodness I have dealt with the same problem I’m just assuming that these people go in there and they get your email information or your phone number and then they call you direct so there’s gotta be some kind of flag or red flag I mean something that has to do to stop this and because most of it is a scam and I just simply reply to them that they have to contact me through or I won’t even discuss anything
  • I've been very successful with this site I would suggest that when you apply for jobs don't just put the basics personalize your response and go a little in debt about why you would be the perfect candidate. But also keep in mind that about 20 to 40 people are also applying to that same job. Also make your profile professional and family friendly and I'm sure the inquirys will come pouring in. Hope this helps and good luck :)

  • I myself when I first signed up to this site received no responses. I also agree its not worth spending any money other than utilizing the free basic services. I once set up another account posing as a parent seeking a caregiver (is free to do) just to see who my competition is and how other caregivers respond. It might give you insight as you compare the way other applicants respond when seeking a job. Whatever the reason is I do now receive responses. Sometimes it may just be a matter of location ex. big city more people, more applicants; decrease chance of response. But yea I do understand the frustrations of parents not responding. When I'm employed and a parent emails with their interest in me I kindly say I'm already employed and a thank you. I wish the same could be reciprocated.

    • HIDDEN When you set up the account as someone looking for help, did you get a whole lot of responses? I’m just curious as to how many people responded to you. Thanks!
  • For everyone else who wonders why they don't get responses...I can give you some reasons. Are you reading the ad carefully and do you meet the family's requirements? I'm looking for someone who is CPR certified and First Aid trained but get many responses from those who don't have those qualifications. If you don't have those things, you're at a disadvantage. Or, state in your application that you're willing to get them. Some candidates look great on paper, but live too far. An hour commute one way is LONG! I've done it. I worry that you'll start working with my family and decide you can't stand the commute anymore. So, I'm not going to take a chance. I get a lot of candidates who babysat as a teen...that's NOT the same thing as being a nanny. The responsibilities don't even come close. Take the time to write a thoughtful response. I get tons of applications so make yourself stand out.

    • HIDDEN I’m sitting here reading these because I just got this app a couple of days ago, and I’ve applied at multiple jobs, wrote in the messages how to get ahold of me and even asked “please even let me know if you dont need me im sick of just waiting around please”
  • Jennifer W., that's great you consider childcare a "job", however the benefit for MANY caregivers IS bringing their child along! You said you wouldn't bring your child to work, well of course not if you work at a law firm or insurance agency etc. Lol. But it's kind of ridiculous to not allow someone's child when they are watching yours.

  • I used this website last year to get a summer nanny and attempted again this year, I have a few tips on how to get noticed. Have updated photos that do not look like the selfies you might post to your facebook. Too much cleavage, dark eye make-up, face piercings or inappropriate clothing will turn me off and I will decline your application. Try a nice photo of yourself or with a child. Write about yourself and what activities that you like to do and would like to do with my children, i.e. cooking, bike riding, going to the park, outdoor games, board games, reading, etc. Be honest about your experience. I turned down applications that said they had 10 years experience and they were 19 or 20. I do not consider babysitting when you are 10-14 years of age as experience and I am not interested in it. Like someone else has already commented babysitting is not at all the same thing as being a nanny. I was more apt to look at an application of a 19-22 year old that said 1-2 years experience over 10 years+. I read a profile the other day that said they had been caring for others since they were 2! Really, those kind of statements are the opposite of impressive. Just be truthful and be yourself, when you try to hard to sound impressive it doesn't work and even if it works for awhile a family will be able to tell that you were stretching the truth when you go to work for them. I would hire someone that has children but I'm not sure about an 8 month old, you may have better luck when your baby is 1 year old. It is not because I think you shouldn't have a job when your child is that young because I went back to work when my youngest was 5 weeks old. My children are 2, 8 & 9 so a baby would not mesh easily into their routine. Even when my youngest was a baby, I wouldn't have wanted someone bringing in another baby full time because 2 babies could be too much work and my child may not be able to get the attention that I am looking for. However, that being said I would have totally loved someone to bring a 1-2 year old now that my son is older. He would enjoy having a playmate. Best of luck to all you caregivers!

  • I also am frustrated. I have applied to many many senior care positions. I have all the qualifications and needs they request. Not one single repsonse. Or after I submit the 2nd email while post shows active it then shows there post is closed? ????. Iam confused. Are they even seeing my emails? I only signed up for a month I don't want to waste my money in paying for more when if I don't get a new client/ job I won't be able to afford it.

  • I have submitted multiple applications, not even one response and i have paid account. It is very discouraging as I apply for what i am qualified for. A lot of scammers are contacting me which is disturbing. Very dissapointed, not going to renew my subscription.

  • I feel like a lot of us nannies/caregivers are not willing to pay for this site, right? Well there are also parents who also do not want to pay for this site. Parents who do not pay for this site are not able to respond to our messages so what I think that would be better and may get you responses is if you leave your phone number written like this (seven eight nine two three...) because it does block your number and email. Leave your email written like this (jennifermartinez at g m a i l dot c o m). I hope that you all get responses by doing that!

  • I had couple of families and companies that called me but the moment I said I have a 3 year old forget it . But I can not understands why mom said no to a mom. I have been working for families for the past 8 years with my daughters and those families they always tell me that my kids are a plus so their kids are around kids and learn much more which I totally get it. Just keep trying and you will find an open heart family. Good luck

  • Caregivers - Please proofread all your answers to suggestions. I have been reading your answers and have noticed many typographical errors. Please think about my suggestion in a good way, as many families notice this also, when reading your applications to them. I am on another babysitting/nanny online service. The company always encourages us caregivers, to type and punctuate all of our applications, correctly. Thank you, Jan L.

    • HIDDEN

      just to let you know…. the sentence would be “Please think about my suggestion in a good way, as many families notice this when reading your applications to them.” or “Please think about my suggestion in a good way, as many families notice this also when reading your applications to them.”

      with “as many families notice this also” in between two commas, the phrase acts as though it were in parenthesis and your sentence actually ends up being “Please think about my suggestion in a good way when reading your applications to them.”

      Please think of my suggestion in a good way, as many people will think your warning is ironic because of the grammatical errors.

    • HIDDEN not to mention the sentence truly should read “Please think about my suggestion in a good way, as many families notice this while reading applications.”
  • It is not you. Somewhere along the way someone told parents that a Nanny applicant doesn't deserve any consideration. has made it even easier for them by providing them with a button in our emails to them so they will send an email saying not interested. These are people you don't want to work for trust me. I wonder if they would ignore letters of application if they had to be held responsible for it like we do. Response rate for us, nothing for them.

  • I think someone at should respond to the comments. Thanks for the insite.

  • Many of the new job listings are out dated

  • I'm having issues with parents not responding to my applications as well and I don't understand why I am continually being ignored!!

  • I wondered if it was just me or if other caregivers did not get responses. I get very few responses too. It would be nice to just get a response just to say the family received it. Then I know they got it. Sometimes I feel I am wasting my time applying when I rarely get responses.

  • There is a lady on here named Diane. E. That posted an add for a dog walker. She in-boxed me and I responded. She asked me to meet with her over 3 times. Once to fill out and application another time to talk specifics and a final time to meet the family. Everytime I met with her she was late. She had no consideration of my time as well as required an excess of redundant meetings. She got ab attitude when I had to reschedule the second meeting due to her being late again. I've never in my life seen an employer show up late to an interview. This is a bad sign and indicates that they will be late with payment. Please watch out for people like her and others who nay be similar on this site.

  • I haven't had good responses from this website either. I have paid the monthly fee, paid for my background check and wrote numerous clients. Still nothing. I did talk to one lady but she never called me back. I'm thinking this site is a scam to get people's money without results. Total waste of time and money!

  • I've been having that problem too. I apply to many jobs and never get responses. Lately though I've been getting random text messages from people saying they've seen my profile and want me to personally email them a response. I feel like they're scams though

  • Well I am relieved to see there are others in my situation. I was beginning to get a complex. I have made at least seventy applications, no worth while answers, part time, a few hours etc. nothing really worthwhile. However I still continue to apply, because I need to work.

  • I get responses,most of the time, but some of the would- be clients are not questioning the Caregivers as to why something might be on their backgrounds or some are very overly- picky. Most of the people on here are nice, but some of them are not. Their wording is kind of rude or ,i'd say, unnecessary. " I am looking now" is one of them. We know that already, or you would not be placing an ad at that time lol .Sometimes,the people hiring are not giving enough details as to what they need,as far as services. They say they have pets,but some do not mention what pets. They will put a time they need you,but on the time grid, its not ,at all,congruent with the times they listed. There are also people on here from one year ago, with the same ad on here. After so long, needs to close it out,so members can apply to jobs from people who actually need the help. I really appreciate the clients who reply to your application, over the ones who never tell you if the job is closed or not! The pleasant,nice, appreciative ones get my vote every time!

  • I feel like this website is getting a bad rap for all the parents who do not have the common courtesy to respond to an email. has gone as far as putting a link in the application, all the parent has to do is click it. The website will do the rest. I have gotten my best clients from this website, as well as my worst. The only way that this behavior will stop is when the people posting the ads are held accountable for their actions. They want to pay slave wages and expect the world, and when they don't get it then the negative remarks are flying. Nannies are lazy, want to eat your food, only want to watch tv all day. I wonder how they will feel if it all comes to a sudden stop, they get no replies, and have to pay for daycare. For those that are blaming, try, the posters there are offering 6.00 for 3 children and clean house and do laundry, and cook. My opinion on what will make it stop: Don't apply for jobs you are not qualified for. making them accountable for their actions or lack there of Nannies/babysitters/elder caregiver DO NOT work for slave wages. This is demeaning to the profession.

  • reading these comments now makes me wonder about this site.......

  • I have been on this site since 2011 looking for people that need help with senior care and never gotten one job from it. I have 15 years of experience and have worked for and juggled 16 different families in that time. I have excellent experience and references. My main client died on March 14 and the 3 I have left don't give me enough time to get all my bills paid. I have gone back and forth with the premium membership. I'm paying for it now and it ends on April 2. I really don't want to have to spend the extra money to renew it, but I feel like I don't have a choice. It's like being a premium member is the only way to be seen. I have also paid for the background checks. My main client was willing to leave a review, but, she didn't want to have to join to do that. It leaves no way for anyone to just go into the site and leave a review without having to join! What's up with that? also makes it nearly impossible to leave references. You can't just give a name and phone number. insists that they have an email address. Most of my clients have died and the elderly ones I have now, two of them don't even have a computer. The one client that does can barely check her emails. Does really think that people in their 80's are going to have a computer? I'll probably renew the premium membership that's ending this week, but I really hate having to spend money I don't have. I have had several people contact me and when I response.

  • Thats weird, why didnt she call? I got one response as well with no folloe up call....

  • It might be because most people hiring feel your own baby will (and should be) your priority, so you may not have the complete flexibility they need. Also, people may wonder (rightly or wrongly) if you have the values they want in child caretaker when you are leaving your own very young baby. It may not be completely fair (since men leave all the time) but these may be things people are wondering about. They probably did not think about these issues when you were trying to get hired as a 16 year-old (part-time) babysitter. Just some thoughts :-)

  • I have been on this site before and paid for 6 months with no answers back and I applied for at least 10 jobs. They need to make it free for the people that are looking for nannies,housekeepers,pet sitters etc.I agree with Lisa D,word of mouth,fliers and newspaper is the way to go. I will not be renewing my ad on this site

  • It is a waste of time and money, apparently also have a team dedicated to send two or three messages to engage you in the system but in the end nobody hires you .... I'm disappointed and I feel this company scam

  • I cant believe with all the commercial on tv about this site. I have not gotten one responses and it just said one person has looked but that was like three days ago nothing why are people not calling like i asked them to do

  • I can't get anyone to respond to my emails/applications either and I do not understand what the problem is! I have been very actively searching and applying for 2 months now and have only managed to get one interview, and that position was given to someone else. I am 39 yrs. old, with 20 yrs. of child care experience, and am non smoking! I also have a clean background check on file here and I still cannot get families to respond to's beyond frustrating and I do not understand what the issue is!!!! I'm a free member and refuse to pay because I can't get anyone to email me back so why become a paid member?!? If it's true that free membership families can't email back candidates that respond to their job posting, what's the point of that family even bothering to post the job?? That makes no sense.

  • Two ladies that I have worked with have gotten jobs through care...the one only posted her experience and has gotten more work than she could handle, and has recommended friends of hers who aren't on care...the other lady pursued a job she found on here and got they encouraged me to apply...I'm mostly unimpressed with the workings of the site....and the response rate of those claiming to need caregivers.

  • @Peige C. Did the text look like this? Hi,I read your profile and I was highly impressed.Are you still available for babysitting/nanny position?If yes then email me your resume for more details.. HIDDEN I think its a scam too. I tried to look up the email and number and what I found were a few real people in my area with the same name, but I don't know. No space between punctuation and not putting "a" before position made it seem a bit automated. So I did not respond (despite me promising I would on my profile :( ) It also got me thinking what CAN people see on my profile? My phone number on here is not even verified and if other members are saying that families can't see phone #/email anyway, then How did my number get out? That's scary.

  • Same! I'm getting paranoid and feeling like the people don't get my applications. No one ever even answers to let me know they received my applications.

  • I am a Patient Care TechnicianI , have 10 years experienc I've submitted many applications but I still can't find any jobs it's very frustrating

  • I filled out everything on my profile and I've submitted soooo many applications but heard nothing back! :(

  • I wonder about this too. I don't want to pay for an account if no one can see me. I have the free version and I wonder what is the point of this website if people can't even connect. If wants users to upgrade, they should at least give something of value to begin with.

  • This website is farce and a waste of time.


  • I have the same problem I did like 30 applications and nothing I need to work

  • The only time I have gotten a reply was when I first made my profile. This woman sought me out and we set up a schedule for the summer. I called her when she requested so i could set up a preliminary meet with her and her children, and she informed me she had found someone else without letting me know. I turned down multiple job offers because I had already committed to her and now I'm stuck without a job. I've been submitting applications for the past 2 weeks for anything that pops up (at least 20 jobs) and have yet to have a single reply. Its incredibly frustrating.

  • The parents have to be a paying member, not just the basic membership, to respond. I decided to sign up as a parent and see how it works to get some insight and I received 6 messages in 2 hours. All of the girls provided their email and phone numbers but shows the information as: xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxxxxxxxxx. They force the parents into paying the month fees this way. And I hear that when you go back to the basic membership, they charge you unbeknownst to you. I'm sure there is some cryptic way to get your information to the parents in a way that it won't be detected, but it may come off weird if the family IS a paying member and they just don't want you...

  • I hate to say it... but I've had better luck with a competitor site. I paid for a background check and within two days, I had a lady asking to interview me! Then, a year later when I updated my profile, I had another woman asking for an interview. I certainly never put all my eggs into this basket, but I keep it active just in case. I hope this helps!

  • i'm a mom in the same position as you i don't drive i try to look for jobs in my area that i can easily walk to ...but i seems very difficult to land a part time job where you can have your kid i'm pretty sure that there are alot of mom's on here with young kids looking for a child care position that get turned down either because of their kids or the fact that they don't drive ...i would also try and put my self out there on other sites craigslist or sittercity i seem to get more responses on them and they give me the option of offering child care from my own home

  • I had someone contact me the same day and we met two days after. I don't pay for this site but she did. She was the one hiring. I declined working for her due to very false advertising on her part. Next day someone else wanted to interview, set up a day and time to meet, she never came through to respond back when it came time to give me the details on where to meet.

  • I always respond to applications. I am upfront about pay and from there they can decide to interview or not. We are also not interested in hiring anyone that brings their kids with them to work. I am clear on the job postings about the hours we need the nanny for. Many times we get nannies that want us to work around their schedule. Nope not happening. Thee nannies that applied did not meet the qualifications for the job description or they were looking for more pay than what we could offer. When you are starting a new job in a few days and getting desperate to find care like I was I ended up with a paid subscription, set my parameters and hit "Search" and a list of profiles came up. I paid the subscription so I could contact nannies I had a vested interest in interviewing. I look at their profile whether they say they can provide references and if they worked for other families and contact them. The nannies I've hired were from me reaching out to them first. They did not initially apply to the job. Now I understand how a recruiter on LinkedIn feels when needing to fill a job....

  • I think its a scam to get personal info. Cancelling my credit card now.

  • I am having the same problem that the others above have had. No response to my applications. I am thinking that it has to do with my age, which is 70. I have had 2 previous jobs with Care in the last 3 years and had no problem securing jobs. I am dying to "nanny" a newborn and know that I have the experience needed. I raised three children of my own. Plus, being retired, I have all the time that new families need. This is a really a long dry spell. Most families are looking for Aug - Oct or Nov. How does one submit for a job that far in the future? Hoping things will change soon. Barb L

  • The ONLY responses I have gotten are the same sob story. Car fatality, wheelchair, deaf parent. I am looking for a job, not a scam. I'm almost afraid to do any more applications. What a waste of $60!!


  • As a mom looking for child care, I would be concerned about hiring somebody to watch my 3 year old and my 4 month old when they are attending to their 8 month old. That is a HUGE handful, even for somebody my age-I'm 40. You are probably more than capable, but it's a red flag to many mothers, I would think. I think most of us looking for child care on this site prefer to find someone who is totally able to dedicate themselves and their attention fully to their children. I wish you luck and hope you find a job!!

  • Does anyone know how to cancel? The support email address is bogus.

  • Ashlee D - You're incorrect for thinking you're being judged for wanting to only work part-time. The truth is, part time babysitting is no solution for full time working parents. Think of it this many people who work part time make enough money working part-time to pay a caregiver? My wife works full time and half of her salary goes to a caregiver. The remaining half adds up and makes it worthwhile for her to work. If she only needed to work 20 hours a week, it wouldn't be worth going to work after the expenses of a caregiver.

  • I began using the site in early Aug of 2014 and received many emails confirming interviews. I am a full time nanny now with a family from the website and love it. However I am seeking more job opportunities and for the past 4 months I have no received one follow up email. Very strange.

  • I've encountered the same thing. Someone responded then suddenly no follow up. I can say I did get a couple of inquirys but they were scams. I don't understand either. Care. Com is aware of scammers and ask I don't give up, so we shall see. Best of Luck to you all as well as myself.

  • Someone said (Ann D.) that "It has come to my attention that many of these parents that do not respond to our letters of interest are not paid members. Therefore they can post all the jobs they want but are not able to respond to any applicants. " That is why, when I apply, I include my email address and phone number in my application message, that way even if they are unable to respond via Care, they are still able to respond to me.. I also include several of the email addresses (and phone numbers, with permission of course) for my references in that initial message. That way if they say "I don't know yet." they have the material to begin checking up on the quality of my care.. Plus, I do followup. I apply, exactly 7 days later I send a followup that basically says "I applied 7 days ago, and am following up because I really feel that my style of care would match well with your family. Please reread this message and contact me for more followup." (and then I include the key points about qualifications, experience and references).

  • This is very frustrating to me as well,in fact, i was just "stood up" by a person who scheduled a phone interview but never called. Now they have my information and I don't even know who they are!! Just an aside, I turned down a neighborhood job that started an hour before said phone interview.Now I am out 100$ because of the discourteous treatment by a potential employer. I think the "offers" are fake, maybe a marketing tool to keep everyone hopeful. To top it off, their app and their website don't communicate so you have even less chance of responding in an appropriate time frame. I'm considering an extended leave of absence.

  • Well, I was just curious about this site, as I may need a nanny in the future. I was going through filling out page after page of info so that I could see how the search was. I thought I was just creating a profile for now. The next day I was receiving applications. I didn't even realize I had posted a job. I am not a paid member so I couldn't respond to tell them my error. I quickly closed the posting. I was definitely impressed by some of the responses but I am just not looking to hire now.

  • As someone who has worked both as a professional nanny, and now as a house manager hiring, I advise everyone to pay for at least a basic background check. The employer would likely be happy to pay for a more in depth one if needed. It shows a level of professionalism that makes you stand out from the others.

  • I know this is and different than any restaurant or retail business where you get the call back or you don't but I have sent out 80 messages in the past month and have only heard back from four people. I'm beginning to think my college-educated self is not what anyone in my area is looking for. Very discouraging to say the least.

  • I guess I one of the lucky ones. I responded to a couple jobs, and in three days, I was hired by family. I brought my 31year old daughter to the interview, as an added valued or backup respite for Caregiving, and she got hired too. I am on my third day now. The job is within five miles of my home. I couldn't be happier....Thank you, Also, I have continued to apply to many more jobs, since my current one is part-time, yet I haven't had any further offers :(.

  • You don't mention if you are requesting to take your daughter with you. For me, that is a deal-breaker for the reasons other posters mentioned. One of the advantages of having a nanny is that my children get her undivided attention. I don't want them competing with the needs of her child. Honestly, I also don't consider candidates with young children because young kids tend to get sick a lot. And that means you'll likely be missing a lot of days of work. That's just my stance.

  • Wow so how do I get a job.super fustrated

  • I did not get any response from any applications until I paid for the premium service for 3 months, makes me wonder. I then had the chance to email the person that posted the ad. She did get back to me, still in limbo as to if I have an interview. It is for pet sitting.

  • So I would have to pay to receive answers if I got a job or not?

  • Hi. I have filled out a lot a lot of allocations. I have good references and a clean history. But again, no one ever responds back to me! Now y?

  • Maybe it's because that woman in Eau Claire killed that baby, and she was hired from

  • I have submitted for numerous positions and don't get responses.. I just did for 19 positions from elderly care and housecleaning. Not one response I have been on this site for a year and I received 1 response. What's up with this?

  • Try omitting info about your own baby if in your profile. Your credentials sound great! Im wondering if its because like you said most people want full time? Keep following up with them. Good luck, Nancy

  • I wonder the same thing I think it's my age but I applied over 20 times and had gotten 1 response ! I lowkey feel played

  • Honestly, I've submitted over 40 applications and have gotten one reply. Three others were scams. I suggest seeing if your friends have babysat before and then asking them to give your name to families who need help (people who know people). That's how I get my babysitting jobs.

  • I don't quite understand that myself. I am a 35 year old mother of 17 year old twins and it seems like someone was rather hire a 15 year old kid who knows nothing about raising a child than a mother who has already been through the hoops.all we we can do is try and maybe something will someday come through

  • I have posted for awhile also got one job from here I don't get either. I refuse to pay also


  • I haven't had much luck with responses on this site either. I also have a profile on another site that I get more interest in, but most people don't reply there either. I've had parents looking for a caregiver on here tell me the same thing, people don't respond. I'm not sure why.

  • Thank you all for your input on this question. I had NO idea that people can post a job without being a member! I've been on here since 2008 and no one responds to my applications. Recently, one mom did reply to thank me for my interest but she wanted to keep looking someone who would be a better fit. So I sent a reply thanking her for her consideration and professionalism in letting me know. My best experiences have been with family's who contacted me after viewing my profile.

  • Not that I wish unemployment on anyone. However at least I now know that I am not alone. I have been so discouraged , being I have applied to several jobs & I never have received so much as a, Thanks but job has been filled. Ive received absolutely nothing. So I feel a little better knowing that I am not the only one. I wish everyone the best of luck on their job searching.

  • I'm my opinion, there are too many applicants and not enough employment opportunities. I am facing the same problems! Maybe try getting a job at a daycare or tutoring facility? (YMCA, tutortime, etc.)

  • I have received legitimate responses to my application as Caregiver. But what I think is so rude is when you respond to a position and no one responds with even a "we are no longer hiring", etc. How much time does it take to email someone with a No Thanks.

  • There are so much scam. People who are using children pictures and animals to pretend that they are looking for a nanny or housekeeper. Oh! what a shame. They want you to send them your email address, personal information and cell phone number. Never give out your email or telephone number to anyone unless they first give you a address or telephone number first. Always, talk to them through

  • I keep getting emails saying "After careful review, we are unable to approve your enrollment information"... I have gone in to try to fix my Profile and Information but it keeps sending me the same emails. I dont get it. I dont kno what is wrong tht Im doing if I know all my Info is correct. Does it matter? I dont know why my References arent showing. I dont know why my Reviews arent showing on my Profile. HEEEEELP!!!

  • To those seeking nanny positions, I am a parent that started looking for a Nanny. I had a very low response rate to my ad, and I had people respond saying the job was perfect for them and they would love to interview. When I contacted them about the position, it turns out they wanted more hours or different hours. That is frustrating, because the hours I wanted were clearly posted. I then started emailing people that looked good that came up in my search. I emailed 17 people, and found that a number of them were away at college or were no longer available or looking for after school care. Many of them had not taken the time to update their schedules. I spent a lot of time composing each of those emails, and I wish they would have updated their profiles. Also, out of the 17 interview requests I sent out, I got 6 people respond. I told my husband that this seemed crazy to me. Why do you apply to a job and then not respond to a request for an interview?! In the real world, who does that?! I had 2 people apply that wanted to bring their children to work. I feel the same as many other parents on this. I am not paying $ 15-20 per hour for you to watch my children and yours too. At least on a regular basis. In a pinch, maybe. I know your child will come before mine, and frankly the pay is at a premium for this service and I would not expect this situation. That said, all it takes is one. And, I found a few gems. 2 weren't available, and the third had a situation that would work perfectly. What we are hiring for is a bit tricky, and that is why this service was invaluable. We can cast a very wide net to find the person that it is a fit for. It only took a week, and I am very happy with the outcome. I am a paid subscriber to the service. When we get on, we are actively looking. I believe that you couldn't post an ad without subscribing first. I love that you can do a background check, as I tend to think most people are fabulous and this makes sure I have done my due diligence. My gut is often not a reliable sole indictor. I looked for people that had profiles I liked, previous families they had worked for and references. Ones that had logged into the site in the past week. I hope this helps. There are real families out there with real needs. When you post a profile, make sure to put in the profile what you are looking for. Hours, times, pay. Paint the most complete picture you can, and then you won't get a bunch of emails to respond to that ultimately won't work for you. Update your schedule, because if you don't it won't let the parent schedule an interview with you. And, respond to your email. It is the professional thing to do, and leaves everyone feeling positive about the interaction knowing that it has gone full circle.

  • I am beginning to this this is a joke.... So frustrated

  • I'm having trouble too. Is anyone from helping us sort this out? I've applied for 50 or so. When I went to premium service I did get three new offers but nothing but one time cleaning.

  • I have the same problem! Although I'm not cpr certified and I only have like a year of experience but I used to get a few replies every now and then but I havent had any in a long time now! I also apply for pet sitting jobs and I have had very few replies from them as well and I am very experienced with pets! I noticed that some of the jobs will still be posted a while after I first saw them and applied so I don't know if they just forgot to take them down or if they haven't found anyone yet. If they haven't found anyone yet why can't they check me out? I don't know it just seems weird to me especially the pet care jobs!

  • One thing to consider is that people can get up to 50 applications so it is hard to spit you out of 49 others! So keep posting even if they have conflicting hours. Eventually you'll get one!

  • I am a Patient Care Technician, I have 10 years experience I've submitted many applications but I still can't find a job it's very frustrating.

  • I have probably signed up for 50 jobs and only got one to respond and I didn't get the job! I am sad because some teens are irresponsible so non one trusts me >:(

  • Hello Ashlee D. I was reading your question and have a few ideas that have seemed to help me the past few weeks. I always add my background check and references to my applications. In my application I make it a point to say something like I look forward to your response, it leaves sort of an 'obligation' on their side to at least respond whether position is still available or not. I also have updated my profile again and some of the parents have gone in and left me reviews. You can even have a few friends whose children you have previously cared for connect to you and leave you a review! People that have contacted me and I've interviewed with, whether I get the position or not, I request they leave me a review of their impression etc... Ive started doing this the past 2 weeks and my email has been flooded with responses! Oh and I reply to as many positions I can in one day - at least when I get the 2 new jobs emails at 3am and 3pm. Hope this gives you a little help and good luck! Susan L

  • I have been using on and off for almost 7 years. I've been hired by multiple families including one that I have been with for over four and a half years. A job that took me 3 mos of almost daily applications and multiple interviews to find. Did I have a lot of parents who did not respond at all? Yes. Did I blame for that happening? no.

    I just recently re-joined in the fall of 2016 to find part time work. In less a week of looking, I received a response and went on an interview resulting in my turning down employment. After taking a short break before looking again, in about four weeks I have now had two responses that resulted in interviews. In my experience, you cannot wait for parents to contact you. I make it a point to go through the listing daily and apply to at least one job that strikes my eye a day. 

    Don't waste your time applying to jobs with one sentence ads or clearly have only used the a provided template. They are either fake ads or not parents taking the site very seriously. Yes I pay the monthly fee but that is all. I would not pay for a background check or a driving record check unless a parent requests that you do so. I find that if you have solid references, you do not need either.

    This is a VERY competitive field. It might not seem that way from the site, but trust me it is. I have been at this for 13 years. Think of each application as honing your skills for the next one. Copy and paste your application into another program and make modifications for each family. If a parent is not willing to pay money to respond to messages then they are probably not worth your time in the first place.

    Yes it is a bummer that you cannot know who chooses to pay. But a solid profile with pictures, and a well written ad is a fairly good indicator that they are legit. A parent that is serious about finding childcare will pay what they need to find quality to care for their child. Diligence pays off.

    Check out other profiles of featured nannies and see what they have written to try to emulate. Perhaps some of the people looking for work are not in areas where childcare is in high demand. Parents are also highly selective with who they want in their homes and with their children. Just because you think you are a good fit, doesnt mean they think you are. Also....some parents are TOUGH. Also I've noticed a lot of nannies/babysitters setting their rates MUCH too high for their experience level. Keep the starting rate almost below what you are think you are worth and the end high. It makes you more approachable and doesnt make you look like you are only in this for the money. I think it is a mistake to blame the site for not getting employment. Just because we are in childcare and this site is available does not mean finding a job is any easier. Good Luck. I love

  • I am applying for jobs every day and can't get no response I love taking care of senior they are the joy of my heart I can't see my self doing no other job because I was born to help seniors so please I am asking some one to hired me

  • AN ANSWER WITH FRESH PERSPECTIVE I was recently someone looking for a nanny position and like many of you, I had all the qualifications and experience needed and considered myself a great nanny who loves her job. But still I was finding that it was easier to get hired for a nanny job as a teenager on my own through word of mouth! I would take the time to personalize all of my applications to families I was interested in on this site and spent a great deal of effort to get my profile just right, but all I'd get was crickets. So I decided to do some undercover work.... Just for a day, I created an account as someone looking to hire a caregiver. I just hit a few check boxes during the setup process and had the most basic bio description. Before the day was up, I had received over 20 overwhelming responses to my fake job. If I had put more time into my profile and uploaded a picture and gave more description, I probably would have received even more! I realized that there were a lot more nannies out there than I originally thought and too many to respond to all of them. And sorting through all of them seemed like it would be a horrible chore. Also, even if I did want to respond to them and say "No thanks", I would've had to upgrade to a package that required me to make expensive payments monthly. Otherwise I couldn't respond! EVEN IF THEY GAVE ME THEIR PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL..... set up a system where unpaying parties get their personal information blocked, so any number given to me in the caregiver's application message just looks like this xxx xxxx and any email looks like this xxxxxxxxxxxx, so the employer would still be unable to respond unless they upgraded. is just a greedy middleman, and everyone looking to get hired would be better off asking families they've worked for in the past to recommend them to their friends, and everyone looking to hire would be better off asking their friends and neighbors about nannies they know of or just turning to a real nanny agency. Word of mouth worked best for us before, it'll work better for us now. That's how I just got my new nanny job and I couldn't be more thrilled!

  • Its so frustrating and i've been looking for months..ive filled has to be over 100 applications. Like its so hard to log in and keep applying because your like whats the point..if there not even going to take a look at your application and respond back.

  • I have submit to just about all care given jobs but in return this web site is asking for more money but I'm not getting any response back on jobs can u please explain why

  • I had no problems finding work on this site only a couple of years ago. However, now I can't even get a "no thanks." I think my biggest downfall is that I have a child of my own and parents just don't see it as an asset.

    • HIDDEN

      I’m in Michigan and I have the same exact issue and I do not have any children! Any applications that I send out generally go ignored by families, and I have 22 years of child care experience!! I don’t think that the families who post an ad are actually paying for a membership so that they can respond to applicants, which makes no sense to me, but I think that’s a huge problem .

  • It has been happening to me also!!!

  • This site is a joke! All they want is your money, and it's like they hold the jobs hostage! They should be ashamed when there are so many peple out there that need work!!

    • HIDDEN This site is far from a joke. If you put the work in, you will find jobs. I have found multiple full time and part time jobs with wonderful families through
  • What I don't see discussed here is salary. I personally think this site makes many people ask for much higher salaries than MOST people can pay. This is not a field in which you should expect salaries and benefits as if you're working for a corporation. Think about this...Let's use the typical two-parent working family in a suburb of NYC as an example. Most households cannot survive on one salary, so the wife has to work. Let's say she makes a decent salary - but how much money does the woman have to earn to justify paying $20-$25 an hour to a caregiver?  If she works 9 to 5 she most likely needs a sitter from at least 8:30 to 5:30 (or more). At $25 an hour that's $225 a day - 1125 a week - $58,500 a year! That means the woman needs to take home at least $1800 a week to justify working. Now the question is how many working wives earn 70k+ a year? The answer is very few. So maybe those of you not getting hired should evaluate your salary requirements. I have a situation in which I work from a home office. My wife makes about 35k a year. Our caregiver works 8:10 am to 4:00 pm (it's really 8 am but she waits with her daughter at the bus stop and always arrives at 8:10 but I'm ok with it). She is good to our 2-1/2 yo child but doesn't do many interactive things with him - he happens to occupy himself very well. We provided her with a car seat & stroller and she regularly takes him food shopping (then drops groceries off at her home), runs errands, takes her daughter to orthodontist appointments, etc. Since I work from home, if he's extra cranky, has a bad diaper incident, etc., I come in and help the situation. If she needs to leave early I let her and never nickle and dime with pay - however if she stays even 15 mins late I always let her leave early the next day or give a few extra bucks. I dress him each morning and give him breakfast. She heats up lunch that we have already prepared. We give her access to our wi-fi and ask her to do nothing else but watch our son. We pay her $375 a week in cash (I know this is against guidelines but that's not the point here). We give her a week's paid vacation (she takes at least 3-4 weeks off a year - which we have to cover) and a weeks pay bonus at Christmas. She complains from time to time that she should be making more but forgets that she has such flexibility and freedom that isn't offered in most jobs and I feel that should be weighed into her compensation. My wife brings home about $500 a week and is basically left with $125 a week. My point of all this is to set salary expectations to realistic levels. There are not many families with two major earners - which means $20-$25 an hour ranges are not always realistic.  Now - I was polite and for the people who will respond with rude, negative comments about it not being her problem that my wife doesn't make more, or maybe my wife shouldn't be working, etc. That's none of your business and not for you to decide. The point was to kindly respond as to a possible reason many of you are not receiving replies and jobs and to show that sometimes accepting less may bring other benefits that may not be apparent.

    • HIDDEN I agree with you 100% and you are right bringing up a point no one on here really has, salary. The family I work with now has always been incredibly flexible with my schedule when I was full time and part time. The mom set up a flat weekly rate. At first she paid me extra for days I stayed late but then there were days I came in late/asked for off. So I told her it all just balances out in the end, no extra needed and made life simpler for the both of us. Working parents have enough on their minds. I would rather be with a family that values & respects me then one that pays me exorbitant amounts of money. If caregivers aren’t willing to offer realistic flexibility for pay or make that the ultimate reason they are in childcare then they should probably look for work in another field. People have this idealized notion that all nannies get paid tons of money. When that simply isn’t true. The ones who usually do make a lot work 60 hrs a week or work for celebrities. (I’ve done both. Give me the down to earth parents and a life, please!) It sounds as if you are more than generous with your nanny! Thanks for valuable input, Paul.
  • I am also highly qualified for every position that I have applied for. Only 2 responses and 1, one time (3 hour job).... $30 for driving 18 miles each way! I am tending to agree with another member's post.... that probably, if people aren't paying enough on this so called "free" site, your application is not being seen by them. How bad is that? I am considering cancelling my monthly withdrawal fee. I am looking for a job and the payments charged just to seek them, with pretty much NO response, is ridiculous! Like I said earlier, I am highly qualified and a perfect match for some of the positions I've applied for.

  • What I am getting its that this site is horrible..

  • Wait. So if a family that posts a job does not have a paid membersip, they cannot respond via the mailbox to us applying to their job listing - even if they wanted to? If they can post, they should be able to respond.

  • I too have submitted many applications with no response. I'm thinking this is a waste of time and money

  • I've been on site site for a few years as a pet sitter but only ever got one responce! I'm a certified veterinary technician meaning i have medical knowledge and experience. I've only ever gotten one response from an application (that said they already found someone) and only ever got one person to apply for my services. I paid for a few bg checks but it never made a difference to me. I really have no idea whats going on.

  • I noticed that there is quite a bit of spam on this site. I receive several of them in a month but I just answer, "already working" and at times I tell them I would rather give all the requests in person at the time we meet and there is no answer from them. Outrageous amount of money for 2 to3 days of work and whatever hours you want to work? IT'S A SPAM! My friend is moving to your area...SPAM!! When I first signed up I also had several people respond and got interviewed but the outcome was negative. The days, pay and hours of work was not what had been posted. Thank you all who have posted on how negative this site is, I thought it was just me.

  • Yes I agree. I just created my account last night,I was waiting to get my picture approved but did not get a response. I do not have any children, I am in school I just need a job. I am an excellent worker I take care in everything I do. Please parents give me a chance and look at my profile.

  • The reason employers are selective with their nanny/ babysitter having children is because most of them call in to work using their children as an excuse. These parents need someone usually full-time and cant have them calling in last minute. This sucks but its true. You may wake up and your child is sick so you call in that morning and then what is your employer suppose to do? Ive been on this site for a while off and on. I even moved halfway across the country and I have never had issues getting a job. Its all about selling your qualifications. I did the st patricks day sale for a 3 month membership like two days ago. just to see if it increased my responses or if people could seek me out. I have had 3 people message me so far. Also I spend maybe 20min a day on here. either replying, responding or reading articles. never hours. sell yourself correctly and honestly and i guarantee if you are worth anything you will get responses. if you still don't then you need to step up your qualifications. all this coming from a a young nanny.

  • I agree that parent should pay for the site, because I received multiple inquiries and these people contact me through text message not through Then they tell me they want my info which is found on the site. And they always want to pay me as a "deposit" before I even start working for them. I know these are scams, but is really annoying that anyone can just get my number. I want actually parents who pay for a membership, like me.

  • I have the same problem with this site. Nor any of my applications got through to the families that are in need of a good care. I am not paying to find the job on this site and it is probably the reason I didn't get any response.

  • Some parents look for nannies or sitters who have open availability with no kids more because they want the nanny to be able to be there when they can't make it and if the nanny has kids of her own then her schedule won't be as free and she won't be as reliable.

  • so if you do not give money or if the looker dosent give money to the site, are messages are not getting to them? very frustrated also. my posts say open.

  • Think about it, if you were looking for someone to care for your child would you want them to divide there time with yours and her child. I wouldn't want them bringing their child. I would maybe look into something else. I was raising my children by myself, I worked in a laundry mat, the owner didn't mind me bringing my children with me. I got my work done, had the children with me. I paid my bills and my responsibilities where covered. It wasn't easy but I did what had to be done. I also raised two responsible and dependable adults. They saw the sacrifices I made and they know it wasn't easy. I hope whatever you do you are happy and satisfied with your decision.

  • Are you stating that you will bring your baby with you when you sit? People will assume that you are bringing your baby, and from what I see, they don't like it. Or if you are sitting in your home and will let others bring their babies to you, they may be more comfortable if you state that you only have 3 babies under 2 years old (or whatever you decide you feel comfortable with). Definitely take a CPR and First Aid course, so they know you are qualified to take care of their little ones. Good luck!

  • Sounds like this site is being run by the same people who ran the Ashley Madison website

  • Hello there girls. Join the club. I too have had no luck on this site. Well, only two great families.

  • I've been trying also. It's such a struggle, but hey! You just got to keep trying let's hope we eventually get a response or asking from someone.

  • I am glad to have this opportunity to peak my mind.. when i sign here 2 years ago.. i sent many applications and when i was just getting frustrated I started getting responses for a nanny one from Bakerfield wanted me to go but it was to far for me..then another from my home town Sacramento .. call me for few hrs every other day and it was ok ,then i had a call from my previous employer .. she found me here and she paid for background check,I didn't have to pay for membership.. and i work for her for almost 2 years.., i am back in the same position.. I have placed about 10 applications and I am a provider,a nanny and a caregiver with over 12 years of experience.. I end all this applications and each gives me the confidence that I will get the job.. and no one even batters to even answer my replies.. I am 66 years old looking 55.. very healthy strong motivated. and I could go on and it makes me think is it my age?.. but, then i have been hired before.. sure will like to get an answer to my ? I discuss the issue with my daughter about my age.. and her answer was: experience should count not age..can anyone give a comment ..thanks

  • Don't think works as much as there hyped. Jobless

  • I am tired of trying to get any response on this site all I get is alerts in my mail !!!

  • I think with 28 years of experience I would have a job. I have not had one response! I didn't do the background check do to it being not cost affordable. Is this why?

  • I am new to the site and hope I can partner with families in need of the care I provide. After reading many of the responses to this post I found them helpful and educational. I have LOTS to learn on!! THANKS for posting honesty with transparency!!

  • i do have the same problems as you never answer to my and paid premium member for none!.

  • I have submitted a lot of applications myself and now I'm hearing about why people haven't responded back - it's cause they're not paid members? So it does not allow them to respond.....? Is that why I have so many applications but no responses?

  • I've applied to 100 jobs and had approximately 4-5 emails from potential jobs. I have had two jobs from One was a family who had been through 7 nannies within 7 months. The dog bit the last nanny!!! Both jobs advertise 15 hours and when you start with them, lower hours to approximately 9-12 per week. I have a transportation job that is supposed to be five days per week. I have worked 5 days ONE TIME!! Either 2-3 days or 1 day per week. I had one lady put nanny only then when she called added laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning house plus a toddler for $12/hour. I paid $125 for two housekeepers for two hours, paid $55/hour for tutoring. Most also want you do help with homework for "free". I also get "scam" texts w/misspelled words, "hard of hearing" or a "pastor" from out of state. I just delete them.

  • It's often hard to get people that are seeking nannies to respond to applications because they view profiles and does process of elimination. Money is usually the reason for lack of responses. Nannies that have been in the business for years are usually being over-looked because nanny seekers don't want to pay what they are worth. Upcoming nannies that are in between jobs, school or financial situations are more inclined to accepting lesser pay for more children and a heavier work load. Nannies that know their jobs and have longevity should always know their worth, in the end the nanny seekers will get what they pay for which may result in having multiple nannies because more money is required.

  • So ture !!! Have Applied for lots of jobs on the site I've only got two responses into years something is wrong !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, my name is Faith, I'm currently 17 years old. I'm a hostess at Carrabba's Italian Grill, currently looking for another job because I need more hours and want to be surrounded by a positive environment. I don't have my own car but have reliable transportation to and from work. I love being around kids, I watched all ages from newborns to 5 years old. I know how to potty train them, feed them and anything else they need. I am also willing to do house work, worked as a condo cleaner for two months. Know how to do everything. Can cook but not a lot of stuff. I'm very energetic and love to be outside. I'm a very independent, outgoing person. You can contact me on here or email me at HIDDEN

  • Yes!! The same thing happens to me too! I have applied to many pet sitting opportunities in hopes of being able to pet sit. Out of the many jobs I applied to, the only one I received a response from was by a lady who actually put her cell number onto the description so I texted her because I already suspected that she wouldn't get my application through I think we should email and tell them about this.

  • I did go to premium membership. That has not made any difference, accept now I get quicker replies of we went with someone else. It does get discouraging. I am considered older by most, I am a grandmother, but I have so much life experience, that looks like that would make a difference. I am discouraged but I have had 2 really good replies. I am volunteering at a shelter to see if I will get a job and I did find a company that hired me for a few hours a month as a dog walker/sitter.

  • I think the ppl just don't want to pay and they don't respond or follow~up bc why should we have to get a background check when you already don't have the money as is now?I think it's a waste of time and money.

  • I never get a job through I don't think they give my name to many people looking for a good caregiver. Wish they understood when I pay money to get a job I really need their help. If I do get as far as an interview, it is a job that no one else would take. Thanks for hearing me out! Sincerely, Linda D. .

  • Yikes! Reading all of the answers make me want to delete my profile. Now I'm more concerned about my personal information getting into the hands of scammers. I'm glad I didn't pay for a membership because it seems like a waste of money. I've had the same non responsive prospects.

  • And this is what I find frustrating; I'm desperately seeking a full time sitter. I just can't get any replies.

  • First time trying this out

  • I have been contacted a couple times about jobs but there was always something that seemed off about it and ultimately I didn't end up with employment. I also have had the problem of not having my applications responded to. I'm really not sure how I feel about this site.

  • Many times, I believe it's how you present yourself both on your profile and in your applications. I do take the time to at least let every applicant know I'm reviewing applications, but do be sure you've indicated in your response that you've thoroughly read the job posting to make sure you're a good fit from the start.

  • it is very frustrating put in an application for families and nobody is responding back to you I remember one time I have put out about 50 or 60 application on when I check it out it was only like four or three families view my profile and I was so frustrated and mad because it's hard to just get up every day and writing message for each and every family it takes ti cool looking for a job on we have to do background checks and all kind of stuff on this other people who can view your profile and they are not a member it's like an album and they need to get this it's like an album and they need to get this together just few days ago I got a parrot reach out to me since you looking for someone to start working for her to give her daughter because you had me about started so I replied back tonight for old is your daughter and can we do a phone interview are meet in person as she has not replied back to me

  • I have years of experience, excellent references and a good background check. I know there must be families out there who NEED ME, and yet, have not received a single response out of many applications sent. I did get two jobs in the past from this site, but this time - NOTHING. I am going elsewhere. I paid to upgrade so that I could contact the Childcare SEEKER directly, and received nothing in return. If you are searching for quality childcare, please look for my profile and contact me! Thank you.

  • i been on and have not had one person viwe my page or respon to any messges

  • Me either help!!!!!

  • I also have had no luck with any replies to my messages. I am no longer CPR/First aid certified, but have been there times in three different states and am willing to recertify. Over 20 years experienceexperience carig for kids,wih healthy meals and homework, from my siblings and cousins,to friend's/coworker's children and I have served in Americorp,by helping out our local daycares. One year of college for Elementary Education. I can bring my nephew if they would like to have play dates, or I can spend time with him after work. Flexible on all accounts with many skills and experience for child care,housekeeping,animal care,but still no replies. There are more families in his area that post jobs,than I would have thought. Possibly, they are the free automated posts,like mentioned by a previous care giver on this post. Can anyone help me find a site to try too?

  • I have applied for many jobs on this site and I only got 1 job and she said that it was $16/hr and when I got there she paid me $12.50/hr. The job only lasted 1 week. I have over 30 yrs experience in the medical field. I don't get it???? .

  • I'm 17, just graduated high school and want to continue watching kids, its very complicated to get hired on here, any other good sites?

  • I must say that I get a lot of emails from parents, agencies and such - I tend to reply within one day even though I always say no due to my hectic school schedule. I actually just recently started working for a wonderful family on Saturdays and Sundays that I met through I do have experience and great interest in special needs kids so that might be it for me (no CPR/First Aid - I'll probably look into it in a couple of months). I don't mind helping a child with homework, doing exercises prescribed by therapists, teaching manners, potty training, self-soothing etc - it's all part of a caregiver's/nanny's job! As far as bringing one's own child...well, I don't have children but if your child is older (probably 5-7 years old up), similar age to your charge, developmentally at a close level and personality-wise matching, I think it would be a wonderful thing! You may need to explain to parents during the interview the benefits of the situation (eg, improving social skills - you can even say that kids respond much better to their peers and your little one loves broccoli (if he/she does! Don't lie) which makes it much more likely your charge will eat hers/his and actually proclaim new found love for the green 'baby trees'!). They may or may not like it, especially at the start when they are just getting to know you, but finding a good match is just as important for the family as it is for the nanny! Remember, interview is not just for the parents to decide if they like you, it's also the time for you to decide if you like them! Raising children involves a lot of open communication between parents and nannies so if you don't feel you can do that then it will only get harder!

  • Hi I'm Zandria and I applied like 20 times and no one hasn't write back to me. I been babysitting for 9 years I can watch 10 children a one time. I tried to make a video with my good camream and good lighting and did not expect my video. I loosing faith on getting a job. Even the people that don't even ask for much like 5 sentence and still don't reply. What can I do?

  • I'm guessing that the non-members who are posting jobs seeking child care are the ones that have little to no information about the job and don't have a picture up of the family . I have applied to a few of these and no responses at all which now makes sense , they are not able to respond to my applications . This is quite frustrating how are we supposed to get ahold of them or vice versa ?

  • I am trying to apply for A housekeeping position profile and I do not know how please help

  • Do the people posting the jobs KNOW that they have to be a paid member to answer the people that are applying for the job????

  • Care. Com is a wast of time, I think it's stupid and dishonest, they doesn't give what they promise, I spend my precious time writing out many many resume and I have not one reply, or I job offer,

  • I had multiple responses for a job before I even got one posted! But nobody is responding to my responses, as of day two. That is odd.

  • I have filled out at least 30 applications. I have a lot going against me, I'm a college student so I'm leaving in the summer and I don't have as much experience as other people. However I have a lot going for me. I have a background of some childcare/nanny services, I have a vast knowledge about infants, toddlers and children. I love animals, am CPR certified and first aid trained and I am willing to work really at any time. I am just getting kind of depressed because I have contacted all of these people who want summer positions and I never get a response. Is there anything else I can try?

  • I have been on this site for three years. I was hired for a job that lasted 2 1/2 years however every time I tried to get an additional job or recently a new job I CANNOT get a response from ANYONE! I think this is suspicious since I am a mature, experienced caregiver with great reviews and reccomendations. I have thought of 'upgrading' but think 'why should I have to upgrade just to be considered for a job?' you should be better than that!!!

  • I'm having the same issue although i haven't paid for the background check yet. I know that I'm only 16 but I'm very responsible and have always had to watch over younger siblings and family members and never had a situation yet that I feel I couldn't handle. It's so difficult to keep applying to people who need babysitters and never get a response.

  • I agree with you all. The only contact I have received is from a scammer moving her from Australia. I upgraded to premium and it hasn't helped either. It sounds like maybe there are way too many providers and not enough people searching for care. If 50 people send applications to someone who needs care, then obviously your odds of getting a job are slim. needs to do a better job of matching up caregivers with those that need care and not just throwing them all together like this. I have applied many times for pet care positions and never heard from any real people. I will not renew unless I get some jobs from this. I am even high up on the list of care providers and still nothing, it is ridiculous. should handle this like HomeAdvisor and send 3 providers a family's information and let them contact the family and the family decides which of the 3 they want to hire. Then we would have a 1 in 3 chance vs a 1 in 50 chance of being hired.

  • I'm having the same problem. I have submitted many applications but no responses. I joined the premium package for six months and don't feel it has helped at all. I continue to get texts on my phone but don't understand how people are getting my number.

  • I have yet received any replies from any of the jobs; I applied for. I have been on here for three years.

  • I also have submitted many applications and with over 30 years of experience and the educational and training. backgroundbackground and maltreatment and driving records are clean. So what's up?

  • I have been on since February I have put in for more than 60 jobs & have only had 2 employers to respond. I have over 7 years of experience working with seniors. And 9 years working with the mentally ill & the mentally retarded, 7 of my years was with The Department of Health and Human Services of North Carolina so I know that I am more than qualified for senior care & special needs jobs.

  • Hi I register with since Feb 2015. Email 10 families that live around my area. Only 2 reply back. I register with other website including the free and very popular one and I got so many reply! Now I care for one baby girl (3 months old) at my place 3 times a week and another 5 months old baby girl every Tuesday and Thursday. This 5 months old baby is from CARE,com. Another parents with 4 weeks old baby want me to care for their son full time. Another parents with 4 months old baby girl want me to care for their daughter 10 hours a week. I had to decline this two job. :( In my opinion it's hard to get hire if you have small baby.

  • I would like to also post that I too was propositioned with a "too good to be true" job offer. I was going for the best but after reading another post about sending a large sum for an errand and contacted by text not through the English that was emailed was not written by someone fluent and they said they couldn't call because they were hard of hearing. Haven't heard back since I am explained I do not go to an actual bank.

  • I am new to Care. I have not gotten much of a bite yet either. I think it is because of where of live. There is huge pop of older people. The area is very lower middle class. A lot of people can't afford a sitter much less the site itself. I have just bought cards to hand out to prospective parents. I was at a dinner party just recently and I talked about being a sitter on this site. The parents wanted my number and I wrote it down for them. I decided it would be more professional to have cards made by Vistaprint. I put my number, address, email and the web address to my care profile on the cards. Probably the number one reason I have not gotten the job is transportation. I have a license, but I choose not to drive. But this is now motivation for me to drive again.

  • I just received a Email (from my personal account) stating a person with a ad I responded to wanted to run a background check on me. I looked at the form and didn't see a payment method. Does that mean the person is footing the cost? Or eventually I will have to pay.

  • Why can't there be two's? One for nannies and another for in home babysitting? I want to watch a few children in my home and most of what I see in is for nannies...


  • Pls go to job posting area..I am looking to hire a full time housekeeper/mother's helper. I have had very few to reply. I think this website has a lot of technical glitches.

  • This is my second time trying this site out, and I find it horrible. It isn't set up to benefit either party it seems. And trying to scam money out of both sides seems ridiculous. I agree that it is not my responsibility to obtain the background check. I absolutely believe they should be done, and my record is clean, however, like an earlier post mentioned, this seems to be the only job where the employee has to pay for something other companies and services would purchase themselves. I have an excellent résumé, proper grammar, and I am literally available, WHENEVER. I've applied to 40+ jobs this time around, and nothing. I agree, there should at least be a one click, "no thanks" the families can send. Can anyone tell me though, why my applications say pending approval? It's that from the family or itself? That made me wonder if they were getting my applications. I've also noticed, care doesn't clean out postings that are past the date, especially on date nights and pet sitting jobs which are obviously firm start dates.

  • I not only use to promote myself. I use different websites also. I also use doctors offices as well. I have got an immediate response to my application and was hired off of You can also use word of mouth. Its all about promoting yourself. This is just to get started.

  • Raise your hourly rate and you will get plenty of responses

  • I am also using another sitter site along with this one. My experience as an artist on Etsy has taught me not to put all my eggs in one basket.

  • HI yes I am have 10 plus years of childcare experience everything from nanny , babysitter , tutor ,cheer coach .i have child development units .I work part time at the YMCA .

  • I understand why parents don't want Caregivers to bring their kids to their homes. Why would they? You're supposed to be working for them,not bringing your family along to mingle with theirs! If they agree,then great for you! But also, I think , if they do agree,then their pay rate quoted should be lowered,because you will also have Childcare for your child, on their watch,so to speak. It's unthinkable to think these families should hire you AND you bring your kids...and you think they are being the unreasonable ones? Not! If they are so generous,then I figure,you are very lucky to have them! Also,very selfish to think otherwise!

  • I am not getting many responses either and I am highly qualified to care for children. I don't know what more I need to do to get responses?

  • Same boat need a job to work around my schedule so can go on trips and work not be tied down with weekly schedule like most job and good at babysitting dog care sitting at there house have roomatea and housecleaning noone responds to to applications at all what gives the job market that bad?

  • I've been on this site for over 5 years and the only response I've gotten are through text. They usually tell me to respond to an email address for further information, about the job,which is always a scam, claiming to be moving into my area and sending me money to pay for the apartment and my first week pay or sending me money to buy medical equipment because its cheaper where I live. Whatever the reason all scam!!!!!

  • i have the same problem no one ever responds to me and if they do they do not follow up so many times they have asked for an interview and never get back with me i find it so weird i thought i was the only one

  • finding a job right now is very difficult i am a single mother, and i only want to work a full time job, and is so damn more stuff i have to filled before was very busy to find a job, right now is not an easy option, it is not fair to pay for finding a job is so not fair. all i want is to find a job

  • I have found many times that even when you apply, I never get a response. Perhaps in lieu of forcing all posters to be a paying member, Care should include a 'response' click button. O No thank you. O We have already filled the position, etc. At least we would know that someone was at least looking at what we spend time thinking about and sending.

  • I have put Application after Application in for in home cleaning. I have not got one reply. I have followed up with the person looking for help and still nothing. I am but just got to be a paid member, and the first back ground check, so lets hope that helps. Good Luck To You All.

  • When I want to edit my profile I'm having a very hard time doing that and also putting the facts and that I would like a background check but yet I do not feel it is My responsibility! I have reached out to just about every one on my list in my inbox and have not received any kind of answers back! I am excellent what I do I have been raised by a huge Italian family with many children grandchildren etc. plus I have been a single mother my entire life just about. I have great people skills and I am very good at multitasking . That is if I even get an interview which is extremely frustrating since I am basically a mile away or a few more not many. I have known car own my own home and I would so love to give all of my attention and my care to anyone who needs my service. I am very upbeat and positive and I am myself which when I get the chance to meet With a potential client is very frustrating when you answer an ad and including many many other ads and not one person will get back to you. I have paid for six months on the site which I heard was a very good site. If I am looked over and answer my clients that I am willing and able to have an interview at any time at their convenience. I feel the respect Should at least be so answer me back if you do not care for my services and you have made an opinion of me without even getting to know me. I am A young woman in her 50s who actually has the ability to do more then a 20-year-old. I have no problem giving personal information to a potential client I'm not willing to put them all out here on the site if someone is not interested in me. If you want a background check I will gladly be able to provide you with plenty of upstanding citizen In Las Vegas or New York my references are excellent! So let me understand why there are no responses??

  • I've responded to approx. 20 job offers and have been offered one position so far... Don't get discouraged... Just keep trying! You'll find something eventually! I do agree re: the background check... I think that should be up to our potential employers to pay for!

  • While I have gotten answers but the people that email me sounds like spam artist. And I'm not feeling like accepting their offer even though the pay sounds like heaven. Up to $18 to $30 an hour sounds unrealistic. Then the families share my email address to other families to get me as while. I have a problem with that & it needs to be fixed. I am a legit babysitter & loves children;however, that's why I don't foul with I go out and promoted myself for jobs and here lately I been receiving a lot of offers and calls even getting hired at a daycare center. And asked my manager could I advertise my sitter signs in the daycare for weekends and appointments only and that been success. But most families want you to have a background check on your profile. I have heard this from several families on

  • I can't get anyone to answer to my applications. I can't figure out how to get my phone email or anything else "verified" for my profile even though they send me emails all the time. I actually posted on a swap n shop site that I was looking for these jobs and I had someone message me about it. I told them to check out my profile and they tried and it wouldn't let him view it without making a profile himself and then after he made one he still couldn't view it. I sent him a message on here to try n verify that ppl r even getting my messages n he never got the message. I'm starting to believe that this site is a fricken scam to get ppl to sign up so they can send out emails n make money off of the amount of emails sent. I also agree on the background check. I feel that if an employer wants one they should pay for it.

  • There is something that doesn't feel right about this site. I seldom receive a response from any of those who I apply with; however, I do get requests to apply from people who have nanny jobs, generally not what I'm looking for. I have even followed up with a few that I've applied with to find out whether they are still looking for a nanny and not gotten responses. I have clicked on the names of those posting jobs, and it does lead to a page about the family, showing when they became members, so I'm not aware that non-members can and do post here.

  • I was having this problem too in the beginning.  When I would apply to jobs, I would never hear back from the person posting the job and it was frustrating. I kinda understand that the person posting the job is receiving LOTS of applicants, but it would be nice if they even respond with a "sorry the position has been filled" so we at least know  our applications are being received.  A new feature on the phone App is now it lists how many applications have been received for each job posting which is nice seeing what the competition is for the posting.

    The best way that I started getting jobs was working for a family a couple times, then they referred me to other families and that new family referred me to someone else, etc.  Apply and take a few "one time only" jobs and thats when you start getting referred. That one referral can eventually lead to a full-time position.  I am at the point from referrals that I cannot take anymore jobs at this point.  

    NIKI - Alexandria MN. I have no idea how long ago you posted your "verified" problem because there is no date on it, but the 'verified' is under the 'profile & settings" under "My"  And if you down the road change your email address, you have to go through the veritified process again.

  • I'm 16 and I've applied for at least 40 jobs, and only 8 have replied.

  • I've found many great parents on Care. I do pay the $20 a month, check jobs daily , submit applications , respond to messages, have a basic background check etc. I also post on other sites like US and SC . Do you have a video?

  • I'm actively interviewing and what stands out in applicants is the following:

    a) Picture on the site

    b) References

    c) Verified phone number and email

    d) Specifics regarding the type of job you would like to have.... Are you only interested in babysitting/playing or are you also interested in housekeeping?  Can you cook?  What time are you available?  (Calendar filled out showing time availability) Will you do laundry in your spare time?  Are you interested in specific age groups? 

    e) Specifics about your experience.  E.g., with what age groups you are experienced, how long you have worked for each family, are you able to provide references. Can you speak multiple languages and help with Spanish, French, etc. homework?

    f) Proper grammar/spelling (within reason - minor errors or informal shortcuts can be overlooked)

    g) Location.  Must live reasonably close by as there is a lot of traffic in our area.

    Hope that is useful. For what it is worth, I've contacted multiple applicants and they don't always reply.  I am replying to everyone that contacts me with specifics if we decide the person is not a good fit for the job.


    • HIDDEN Seems the only jobs I get offered are not what I need such as live-ins., or jobs no one else will do…..Hope something comes soon as I can’t afford to keep paying and not getting a job! Thanks, Linda
  • It seems as though we need to boycott. I am relocating to a new area and I am needing to find new clients, not one is able to respond. The whole "Upgrade now to unlock your application so Stephen can reply," is a bit ridiculous. 

  • should be clear that if you do not pay, you can post but no exchange of communication or connection with whoever. Yes they can see you but what for then? Of course nothing is for free but I guess none of these posters realized that.

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