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Lack of Responses from Applications?

Does anyone else have this same problem? Is it because I'm not premium account or? I thought was the best source for finding care jobs? I'm not even sure the people who I'm applying to are even getting the messages.


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  • So it works both ways for the Premium membership. You may have paid $20 for a month for the access. But the Parents or families ALSO have to do that in order to directly respond to you. Some of them may not even see your messages. It's totally not you. I still have not found a good way around that, short of posting your phone number on your profile. Or making it so that people viewing your profile have the option to see your phone number.

    • HIDDEN What I have done is when I am applying for a job, I put my contact information in the information about me area. A prompt comes up telling me I am giving out too much information, but I still leave my number in there. I have had one lady call me direct and one schedule everything through At least this way I feel I have put my information out there for them to see. If is then up to them to respond.
    • HIDDEN is just as much as a scammer as those who use the information to text you a job offer so you can put their check in your account. I have been playing the game with these people for over a year and every scammer got the info from and where I live at we have many on the scam list and the police wall. So be even careful of those who offer the service but do not explain their whole role. THey are out to make money also. But for them to tell you about the two party payment means they will not get clients.
    • HIDDEN Yes, they are I am always applying for a job An haven’t gotten anywhere. An wow, go figure they r suppose to have a good rate. Yea, right, please don’t believe to fully in this site, it’s all a scam.
    • HIDDEN Everything the other job seekers are saying is so true! Don’t give any money it won’t get you a better chance for a job. Actually I really think this web site is a scam too! I’ve been on this web site for well over 8months and know very well I am qualified actually over qualified and nothing, Really people it’s a waste of your good time. I am trashing this site.
    • HIDDEN It doesn’t look like anyone is even able to see that I’m applying. I signed up for the 1 month trial. Think I’ll check local sites that don’t require membership.. very disappointing
    • HIDDEN I am having the same problem and I feel like they scammed me for the background check and the 20 dollars a month! I don’t understand why they want access to my Facebook contacts. I will cancel as soon as my 20 dollars runs out!
  • without a subscription, the people cannot reply back to you. I'm not sure if they can even read your message or application. Also, you can't give them your phone number or anything in the message.

    • HIDDEN so basically this website is a waste of time and effort. got it.
    • HIDDEN It didn’t used to be like this. This has to be a pretty recent development where they have cheaped out and made it impossible to use the site without paying money in order to make money. So sad. A lot of people are missing out on great care providers!
    • HIDDEN

      I have never paid for a Premium membership, but I have gotten several jobs through It has definitely changed within the last year or so - I got no responses to any of my job applications when I reactivated my account sevwral months ago. I knew something was wrong because I had never had that problem before, and I was perfectly qualified fir everything I applied to. One or two non-responses I would understand, but 10? No way. I was ready to give up when suddenly parents started contacting me first. I believe they have to pay to be able to do that, but I have still paid nothing.

      The one thing I’ve learned is never to show your number on your profile. The minute you do you’ll start receiving spam texts several times per week. It’s always obvious that it’s spam, but it’s so annoying. I reported all the numbers and messages to and their response was a canned one about not sharing personal info and not accepting wire transfers. Yeah, no kidding.

    • HIDDEN So i’v only been on here for a month and no one has looked at my profile and no response from any applications.why can’t I put my phone number or email in the messages I paid for this.
  • I have  been using for 9 months and have not received one job offer out of the 1000 applications I have sent. I am on the sight everyday and my profile is up to date.  Except I have no "Rating" and no "Reviews."  I have made numerous failed attempts to "request a review" from previous pet care clients that I have worked for in the past.  Every attempt resulted in the sight stating "an unknown error occurred." I have emailed for assistance (because there is no phone# for and was told to clear out my browser history in the search engine.  This has not fixed the problem.  I have 21 fantastic references that cant post a "review" or give me a rating to my profile.  This has been an enormous amount of wasted time and effort. I am thoroughly disappointed and pissed off! is a Big Rip Off!!!!

    • HIDDEN Well i live in ny look me up ill do ur date nights for 12 and hour
    • HIDDEN I am a single mom just looking for a cleaning job and I would expect at least $10 an hour that would be fair but depending on the size of the room in the size of the house would depend on the pitch but I think the average housekeeper in Maine makes about 10 to $13 an hour
    • HIDDEN The same thing has been happening to me. I am very frustrated with this site.
    • HIDDEN

      Geez, I thought it was just me. In the past year, I’ve only gotten 2 responses. Of course, with my luck, one was not convenient for me. The other, on the other hand, was, but the message came through my text alerts. I answered the guy back on the site, and formally applied and never heard a thing back. I also get very generic texts saying if I’m interested in helping someone out to email them at an address that’s always The texts are never from the actual person that needs help with pet care. I am extremely confused. I texted one back and asked how they got my info, as is the only site I’m on. I do get regular texts that say “New job in our area….” But I have no idea what these other texts are. I tried emailing a few times with no response back to ask them if people can find me and send me texts personally, although my phone number is hidden. I have excellent references, a background check available, apply like crazy, and haven’t gotten a job yet. I can’t seem to understand what the problem is. Getting really frustrated. My sister used a few years ago for nanny jobs and had the best luck.

    • HIDDEN I’m so sorry this is happening to so many people but at the same time I’m glad to learn it’s not just me! I have changed my profile so many times and since no one has viewed it , not one person, not for even a half of second , not even by accident! Ugh, never dreamed this would be so frustrating! I hope better luck comes our way!! Shelly
  • I haven't had one response i've applied to a lot of the jobs. Also i've noticed that some of the jobs posted are old 

    • HIDDEN It takes time I didn’t pay membership fees, so it’s taken time. I started working with my first client 2 months ago, and been following the step reference check background check it really is step by step can get frustrating just landed my second client. And have had a few request for interviews..hopefully this helps Lena R.
    • HIDDEN First of all you may have paid on your end but the receivers have not so 2 can not meet. Try typing in petsitting and see what you get for in my area many of us have been burnt by by the scammer who tagged them for info. Or look into other job sites like Indeed or SnagAJob. or hang flyers in stores, poles, laundromat or get a few cards made up and ask those on the street to pass them out or even bartenders.
  • I just jointed the site yesterday and applied to 3 jobs, received messages back from all 3 people and were unable to read them, I am assuming that i cannot read or reply to these messages because I have not upgraded to a paid account.

    • HIDDEN I joined because I received messages back and couldn’t read them until I paid for the month then it shows you the message you sent out nothing sent back.
    • HIDDEN Hi ok I have applied to a lot of jobs as well and I did know that were seeing my messages so today I applied to another job I sent it then went to my message box and thay had sent me a message now I can’t read any of them so I went to each one of the messages I got and tryed to see if i could make out the it said and it looks like all of the messages are saying the same thing I think the message are comming from
    • HIDDEN I am so glad to hear someone admit they received a scam. Yes pay us and put in a ad and we will post it and you will receive replies but nothing for the person who wants to answer gets the same message. Read their contract before joining to protect yourself. Be careful with what you get into.
    • HIDDEN We absolutely Love air popped popcorn with coconut oil drizzled over the top. And, of course, sea salt! Yum!!
    • HIDDEN When you apply to a job and you think you are getting a message back but the site reads to “update your account to Premium so you can read it” don’t do it! I updated to premium so I could read it the “messages” afterward it was the message I sent for the job. They only make it appear that there is a message from the other person so you will pay. So far I also believe this site is a scam.
  • I haven't had any problems with this site and I've been using it on and off for a while. I got some good jobs but I am still looking for a full time job. It does take patience that's for sure because this is a really crowded field. I have tried just about all the sites out there and by far is the best for me. Good luck! :)

    • HIDDEN You are so lucky, lets see 1 out of 15 people had something good to say about and one of the good reports stated he did get a job at first but now nothing. Maybe you are one of the scammers trying to make this company sound good to fool people. To believe they are good and they hire people who know no better and need a job to do what they want as they make money but hurt the ones who trust them or work for them. Sounds like the mafia. Look around you as who gets hired and who do not. As for those who get hired what do they have to do at their job to get a paycheck compared to the profit the stockholders make. Excuse me for what I say but slavery is still in this country the government just put another name to it. Like my white family history compared to the African Black, my ancestors came on ships dying, sick, homeless, sold by their family for food for the family. Raped, forced to have the child for cheap labor. But now these people use a company to try to make people steal money for those who think they are getting a job but they just want to steal their money and do not care if that person goes to jail. What do they say, history repeats itself, those ahead just change it TO GO WITH THE FLOW , and they do not care if the person who is doing the scam is hurt either.
    • HIDDEN I have 11 yrs experience, it was had at first because I worked 1 on 1 in there home with them and there families… you play so many rolls to play in that setting … but I also found it very rewarding as well .
    • HIDDEN I haven’t had any problems with this site.
    • HIDDEN Oh wow
    • HIDDEN I have been a part time housekeeper for 8 plus years. My profession is making medicine for some very prominent pharmaceutical companies. I started using in December and haven’t received any jobs but I haven’t received any scams either. I am not going to pay for any upgrades because word of mouth has helped me. I say this because I have chose to clean full time. The web is a wonderful tool and is one of the very few tools. Looks to be more cons than pros. I will give it 6 months and delete my page. Good luck every one.
  • It works patience is exactly what you'll need it took me almost two months to get any responses and had already forgot I had created my account, but then out of nowhere i get a message asking for a phone and face interview landed the job, I've had two other job interviews still waiting on response

  • How do you know if anyone has viewed your profile? Or how many times it's been viewed?

    • HIDDEN If you go to stats,they Wil tell you
    • HIDDEN Thank you. I’ll check. If there’s nobody viewing, I’m going to be very discouraged.
    • HIDDEN thank you, everything is not easy to navigate, seems like there would be more infor for prem members thanks everyone for the post
    • HIDDEN You have to pay to view
  • The families are getting your applications, they are choosing not to respond. I have this same problem. They are not responding because you are African American, which is the very same reason I don't get responses. I have over 15yrs experience, a great education, great references, and a 5 star rating and yet still, crickets.....

    • HIDDEN I dont think its a race issue. I’m white, college educated, experienced, and good references….crickets here, too. And plenty of other people on this site (white) are having issues with no responses as well. Hang in there and be persistent. Don’t give up! Good luck to all of us!
  • I got an error message when I tried to request a review through my phone and laptop. The person who tried to submit my review got an error message too. Its hard enough to request a review. How irritating that wasted my time and my previous employer's time.

  • I think it just takes patience.  I'm pretty new here too and still learning how the site works but the more involved I am, the better chance I have of getting an interview and finding a job is what I figure.

    • HIDDEN When you apply to a job the family can send you messages in response to your application and you can reply to them. You can send messages back and forth that way but you cannot contact employers directly unless you are premium. Also you and the employer both must be primium if you want to read and respond to each others messages that aren’t connected to an application. I have heard that families who aren’t primium can only view a certain number of applications so they must delete some in order to view new ones. I don’t know if that is true since I’ve never tried to hire someone on here before.
  • It takes a lot of patience. Try making an account on Sittercity too.

  • I am just beginning with the process as well. Have have received one review but has sent a request out to two more people I have done pet care for in the past.  I hope they respond.  I have been applying for pet care jobs but have also had no response.  It seems as if you need to keep doing more so that you will get a chance to seen by clients looking for your services.  I moved up a level but now it gives me a list of additional steps it wants me to do before I can move up to the next level.  And of course, some of these steps include paying more out of my pocket.

    • HIDDEN I finally received two responses to jobs on I had two phone interviews and I was hired by one tonight. I should hear from the other lady tomorrow. I applied for many positions over the past few weeks with little response back and I am fully qualified with insurance and have references but it seems like a lot of people did not call me at first. It seems as if you do more on then you move up and then you get seen by more people. You have to work on at this to make it work for you. I was getting frustrated, too. Do not give up.
    • HIDDEN I finally had a lady contact me to do a phone interview. I did that then she said she wanted to talk to a few additional pet care providers before setting up interviews. Well it has been over a week, so I called her today to follow up. Here she said she is just overwhelmed. So at least I am not out of the running. I told her my name again and told her if she was still interested that I would like to meet with her and her dog. I am hoping since I followed up and did not give up that she will call me back this week to set up a meeting. Do give up and try to follow up if the situation allows for it.
    • HIDDEN I MEAN: do not give up and try to follow up if the situation allows for it.
  • Does anyone know of another website that doesnt push you to spend money in order to make money?

    • HIDDEN
    • HIDDEN Tilex mold and mildew remover. Turn on the bathroom fan, spray liberally and walk away. Come back in an hour with a scrub brush if needed. Be sure to rinse before you shower again.
    • HIDDEN You are not alone. When I first joined a year and a half ago I too was unsuccessful with getting jobs. I figured it had a lot to do with the type of membership I had and my lack of references. My budget was tight so I could not afford the big package (if you know what I mean). We all know that it does not take a degree to learn how to clean. Cleaning is something that we all had to endure at any point and time in our lives as a child, parenting, spouses, and employment. So I made a decision not to renew. After one year away from I met with a team of executive business owners who showed me how to earn an extra income simply by just changing where I shop and get paid for it. I was so excited because in doing this I got to purchase all of my cleaning products and equipment from myself and get paid . Excitedly I signed up again with and this time upgraded my membership and am so eager to show my clients how well my environmentally friendly cleaning products works. Sadly to say that I am getting the same non-responses no matter how many jobs I applied for. I tried changing my bio a few days ago and hopes this helps. The good thing is that I was able to give a free cleaning demonstration to a local cleaning company and they became a customer instead of a client and I got paid. Since my membership is paid up I will stay with until it runs out in hopes that hings would get better and I can pick up a few clients.
  • I paid for the membership for over a year and got nothing.  The only people that contacted me had me confused with a charity service.  Sorry I have bills to pay too.

  • I have the same issue as well.

    I apply, no response besides 1 whom looked and turned down. Which at least was a response. It seems they hire but do not remove listing kim

    • HIDDEN I hope you have better luck.
    • HIDDEN Before you reply look at the date of the listing for this is a problem of all job sites. Though the posting on your site maybe a day or 2, look for when it was posted which is at the bottom of the info page. But be careful of all job sites that offer onsite info about private contacts. Read the info carefully. There are scammers out there looking for people wanting and needing a job. IF they send you a text but want an email-punch in the number in your browser to see where it came from,if not from your area-IT IS A SCAM. If they want to pay you with a cashier’s check with instruction to take out your pay. IT IS A SCAM. What happens is you put that check in your bank or anyone’s account and withdraw money, THEY GOT YOU!!!!!! They got money that was not their’s for the check was no good. YOU are liable for that check for the amount it was made out for, you will be arrested for not only check fraud but also money laundrying , and any law suit involved with your connection to that case. And if you are new here you can be sent back to your country. I just want you all know about this company though it started out good is now a contact point for used people to try to get others to give up money with the hope of the golden road but instead they were striped to nothing.
  • Good morning.

    I am having the same issue with no responses. I've paid for both a background and motor vehicle check. I've earned the CarePro badge, have excellent references and a background with tons if experience and I have yet to be selected for employment.

    My eldest daughter referred me to this site, because she picked up a job here a couple of years ago. I read the reviews and it seems that a great number of people are having the same problems with no responses and scammers.

  • I am just beginning this process and hope it all works well

  • Close to a month ago I did the upgrade for $20.00. I submitted over 40 applications and heard from only 3 people. After I responded to them, they didn't respond again so I was left in limbo after getting excited I might've landed a job. I eventually did hear from the best family ever but they didn't even post their job, they just contacted me directly. Yesterday I discontinued my credit card info on so they don't charge me again for maintaining the "upgrade" service. I don't think it did anything but give care.fom money. They need to make some adjustments bc everyone posting has the same complaint! Very frustrating.

    • HIDDEN

      I do agree with you on that, they need to fix that. I honestly think it’s because there are SO MANY people out there looking for the same jobs.

  • I didn't pay for anything and I receive response from people. I do apply for a lot of position and only hear from a few. I think the site needs a little more work or maybe because I'm free I'm experiencing problems lol

  • I have the same feeling and it's a little discouraging, but I still apply and try. 

  • I have had the same issue and I am super qualified, have references which are posted and have gone through both MV check and background check.  I find it's hard to land a job here.  I landed two which are still steady customer's of mine but, that's it.  I am going to opt out soon if I don't get anymore.  I also find it unfair that people can leave a review because they didn't like what you quoted them as an unfair price and it lowers your rating.  Definitely not a satisfied customer.

  • I have reviews, references, work history, a premium paid membership and no one is even viewing my profile.  If parents can't respond without paying, what is the point of a "free" membership?  Are all the applications I'm sending going to free accounts and therefore it's a waste of my time and money to even be on this site??

  • No offense but it sounds like you might work for You're so far, the only person who has had luck. You have to pay to upgrade in Order for a family to view your profile and vice versa. I'm sorry if I'm out of line but I think needs to be upfront with people before they create a profile that they need to pay for an upgrade. People sign on looking for a job bc they need money, so paying for an upgrade initially is a strain.

    • HIDDEN

      Hello, No offense taken but let me say no I do not work for You can see for yourself though that the way I carry myself speaks volumes:). I only commented in hopes of giving others some ideas of how to land a gig as well as to show that they should keep trying. It doesn’t happen over night so you have to be patient and driven to succeed. I have not upgraded my account in any way. I do not have a motor vehicle check or background check but I still manage to find amazing gigs with amazing people. I want that for everyone and I’ve taken notes of what a family looks for in a sitter so I figured I would share them with everyone else. I wish you luck in your search and if I could be in any help please let me know :).

  • I have had no messages or responses when I apply. I have not upgraded either. When I talked to a friend of mine, she's gotten only 1 response as well. I don't want to pay for something if it's not going to be any better than this.

    • HIDDEN

      Please drop me from this thread as I have closed my account.. 

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  • I don't know of any.  But if anyone is out there who would like to share please let us know.  Not sure even if all our questions get published at this point! What does the Premium membership have to do with the fact that people look at you more??? Not sure how that works but I am premium and I am not getting anything!!!

    • HIDDEN From what I can gather through the help page, which is located at the bottom of your profile it puts you higher in the search results for caregivers. For instance, say a potential family is looking for a caregiver but may not want to put up a ad so that they do not have to pick through undesired candidates. If you purchased a premium membership your profile is displayed higher in the search results even if you are a brand new memeber, which increases your chances that a family will pick you before possibly seeing a more desirable or more qualified candidate. However, I’ve also noticed that the more families that mark you as hired through puts you higher in the search results as well. I hope this helps:)!
  • I have the same problem and why should we have to pay to be a member of this site and the people who are wanting services also. I apply for jobs but never hear anything back it's a waste of time in my eyes. Also I did see one person on here in my area that's a fog walker dragging a dog and then hang it in the air from its leash. So I guess if you pay for premium they don't care who you are or if you even know what you are doing. This girl could not handle a 25 pound dog and was abusing it in public so imagine what she does when no one is around!? But because I haven't paid for premium I don't get any response to the same jobs and I have very good references and know how to handle the situation differently! She has no business being a pet care provider

  • I am in Utah and am having the same problem as everyone else.  It's not just the lack of responses, it's also the lack of anyone even looking at my profile even though I jumped through all the hoops.  I would think that the people behind the jobs I applied to would at least look at my profile, which is why I feel as if I've simply thrown my money down a black hole - that is apparently just a money pit rather than a service to help people find employment.  When I first joined, it was not made clear that you have to upgrade in order to see responses to your applications, which to me is rather underhanded.  It feels like they are preying on anyone using the site to find employment or to find employees.

    • HIDDEN

      I totally agree. I used it a few years ago and I thought it was great but I feel they have changed things and getting lack of responses. I am thinking that everyone doesn’t realize you have to pay to respond to anyone. I am very disappointed and feel I am wasting money also.

  • is also a place you kind get no membership required

    • HIDDEN Sometimes a cat will do that to get your attention about something. He could just be telling you that he isn’t happy about a recent change in the house, or the cat could have a health problem and he is telling you that he doesn’t feel right and needs to go to the vet soon for testing. (Anything from a bladder infection to kidney issues )
  • I only accept cash

  • This is the same problem i'm having. I donr have transportation which makes it that much harder to find a job

  • I think we are all having the same issue. Maybe someone from will read these responses and look deeper into fixing the problem. There's a lot of people that need employment and a lot of people looking to hire so hopefully this will get into the right hands

  • No your not alone I'm having the exact situation!

  • It's staggering, how many people are all going through the same problems. So much so that you can't really say it's all bad luck. I guess all we can really do is find a new site or try to change our profiles.....

  • I hear all the time that gets spam messages.

    • HIDDEN

      Not EVERY person on care is a scammer. I’ve had jobs on here that are real just like I’m real. Yes like with all the baby sitting sites you do get some scammers but everytime I reported it to care it’s been taken care of right away.

  • I have yet to have anyone respond to my applications but, I have had resume responses from my profiles. I'm in the process of being hired through a third party agency.

  • Hello Babysitters/Nannies,

    I personally found that I've had a great experience with but I can see that many of you have not so I figured I would try to help you guys land a fantastic care gig with a amazing family. I started using when I was a college student and I cared for many families through  After graduating from college, I decided to no longer babysit so that I could take some time to myself but then noticed something was missing.  I attempted to log into my previous account but I was unsuccessful so I made a new one with just a basic profile.  I've noticed that many of you said you've had issue contacting families or getting responses from families with just this type of profile but I have not had any issue getting any response and maybe this is why.... I made sure that I went in depth when it came to the passion I have for children, information about myself, and the importance of not seeing my clients as just a paycheck.  I have a full time job that I enjoy so babysitting is something I do because I truly find pleasure in it. In the last month I've had over nine different clients that I've interviewed with and landed a babysitting job with through  I only apply to ads that I believe may be a good fit for me and I make sure to proff read each response before sending it to the family requesting care.  I've had the pleasure of making great first impression with many clients and as a result I have numerous clients that have booked dates all the way until June of next year.  Many families are looking for caregivers whom are willing to stick and a become another remember of their family.  They want caregivers who will love, guide, and help raised their children in a way that will help them to be loving and compassionate members of society one day. It is important to realize that just like searching for any other job you must present yourself in a way that will make a family feel as though you are a perfect fit for them.  It is also important that you meet the family before caring for their child(ren) for the first time to make sure that not only are they finding a person who fits their family but also that you feel as though that family is a family you want to babysit for.  Ask questions that market how resourceful you are as a babysitter (i.e. does the child have any allergies, does the child have any behavioral problems you should be aware of and if so is it ok to pick their child in time out, etc.).  Ask the child what he or she likes to do so that you can be prepared to properly engage with the child if you land the care gig and you accept the families offer.  If you land the job then do not forget to go back to and mark this family as a family that hired you and please ask the family to confirm that they hired you through  This will show on your page which will help you land other babysitting gigs.   I highly suggest logging in numerous times a day and applying to only the jobs that really interest you.  Make sure that you read not only the job positing but to make sure that you check to see if they family has written a brief description about themselves.  This will allow you to have a better gag of if you really want to apply to this job.  Also, ask a friend or a family member to look over your profile for grammatical errors and ask them to make suggestions on how you can stick out more to each family.  After all this is done do not forget to ask your previous clients for reviews.  Reviews/rating is very important to families seeking childcare providers.  Your reviews shows potential clients that other families have trusted you to care for their children and you've not only met their expectations but you excelled in the care that you offered them.  Keep following these steps and you will land a amazing position with a loving family in no time:).  Good luck!!!!!

    • HIDDEN Thanks for your advice.
    • HIDDEN You’re welcome and I wish you luck in your search:)!
  • I have been payng the 20 a month responds are horrible I wish Care would work on their tech and put in a decline button or a check that we know it got opened, also when you respond to some one a few times, why cant care fx messages so your whole resume isn't sent time and time again, its very hard to read messages. if care needs a tech guy i have one that can fx all.  these for you . I don't find the site easy to use. and even harder on my cell phone. sorry but its the truth. why not do some local ads in papers , local tv, make us want to belong to a very the place to find care givers . 

  • I've been following this thread from the beginning and it's been really interesting to see the responses it gets. I haven't been able to identify any kind of pattern to who does and doesn't seem to be able to get through to families.

    I've been using for years -- probably around 10 years now. It has changed a lot in the past year or two. My account was inactive for a couple years but when I reactivated it about a year ago, things were very different. I found that I was getting zero responses to any of my applications, which was very bizarre. I've never paid for a premium membership, and never will. I did once, years and years ago, have a background check through, but other than that I haven't paid anything.

    What I've noticed is every few months, I'll get contacted by multiple families who have seen my profile and are interested in meeting me. So far, every one I've responded to has been legitimate, and I've gotten several short-term jobs this way.  I don't know if every so often my profile is "featured" or what triggers all these sudden contacts, because it usually happens when I'm not actively seeking a job. I don't think I've gotten a reply to anything I've initiated in the past year, but I could be misremembering. I do know that the last 3 families I've worked with have all contacted me first. I haven't altered my profile significantly in any way, and I haven't kept the weekly availability calendar up to date, so that doesn't seem to matter.

    The one true piece of advice I can give is to not include your phone number on your profile. The minute you do, you will get spam texts several times a week from fake families trying to get you to wire them money. If you contact about it, they'll tell you that's a risk of putting your phone number on your profile, and to be aware of scams -- uh, right, that's why I contacted them. So typically when I first respond to a family, if it's one I want to pursue, I'll give them my email address and phone number in the message and ask them to email me directly rather than through, as I've also noticed I don't always get a notification when I have a new message and it looks like I'm ignoring people or just bad at responding in a timely manner.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I really have no idea what causes the random splurges in contacts from families. It does sound like there's some legitimacy to what someone mentioned in a previous comment--that if you have a free membership, only families that pay for Premium can respond.

  • Yes I see that happening as well. I have applied to about 30 jobs and only three of the posters responded. Then I see the same people, posting the same ad, time and time again. Not quite sure what to make of it. 

  • Try the premium upgrade.  I signed up today for one month only and I will be patient to test this process out at least.  If it doesn't work at all by then then we will know if we want to continue this..  Take advantage of the discounts to upgrade because I know we need money like everyone else!   Wish you success!!

  • I guess for checks, maybe go to the bank that issued the. Hacks and first check to make sure there's funds to cover the check they wrote for you. Then you won't get charged if it bounces. So annoying.

  • no luck

  • I feel that if you don't pay any money you can forget about getting any jobs on  I have applied now for a month got not even an answer to my emails of any kind 

    • HIDDEN

      I’m starting to think you’re right. I’ve been finding the same thing. If you don’t pay your profile and stuff gets pushed to the bottom. When I was paying I got ALOT more interviews & responses. So ya unfortunately that’s true.

    • HIDDEN I just got hired by someone who found me through my special needs profile. I have yet to get any message reaponses though.
  • I am . I can't message any one or they can't message me because I don't have the money to upgrade . its sad

  • Yes. Was getting tons of replies then they suddenly quit in July. Is told I had to start paying $20 month. So i did last week. Still nothing. I'm about to make my own advertisements, with my background check from here that I paid $65 for!!!

  • I've been using for the past 5 years. Last year I decided to move on and try something different but now i'm in the need of an extra income and now that i'm back I noticed a lot of changes in here and now that i'm taking a tour through the community I find a lot of complaints from both families and nannies. I had no idea now we have to be premium if we want to reply to a family!!!! 

    I know finding the right nanny or the right family is not easy, that's one of the reasons why I decided to make a social study with some of my classmates for our sociology class. The study is about nannies and families with nannies. Here is the link to the survey it takes less than 5 minutes to answer and is very simple.

    I'll be sharing the results with the community

    Thank you!

  • I am having the same problem here in CT as far as not getting any responses back at all. 

  • Yes I am having the same issues. So don't feel bad and just be patient. Hopefully something will come to us both. Hang in there! Sincerely, Serena Johnson

  • I  thought this only happened to me. I was going to pause my account because i look ineligible and inexperienced compared to other siitters who are certified.

  • So I recently upgraded to premium after a bit of a hiatus on care and I reached out to them directly because I've applied to several jobs and have not received one message back.  Also, only one 1 person out of all of the applications that I sent looked at my profile.  Care did confirm though that all members (regardless of whether they are premium or not) have the ability to respond to your application where as with a free membership, only premium members can respond to your application (which I thought was interesting).

    If anyone has any luck with this please let me know!

  • I've disputed the charges from on my credit card, I downgraded my account because I don't want to be charged any more because I think is a scam, and I've posted a couple of complaints on and  I will be writing to my representatives and to consumer protection, and hopefully this will help stop these fraudulent websites from continuing to take advantage of people who are only looking to find work or locate employees.  Shame on you,

  • Yes, I agree with many of your customers; Answering back from the client is most times the difficult problem. The applicant never is made aware of how many clients are actually viewing her application.  Candy/Deland, Fl.

  • I really appreciate all of the responses people have given to this question.

    I'm brand new to but I have talked to several families who have used this site to find help and they have been very happy.  Here is the one thing they all have in common.....

    They all first looked at the site without paying anything.  ONLY if they saw someone who's profile really impressed them were they willing to pay the subscription fee so they could contact the care provider.

    Making sure your profile is really appealing just might be the key to being contacted.  It sure takes some time to develop a sharp and "selling" profile, but that seems to be the most significant aspect of achieving success with  

    I just started here, so in a month I will come back and update my input.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  • I've also filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and Ripoff Report.  It's not just that there's no response - if you apply for any of the positions you're interested in, those "employers" don't even view your profile, which leads me to believe that these "employers" are fake accounts setup by so that we will pay their monthly and upgrade fees.  It's akin to "bait and switch."

  • I've only had a few people email me back saying nicely that they are not interested. Most seekers do not answer at all. I honestly think you can find positions here if you pay for all the upgrades, background checks etc. But Care is just out to make as much money as they can, not to sincerely help people find their perfect fit. They scam, tricking people into thinking they have messages so they will pay for the upgrade etc. Very sad they stooped to that level.

  • I cannot seem to get anything useful from this website, and I used to in the past. For starters, you're FORCED to make payments. My applications aren't viewable unless I've paid. And from what I'm told by those looking for care, they cannot even hire unless they've paid as well because the applicants applications are locked! Unless you've paid, you most likely don't show up in the lists at all! Plus, the applicants who have paid their membership fees get all of the jobs because those are the only applications that those looking for care can see. That's not fair. Unless you've paid you basically can't get jobs, therefore you can never get any reviews to prove that you're a good sitter. I was hired for one job here, and the employer left a 5 star review but my review won't even show up (AGAIN BECAUSE I HAVENT PAID!) I refuse to pay due to so many complaints that Care continues to charge your card after your selected period and blames it on auto pay. Besides, they should offer something for free. Having a profile here is basically useless.

  • Yes I feel the same way! I have reached out to a large amount of people only to have crickets in return. Feel like has changed too much and not as good as it used to be.

  • Keep an eye on your account. After you purchase an upgrade, they keep your payment information and reissue another purchase when the original upgrade expires. You could be charged multiple times without even knowing it. Watch your billing statements and compare to your site account. Be careful!

  • I thought that I would be able to list my ablities and lies maybe pics but things seem so complicated. Disabled person trying to find pet sitting job doesnt seem to easy. How confusing.

  • Geeze I'm glad I seen this thread...

  • As I see it... For each job posted there could be easily up to and over 100 people applying. I'd say, depending on location, that areas with fewer people would be better areas to apply in. Therefore, if someone has posted a position starting 1 or 2 weeks away, and checks for applicants merely 2 or 3 days later, they've been bombarded with a plethora of applications. In my experience... I've been a member since December. Apply to just about every position that I feel I'd succeed, which is roughly 20 per week, within 5 miles, (that over 100 people per wk are applying for!) and have an average of 1 reply per week so far. No jobs yet. I live in SUCH A CROWDED CITY that I'm not surprised or thrown off. The last interview I had, I was one of three applicants up for the job... that I was "so sure I landed!" Ha! My advice... Keep applying and seek out areas that you'd make the hike to with the least amount of competition. I gave up being an investment advisor for this so I could have more time with my children. Wrap your head around the reality and keep a steady pace. Economics. Applying for jobs is your job until you get one that pays you for all your efforts. Hunters hunt until they are fed. There are more hunters than food. Hope this helps !! :)

  • Having the same problem here. I'm also premium and have applied for 35 jobs and nothing.

  • I have the same problem and I hope it will change soon

  • Yes, most people don't even bother to answer you... or they disappear without any explanations after exchanging a few messages with you. I find it kind of shocking. Family looking for providers should have an obligation to take down their ads and update their profiles once they have found a provider. It is very time consuming for just a few answers or people who change their minds right after telling you they are hiring you and you made yourself available for them... I turned down other work offers because of that...

  • Have the same issue. Been on here for several months, applied to countless jobs and have heard nothing. No idea why. So frustrating

  • This is sad to see, but I am a little happy that I am not the only person with this question or issue. I have applied to a few jobs and have only gotten one response. Either they are not reading them, not responding if they are not interested, or everyone is right and we aren't seen because we aren't paying!

  • I am having the same issue. Could i still get hired if i dont have the preimum? 

  • I am having the same issue. But could you still get hired even though you dont have Premium? Ive been lookig for months and its been so hard. 

  • I am very unhappy with this site. I don't get any response from families. I pay monthly. I feel like there are too many fake accounts, by people running this site. I wish there was an option for caregivers to message each other too.  Pass jobs on to each other. I had a client that needed more aides and I could had pass on that info to them. I also hate this upgrade for the site. Wish it was back to normal. Well, good luck everyone! Be careful!

    • HIDDEN

      Please remove me from this site

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  • is by far the best website for finding jobs. To be successful you need to have an impressive profile and stay on it. It's not a way to get rich quick. The child care field is crowded and families get flooded with responses. In order to stand out you need reviews and experience. The more qualified you are and the more you're able to stand out, the more jobs you'll get. You can also show parents you're serious by following up on the jobs you're most interested in. Good luck!

  • I recently sent a message/response to a person I know so I do know that the post is legitimate. She has not responded which definitely leads me to believe that any response I make to a post is not seen by the individual.

    I'm not even going to try to work with on this. Have to figure out how to cancel my membership.


    It was good a few years ago but no longer

  • I am also so sick of all the spam text messages sent my way from this site. I am currently finding more private home care jobs through Facebook and other local sites than

  • Well, i'm definitely discouraged with the lack of response after applying for jobs on i thought something might be wrong with my account-due to no responses, but after reading all of the answers all of you have posted, i feel that is just wanting us to pay to upgrade. :( and, yet, even that seems to not be much help to applicants. 

  • I'm having the same problem. I am a retired school math teacher who would be a perfect fit for many of the jobs but I didn't get a single response.

  • I just responded to several inquiries made directly to me, so hopefully they respond back! If not, I'm gonna have to say that I'm having the same issue as you all :/

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