Posted by HIDDEN in Minersville, PA

Surprised at the amount of babysitters not responding.

Am I the only one having this trouble? I sent messages to about 14 different caregivers, and received responses from 2. Extremely disappointed, especially since I had to pay extra for the membership ability to message care givers.

  • I have same problem though i sent 25 messages to different families searching for a nanny…very disappointing… - HIDDEN from San Dimas, CA

  • I’m going to be honest, changed their settings for caregivers and they now have to pay for every single application they apply for and on top of that they don’t have access to all the jobs any more. You most likely won’t get many responses anymore. - HIDDEN from Colorado Springs, CO

  • I didn’t have to pay for applications! 07/16 - HIDDEN from Milwaukee, WI

  • Caregiver here! When I get messages from families I can not see their message unless I pay to upgrade. It’s really frustrating because you can’t see the details of what they are looking for. It wasn’t always like that but Care recently changed the way they do things. Maybe that is why you don’t get replies. - HIDDEN from Mary Esther, FL

  • The caregivers probably didn’t pay for the upgrade so they cannot see your requests. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • Can someone explain the change? I haven’t received responses for my job which is very different from past years. What changed for caregivers? If they don’t pay, they can’t see my job or personal emails? Very disappointed. My job has been out there for weeks and is still open. Not sure the value of care anymore! - HIDDEN from Marblehead, MA

  • I also wanted to ask if screens their photos. We “think” that we scare off potential sitters, but their pictures scare me off. This isn’t or MySpace. I think some of the young people forget that this is a job website for potential employment. I’m not hiring someone who wears clothes smaller than my toddler. We are not looking for the trendiest sitter, we are looking for the reliable and professional sitter that my child can be trusted with and trust. I lost a lot of money one summer because one girl came in her Sunday church attire. I would tell her to dress down so she can run around with my toddler. She never did and she she never ran around with my toddler. After that, we hired a different girl. She interviewed really well, but when she came, she was showing cleavage from top to bottom. She was great with the kids but I didn’t want her teaching my kids about the human anatomy. We don’t like to judge a book by its cover. But the pictures should be screened. I’m not hiring the sitter with the picture of her kissing her boyfriend. I’m not hiring both people and my home is not for the boyfriend to visit. I had one sitter who eyeballed the liquor cabinet the whole day. She didn’t arrive to work the next day because she had a bad headache. I guess her intentions were to drink while she watched my kids. She is still looking for work and it’s been 3 years. She replied to my ad this time around, however I declined her offer kindly. Her add said that she was looking to make some extra money while she had another nanny job. This time, I learned to look out for the person “looking for extra money”. I don’t want the person looking for extra money. I want the person who enjoys being around children and has exciting and creative things to do, not the person who is looking for extra perks (liquor or pills). - HIDDEN from Gaithersburg, MD

  • By the way, I’ve also learned that if I close one job and then open a new one for the same needs, I get twice the amount of applicants. Not sure how all of that works, but it does. - HIDDEN from Gaithersburg, MD

  • I agree… I have been on for 2 months and have applied to somewhere around 15 jobs and I’ve had no response not one. I had begun to think that something was wrong with me… the way I was applying, my profile, my pictures. Now I see that a lot of you are having this problem. On the other hand I had no clue that you had to pay to see people who have contacted you! Anyway I will keep trying but it is really discouraging that even people who are a lot more experienced than me can’t even get jods:( - HIDDEN from Lake Mary, FL

  • HI! Responding from a caregiver point of view. In my experience there are a few things that play a role in why I sometimes do not apply to a job posting, as well as respond to a message. The scams on this site have become outrageous. A few things that turn me away; the family/person has no profile picture, the detailed description of the job, excessive grammatical errors in job description and message response, a job that has been posted for too long, controversial to this a job that has been posted to many times, answering to messages to quickly and coming on to strong, and not wanting to meet in person to discuss details about the job or just getting to know one another is a big one for me. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there’s any other way I can elaborate on this or help out!

    HIDDEN from Gonzales, LA

  • I believe they have changed the set up to hasten up the upgraded account process, and there’s a max number of applicants you can receive with an unpaid account; once you hit the max apps, the other applicants aren’t visible to you until you decline some of the pre-existing applicants if that makes any sense. As a caregiver on the site, they also try to force us into a paid account upgrade. I have never received a normal message thus far from anyone seeking a nanny for their children. So far, the only messages I have received have been obvious spammers, asking for more personal info or wanting to plan a meeting, and to be honest it’s really frightening. I even received a text message from someone stating they got my number from care, when my number hasn’t been made publicly available. The family I do work with is amazing, and the way I contacted them was by responding to their ad with my personal email. Contact outside of the site is discouraged by the company, for several reasons (safety included), but this has worked best for me. Unfortunately going thru this site is turning out to be more of a hassle than not. - HIDDEN from Waialua, HI

  • The new format is TERRIBLE only being able to look at jobs one at a time. I am a full time nanny and look for side work, I probably will not be using this site anymore it now is slow also I don’t understand why jobs that have expired still appear in the search, also using the search tools does not seem to really make your search more effective.

    Also the not getting a response when reaching out to someone seems to work both ways. I always respond to people when they reach out. When I was looking for a full time family and applying I probably only got a response or 5%. There are so many things they could do to make this site better but they don’t.

    HIDDEN from Jackson, NJ

  • I am a babysitter looking for a job. I have filled out numerous applications over the past few months and have not received one reply back. Does anyone have a solution for this? Does anyone else expierence this? - HIDDEN from Greentown, PA


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  • I am a babysitter and I've put in NUMEROUS applications and am HIGHLY qualified and I've only gotten a few responses as well. If you come up with the solution let me know.

    • I have been a Nanny for 25 yrs. and I have answered at least 10 adds and only got 2 responses. I understand if they don’t choose to interview me but it would be nice to know that so I can move on. - HIDDEN from North Wales, PA

    • Ok People…I’m earning badges every time I answer one of these links…and guess what? I now have 2 people who responded to my profile. So keep up the answers and questions, I guess likes that:)

      HIDDEN from Camden, NC

    • Yeah, I am in the same boat. I feel like paying should be enough to get us a job in at the most 2 months…just doesn’t work that way it seems. I was so pumped because of my killer resume and references but NOTHING. - HIDDEN from Barberton, OH

    • Hey guys! I came on this site in order to find a job and like you, I had a very low application to response ratio. However, since I refuse to succumb to the pressure of having to pay for a membership in order for this process to work for me, I just make sure to log on each and every day and apply to ALL the new job postings that interest me! I have been on for about 4 months now and I have been hired and am currently working for two families, providing full time and part time child care services. Also, I have gotten a few unsolicited job offers. The site works! It just takes a lot of time, hard work, patience and determination! Ask your family, friends and past employers to write you a review, it helps. Put in the time and stay positive!! Good luck everyone!!!

      HIDDEN from Winter Springs, FL

    • I am experiencing the same thing. - HIDDEN from Spring, TX

    • This is both true and probably the best solution for people looking for jobs…written by Suray from Winter Springs, FL “Hey guys! I came on this site in order to find a job and like you, I had a very low application to response ratio. However, since I refuse to succumb to the pressure of having to pay for a membership in order for this process to work for me, I just make sure to log on each and every day and apply to ALL the new job postings that interest me! I have been on for about 4 months now and I have been hired and am currently working for two families, providing full time and part time child care services. Also, I have gotten a few unsolicited job offers. The site works! It just takes a lot of time, hard work, patience and determination! Ask your family, friends and past employers to write you a review, it helps. Put in the time and stay positive!! Good luck everyone!!!”

      HIDDEN from Danville, CA

    • I’m having the same issue! I’m looking for a pt-nanny and have 10 pages of sent messages and only 11 has responded back. So frustrating to say the least! Especially paying $39 month and not getting anywhere. - HIDDEN from Wright City, MO

    • Hi everybody, I just want to mention that I have received more responses since I paid for a background check, CPR class, and for a vaccine called Tdap which protects children against whooping cough. I feel that care families like to know that caregivers are highly qualified to babysit their children.

      Just keep applying! Good luck :)

      HIDDEN from Los Angeles, CA

    • Yeah, almost wish I didn’t spend the money, but I’m sure we will all find something if we stay persistent. There’s a lot of kids in the world. =) ☺ - HIDDEN from Lake Worth, FL

    • Same here. I have sent messages and applied, but gotten very few responses. I have over 35 years of experiences, including teaching kindergarten and preschool. - HIDDEN from Newton, NC

    • I’ve dealt with this a lot when I began looking for jobs on I finally paid for the premium version and updated my profile and I have gotten a lot more responses. It would be nice, however, if those that are not interested respond so that the caregiver can move on. It’s definitely difficult to apply to multiple jobs and then get absolutely nothing. Don’t give up. - HIDDEN from Lincoln, NE

    • I too have applied for several jobs. I have over twenty years of experience plus Early Childhood college units. I have received ONE interview and two denied responses. I also paid for upgraded membership. I’m beginning to think after reading all these comments on the challenges of connections that is not site to waste my time with. VERY disappointing! - HIDDEN from Sun City, CA

    • It is very frustrating. I even send follow up messages to see if they have hired anyone yet, hoping to get some kind of a response, I had 1 out 10 reply, very disappointing. - HIDDEN from Cuyahoga Falls, OH

    • It takes a lot of work and a lot of time every day, every week. Make sure you use the setting choice to receive mobile alerts when someone does reach out to you, then reply immediately. Also, apply apply apply. 10 is a waste of time. It takes 100 at least to get even a few replies. - HIDDEN from Winter Springs, FL

    • I have no applicants and need a sitter in two hours, ugh. - HIDDEN from Chesapeake, VA

  • I'm a caregiver I've applied for more than 50 people I've received about 3 responses one said they had trouble messaging I also payed for membership so pretty disappointed about this.

    • Make sure your application is detailed with your experience and enthusiasm about why you are passionate about this job. Also grammar is extremely important if your speaking with a potential client. On the other hand, don’t get to down on yourself, it’s not you. Half of the people posting jobs are scams. - HIDDEN from Gonzales, LA

    • I have easily applied for over 100 jobs!!! I have 30 years of experience!! I have only gotten 2 replies!!! VERY frustrated!! - HIDDEN from Adams, MN

  • I'm looking for a very part time babysitter. I'm specific about everything including the maximum hours (10/week for 3 days of after school care) in the listing title. Every single one of the 15 responses I received was from a person looking for more hours than I posted. So frustrating to be up front about everything and have no good leads. 

    • I am in the same boat. It’s like applicants don’t even read my profile. - HIDDEN from Elmhurst, IL

    • Mary I personally think it’s hard for people to find a very PT sitter. You’ll probably not get a grown woman to do it and it seems most teenagers don’t even try to work anymore to earn money. I’m a caregiver in Il. looking for a PT position and I pass over all the posted jobs that have less than 18 to 20 hours. Unless you’re paying a very high rate for that little amount of hours it’s not worth most people’s time to work for 10 hours at $10 or less an hour and not be available to other families where they could make more. Just some food for thought :) - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • All of my responses to my most recent ad have been inappropriate for the job. Almost none have met the pretty basic requirements I laid out. I had a lot of people to choose from with past ads, but not this time. - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

    • I’m sorry to hear that! I am a full time caregiver so I only apply to those that fit what it is I am looking for. For example, I don’t apply to many part time jobs unless there’s a possibility of picking up two part time jobs. I wish you the best of luck when it comes to finding the right person! - HIDDEN from Lincoln, NE

    • I’ve had the same issue with people applying for the job and not actually reading the job description. I’ve responded to at least 10 messages I received about my job posting and have only heard back from one person. So frustrating… - HIDDEN from Cincinnati, OH

  • As a caregiver it is completely unprofessional and disrespectful to not respond to messages. If a caregiver has already accepted a position or is uninterested in a position it is still their responsibility to send a polite response back letting the family know that. Regardless of what the caregiver receives, acknowledgement is required with either a "no thanks" or a "let's discuss". 

    I will say as a caregiver it is a lot easier to respond appropriately to a message that contains all pertinent information. The more information you give a nanny the more accurately they can decide that they do or do not want to work for you. An email or job posting simply stating "we need a nanny and you would be a great fit" means for a caregiver that they are going to have to spend a lot of time figuring out if they even fit the position. Instead posting the age of the kids, the time requirements you need (days and hours), and what you intend to pay will make sure that communication is clear up front and nobody's time is wasted.

    • I think it’s terrible of people who post jobs to not respond when someone takes the time to write them a detailed message applying to a job. Also if you filled a position or the date has already passed for a one time job, take the job down. I am at a total loss why caregivers are expect to respond ASAP and it’s supposed to be ok for people looking for an employee to just be totally rude. The new format of only being able to look jobs oen at a time is terrible. has gone down hill and is now just totally about the company making money. - HIDDEN from Jackson, NJ

  • I'm with you ... so frustrated.  I posted a job and am getting almost no responses - it's easy and will pay well, so I have no idea.  The two people who applied looked promising, but over the last few days I have messaged, called, and texted them and gotten NO response whatsoever.  Why did they apply for a job if they aren't interested?? 

    • Well we are on opposite sides of the spectrum…I’m looking and you’re hiring…u should look me up and see how much of my profile u can see and I should respond to your job announcement to see how fast u get it. Then we can compare notes lol. However, I’m doing the free side of it how about you? I was thinking that may be why I am at the bottom of the barrel and perspective employers see the paying members first?

      HIDDEN from Camden, NC

    • Hi Lesley, I always answer everyone that messages me. I’m always upfront if I do not think the job will be a good fit for me. I have had people tell me they want to meet with me or talk on the phone with me and I say “ok” and give them my number and they do not message me back. I think some people don’t care if their rude on both sides. I’m gonna assume they aren’t answering you because they either didn’t like the hours, the pay or both :/ I hope you find a great nanny!

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • Hello Lesley, Thats very interesting. I usually see jobs and apply and I can see the messages sent back. Sometimes I don’t get to messages because there are too many to respond to with my schedule. YOu Actually live pretty close to me, what hours and details are you looking for? I’ve been using for almost 6 years and have had great success finding families and friends of mine finding work as well. Best of luck and if we can connect I’d love to see if I can help you out. Thanks, Rebecca

      HIDDEN from Milpitas, CA

    • I’m very sad that this is happening. I wanted to share that I am also on a similar site and still having the same problem there. I have the same ad in both sites and when people reach out to me, they don’t follow up again. I’m not sure what causes this, but it started to make me feel like these sites were filled with bogus profiles to get more members to sign up. I cannot believe it has become so hard to fill this position. - HIDDEN from Little Elm, TX

  • Good Evening, I have found this to be a problem with me as well.  I realize in responding to this it should be to help give you a solution to your problem.  I too have paid for a membership and I have applied for over 50 jobs, with that being said I have only had 3 people to reach out to me.  In doing this and reading your question, it has made me look at my self to make sure that the people that do reach out to me that I respond to them.  And if I don't hear back I also follow up with them to make sure they received my response the first time.  In regards to your profile, I agree with what many others have stated that you should include a picture and make sure you state exactly what you are needing.  I need full time employment, and many times when I do my search parents have full time checked but in the body they have that it is a part time position.

    I do appreciate your question, because I pray that when we all look at this we make sure to check our self and make sure we do our part to assist with the families that do reach out to us.  

  • I have paid for the back round check and the driving record check. I get responses- though not nearly as many as I thought I would with the experience I have. I've had a few interviews, but people do NOT want to pay over $10 an hour for childcare, even thought they have 3 and 4 children want you to do house work and drive the kids around. It's very disappointing. They also do not want to guarantee to pay for a certain amount of hours if they go on vacation or take off etc. Which is why I had to leave my job after 2 1/2 years because I never had a steady pay check to depend on. Everyone seems to want an "on call" babysitter. 

    • I don’t think it’s fair to only pay $10 an hour for 3-4 children, housework and using your own gas to drive them around. How is anyone supposed to make a living that way? I would bypass any postings for that rate for that many children also. - HIDDEN from Lima, NY

  • I am having similar trouble. When I first got on the site I got two jobs in the first week. But recently I have been having trouble. I have applied for 15+ jobs with no response from the families....

    • I am having the same issue, I have applied for many positions with no response, also I get alerts for jobs that according to the start date, should have already been filled. I am on the free side and I can only apply for 8 jobs per month. it really is frustrating. - HIDDEN from Dover, DE

    • I’m also having the same issue and I really think that the families can’t see my messages. Once I even applied 20 minutes after the job was posted and still didn’t get a reply. - HIDDEN from Johnson City, TN

  • I don't understand the parents who say they don't get responses or have no shows. I'm a paid babysitter/nanny who has been a member for a year and a half. I've sent out hundreds of applications and can count on one hand the number of responses I've receive back. I have only received one job (part time) that I've had for over 7 months now but I need more hours and can't get any replys to my applications. I'm more than qualified and have had my application approved by two job agency's. I don't know what the problem is and so fustrated. I need to another job and earn more money soon or I will be in a financial nightmare. I don't know what to do to get parents to recognize I'm a perfect candidate for the job(s). Any advice????

  • I'm a caregiver I've applied for more than 56  people I've received about 5 responses its really annoying and disrespectful 

    • I’m really beginning to wonder if is a scam. - HIDDEN from Camden, NC

    • Amen…bc I’m a nursing student, certified nursing assistant with CPR and certificate of phlebotomy…and a degree in biology!! Now u would think if your taking care of someone’s children, elderly, etc.. I would know especially what to do in case of emergency …!! That should make pp feel safe right, ? Nope pp don’t care about my experience or security of my education.. .I know if I had someone watching my family that I would like someone with that kind of knowledge!!!

      HIDDEN from Metairie, LA

    • its really hard im a teen caregiver and everyone declines me or ignore me only a few people tell me they’re going to call me but they never text me again its so frustrating

      HIDDEN from Miami, FL

    • Adria that stinks! I think I have applied to 60 jobs and I’m very qualified and flexible and I’ve had maybe 10 or 12 people answer me. It is frustrating. I’m sure they have a lot of people applying and it’s very time consuming to answer everyone, especially if they’re not interested.

      I wish would send an automatic reply that lets us know the person read our message, so we at least know.

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • I agree… I have been on for 2 months and have applied to somewhere around 15 jobs and I’ve had no response not one. I had begun to think that something was wrong with me… the way I was applying, my profile, my pictures. Now I see that a lot of you are having this problem. On the other hand I had no clue that you had to pay to see people who have contacted you! Anyway I will keep trying but it is really discouraging that even people who are a lot more experienced than me can’t even get jods:( - HIDDEN from Lake Mary, FL

    • I thought I was the only caregiver who does not receive responses lot of applications sent daily. This is really disappointing not to have an answer. As if that were not enough, now we have to pay to apply? I have understood that families can not answer our applications if we do not pay, that seems unfair. - HIDDEN from Grandview, MO

  • Hey everybody, this thread really helps to explain my experiences. Does anyone know of an alternative to My job has been open 2 weeks and I received 1 applicant. 6 years ago, it was 30 applicants in less than 7 days. So disappointing! But to add one piece of valuable info, I checked my settings tonight and saw that somehow, my job and profile were set to private. When did that become the default? Check your settings folks!!!!

  • I currently have two accounts with One for providing care (seeking a job) and the other for personal use (finding care for doctors appointments, etc.) Whenever I post a job, typically a week in advance at the least, I try being specific as possible. I include pay ($15-20/HR), time (hours needed.3hrs minimum) & date. I even include that the person will be payed for all hours posted even if care is not needed the entire hours requested. Still no luck! I either get a couple responses of people offering childcare services in their own home or no shows for a scheduled interview. No offense to in home care providers but at that rate I am paying for both peace of mind and convenience! Whenever I apply to a job as a none featured care giver I rarely receive a response and I have great references both on my profile and past employers throughout my career as a prior child care provider of my own in home daycare. The responses that I have received almost always is a person with a sob story saying they can only afford to pay me far less than what I would get paid making minimum wage in my area which is an insult (e.g.; $75/wk, 2 kids, 5:30 a.m.-5 p.m.)! It's not always about the money but seriously! Not even a person with no experience deserve such a small pay.. After those experiences I decided to pay for a six month membership and it was even worst! I didn't find any jobs because there weren't any postings in my area and whenever there was a posting I didn't see them until 24 hours later...I think care is overall a rip off therefore I choose not to pay for anything. I'd rather purchase a background check at the police department instead...good luck to everyone and stay alert because a lot of scammers are on this site..

  • I am a provider and I am having the same problem  I sent lots of applications but have not been getting responses  I am not a fan of the newer way of doing things on here. In past years I almost always received response when I sent a message. Very frustrating. 

    • I agree! I definitely seemed to get more responses 2 1/2 years ago when I was looking :( - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • Michelle one woman mentioned that she is looking for a nanny and can only see 5 applications at a time. And she had to eliminate 1 and so on to see the next one and the next one and so on. Kinda sucks for us caregivers. Doesn’t seem like we have a fair chance to apply - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I am a paying Nanny seeking to work and I have the same issue.  I have tried to complete all the questions and criteria set forth on my profile page.  I rarely hear back from prospective families.  It would be so nice to receive and email response that states, "Thank you for your application, we are in the process of reviewing candidates".  Just an acknowledgement of receipt would feel so much better. I'm sure parents would feel the same.  It's common courtesy!  

    As for parents, the more specific your information, the better.  Give as much detail as possible.  A caregiver moves up in "rank" by the number of emails they respond to within 24 hours.  Your top providers will have a better track record of responding to emails.  In addition, make sure that the rate of pay you are offering is competitive.  


    Best of luck with your search!


    • I just sent an email to and suggested some things they need to change. I was told that my suggestions would be taken into consideration. You should send that suggestion to them. I agree it would be nice to know that the they have at least received our message.


      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • A date and time stamp sent to us would be helpful in order for us to be sure that our messages are being received. Some people seem to have found a stock reply feature, which, trust me, is a shock to receive: “Your application has been reviewed and declined.” Thanks, caredotcom, I feel better now! - HIDDEN from Winter Springs, FL

  • I often don't hear anything back and think it is because I haven't upgraded. It often won't even let me look back on an application that I sent because they want me to pay. I think a lot of my applications aren't even looked at because of this. It is frustrating to have to pay to find a job! Didn't used to be this way. I really don't think people are ignoring you. Best of luck! 

  • I'm finding this website to be more of a problem then its worth. I am told that I need to pay for a membership and I feel that the parents looking to hire someone like me can not communicate the way that they would like. I have only been on the site for 2 weeks, but I have yet to find anyone to hire me even for a date night. I feel my profile is pretty complete and I do my best to respond but almost feel that I am now being penalized for not responding to 2 messages of families saying 'Thank you for reaching out but we found someone who can do the whole schedule.' I don't have an issue with the families response, I want them to find a caregiver that is right for them. I am just concerned that not responding to these messages is making my profile look bad.

    • Reply to every message that comes through the website~! Even if it’s the Automate-Message families can do when want to decline using a pre-set reply. It will drop your response time/rating if don’t. It’s the only reason why mine isn’t at 100%~ At first I thot the automated ones didn’t matter.

      Plus, have been a few jobs found that way knowing that you respectfully replied even still they offered to keep me as a back-up or sometimes a family mistakingly mis-clicks and end up thanking you for replying since they were still looking for someone.

      HIDDEN from Torrance, CA

  • I agree this does become frustrating. When I first joined forever ago I was getting messages left and right and ever since the settings on have changed along with having to pay for certain features, it has become harder to find families fitting my criteria. 

    I update my schedule weekly and have not received anything in a couple months, yet I receive 5 tutoring (non-babysitter) positions last night. Really crazy how this works...

    • Amanda,

      My daughter has had same experience. Years ago, lots of replies, interviews, etc. Now she has even more experience and yet is getting maybe 1 reply to every 20 to 30 jobs applied to. She is so disappointed about this and it is terrifying when you are trying so hard to pay your own way and you truly love what you do.

      I thought maybe it was regional issue but you’re in Chicago and she’s in Ft. Worth/Southlake/HEB/Colleyville area of Texas. I put suggestion to that instead of the terse response candidates receive when we click ‘no thanks’, to let the potential employers have a chance to provide more feedback such as ‘enough applicants right now’, ‘looking for someone with 2 more yrs experience’ etc.

      Sometimes the answer as to WHY you didn’t get the interview and/or the job is just as valuable…probably more valuable as why you may get a job.

      HIDDEN from Keller, TX

  • I'm also a caregiver and have applied to at least 30 positions and have only gotten a handful of responses. I think it may be that I am not local enough for the families. That might be the problem others are having too.

  • Go to it's free

    • Im on there too! Landed a date night job, and the parent told me that they used Sittercity because too many bad reviews on… Ummmm! - HIDDEN from Conroe, TX

  • Hi. I am a caregiver who just recently started on Honestly, I have already applied to several people but haven't heard anything back. I have not paid for a membership but should still get somewhere. It's frustrating but I am hoping it has more to do with people just not signing on as often as we want them to. Good luck!

  • I thought it was my ad that was scarying pople off! Now it makes perfect sense! I paid for the 3 month membership, to allow myself time to find the perfect nanny. But now I am scared because no one is responding....and the people who are responding are teens :( 

    Soooo frustrating! And I had heard great things about Care. This is making me think otherwise

    • used to be a lot better than it is now Norma. I guess they have to pay for those new TV ads somehow. ?? Pay for this, buy this, upgrade that, pay monthly, or pay per application. The site doesn’t seem as friendly to the seeking a caregiver side and especially not to the seeking a job side. Sad really, I had a lot of work from it years ago but not now.

      HIDDEN from Jacksonville, FL

  • I have the opposite problem, I have applied to 39 different jobs being a caregiver on, and have only had 7 people follow through on their responses. Including ones where it didn't end up working out, in which cases I appreciate people telling me they've already filled positions. 

  • I'm a very highly qualified caregiver with over 15 years experience.  I have a premium membership that I paid for.  I have a nice picture, profile, reviews, work history etc.  I have applied to 9 jobs and no one has even viewed my profile.  I'm applying to jobs as soon as they are posted.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong??

  • First, make sure you have a photo. This increases your chances of receiving responses. Second, how long have you waited? I would wait a few days because sometimes they are busy and cannot respond right away. Third, make sure you have your expectations clearly written. Fourth, have the hours and dates you need specified. Fifth, make sure you have proper grammar and spelling. Sixth, make sure there aren't mistakes/ confusion when posting. For example, if you have that you need one time care but it states that you need full time in your profile, it could confuse some people. Seventh, make sure that you have the proper pay rate for the provider. All of these suggestions could also be found on the website. You can also contact them directly via email or phone. They are always quick to respond and helpful when I have questions/ concerns.

  • I am sorry that you've experienced this.

    Like other's have commented, I respond to some people and they don't reply back.

    Just to know they received message and if they have hired someone or not interested just have common curiosity to respond. I was raised to have manners and respect. 

    • I just learned as a family looking for care that we are only allowed to have 5 active applicants to our open job. This means that if 10 people apply, the family never gets to see the 6th-10th candidate. This could be why you never hear back after applying. Once the family rejects one candidate the system makes room for one more applicant. How terrible is that? So for caregivers, you have to be one of the first to apply. Good luck! Know of any nannies in GA? - HIDDEN from Roswell, GA

    • Deidra really? I wonder if they do that so people don’t feel overwhelmed or bombarded? Kinda stink for a caregiver though :( - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • Yesss!! The website even states that you need to disposition the candidate so that you don’t pass up a chance to see others. And it could be true that this is to limit responses for one reason or another but I think it stinks for families searching for care because we may have to make decisions too fast and potentially pass up a qualified candidate before you get a fair chance to vet their fit for your family. Nonetheless, this has not been my problem this time around. I have yet to see 5 candidates…even after kicking up my pay rate offering by $7/hr. I think I might just give up on my ad. - HIDDEN from Roswell, GA

  • First- write an excellent bio on Take some time on it like your applying to college. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING!

    Second - Allow future employers to find you. Once I received two offers in one week and went for the one that I felt I was lead to work for because our values are similar.

    Third - Be patient because good things happen sometimes to those who wait.

    God bless! Wonderful job ventures!

  • I have been so dissatisfied with my experience with that I requested my money back.  Of course, I was told that couldn't happen and that there are no guarantees, but I did get them to downgrade my membership after the initial month. I have had very few applicants and those that did apply were not interested in the job I posted.  I am looking for overnight care, and only one of the applicants is able to do or interested in overnight care.  This is the second time I have tried and the  second time I will most likely be walking away empty handed.  Rookery?  Maybe.

  • It could be possible that the caregivers you have sent messages to have not been active on the site recently for one reason or another.  Maybe they found another job or went back to school.  If this person only checks their messages when they are seeking employment and not between times they probably aren't getting your message that you are seeking to hire someone.  Send employment opportunities to those who are most active on the site and follow up to make sure they received your message and have a way to contact you.  Since I am not a paid member I cannot see the messages that employers send to me.

  • Hi Guys :) Figure I would give some tips for caregivers. I am a caregiver in Ankeny, Iowa and I babysit for about 10 families... All found and contacted within 3-4 weeks on my arrival to this new area. I have a decent background in babysitting, but since moving to this larger area, my job has been outstanding. This is what I believe I am doing right:

    1) I check everyday, several times a day. I check my inbox, new jobs, and keep my profile and calendar updated 24/7. This has become a big income for me and I treat it like any office job. Dedication.

    2) I love kids, and I show it! I bring a "Mary Poppins" goody bag. Children absolutely love it when they can play with someone else's toys or color in a different coloring book. Once I get to know a family I babysit consistently, I start to pick up toys or crafts that I know they will personally enjoy. This shows Parents dedication from the babysitter in actually getting to know their family. They want someone to PLAY and DO things with their kids that they may not have time to do with their busy schedules. Not a babysitter who sits on her phones while the child is begging for attention.

    3) My profile is legit, and appropriate. I grew up a small town girl and will eventually be a business woman. Just as I would on my LinkedIn page, I post only appropriate picture. In my profile picture, I have my hair natural and no make up on. All pictures are either just of me, or me with family, and a few close friends so they know that I do have a life, but I don't waste it away. I don't wear skimpy clothing, but I am not frumpy and lazy with how I present myself. My bio is a clear, representation of who I am and what I do as a babysitter. No boloney, but honest.

    4) I interview well. Just like if you were heading into a corporate job. Obviously no need for the suit and tie, but appear appropriate and clean. Hair out of your face, freshly clean/no dirt under nails, no cleavage, nothing baggy. My go to outfit? Skinny jeans with no holes, clean ankle boots/flats, and a nice shirt/blouse.  Make-up can't hurt, but don't go crazy with it, keep it natural and calm. Parents want someone real and not scary looking for their little ones. Hair can be done in various of ways, just keep it nice! When it comes to talking, don't forget to also ask the parents questions! They want to know you are interested as well, and that you want to know as much as you can about their children. Do they have allergies? What is their favorite activity? Do they have any type of anxiety? The parents will ask you much more, so be honest and smile. As I have stressed, THEY WANT SOMEONE REAL. 

    5) Last but not least, I have INVESTED into After my first couple of families I babysat for in Cedar Falls/Waterloo, I learned that was making me money doing something that I loved. I decided to invest. I paid the fees, and I paid for the background check. I was determined to become a carePro, and I did. By doing this, I have become in the top 1% of caregivers in Ankeny, IA. I have made more money than what I have invested into, and I've had more families contact me that what I have been able to contact. requires time, commitment, and a caring heart. Families can sense a genuine person from someone who is not. If you lie, and are not genuine, they will find out and drop you faster than Uncle Jerry after thanksgiving dinner.


    Hope This helps some of you out their. If you need more advice, let me know!

    • I love everything you said and your totally on point. Lately it has been frustrating because I keep my calendar up to date. I am a pro. I am in the top 5% in my area 5 Star Rating And excellent reviews And I am premium member and I apply to at least 10 jobs a day and hear nothing from any of them.

      HIDDEN from Greenlawn, NY

  • I feel everyone's pain. Before I became a premium member I was getting messages here and there. But now since I'm a upgraded paying to LOOK for work caretaker I'm out of luck. I hope that things change soon. Really we should be paid for keeping this site going. HELLO!!!

    Dear owner/operators I've been a member for 6 years and trust me I liked things way before the big MAKEOVER. Don't get all fancy on us hard workers.

    Happy searching Caregivers, Nannies, Sitters and Families.

  • Hey guys! I've been applying to a bunch of jobs and have rarely gotten any responses. I didn't know so many other people were having problems too or that you now have to play to see who contacts you? This is really concerning since as an under-18 caregiver I can't upgrade my account. I keep seeing ads for it but every time I try to it says I can't since I'm not 18. Thankfully I'll be 18 in January but this system really sucks.

  • I agree... I have been on for 2 months and have applied to somewhere around 15 jobs and I've had no response not one. I had begun to think that something was wrong with me... the way I was applying, my profile, my pictures. Now I see that a lot of you are having this problem. On the other hand I had no clue that you had to pay to see people who have contacted you! Anyway I will keep trying but it is really discouraging that even people who are a lot more experienced than me can't even get jods:(

  • I don't know what happened, but I have gotten a whole bunch of replies recently, like all of a sudden. I emailed people back after 5 to 7 days if I didn't here from them. 

  • I would suggest a few things:

    1) Don't sound like a scam. This might sound odd but is where I get most scammers. There are certain marks that make it sound like a scam. I'd suggest going over the common nanny/sitter scams and checking your grammar and spelling as well as avoiding certain words and wording.

    2) Make sure you're only messaging sitters who are within your pay range. Though I agree there should always be communication, if you message a sitter who asks for $15/hr for 1 kid but you're only willing to pay $12/hr for 2 kids, it can be a turn off and seem a bit rude.

    3) Watch their calendar and availability. I've gotten numerous messages from families looking for after-school sitters despite the fact that my profile shows that I'm not available during those days/times. Again, I think they should always respond, it can be frustrating to continuously repeat that you're not available.

    Hope this helps and best of luck! I have the same problem when I apply to jobs and it can be difficult, so I understand. Please know that we are not all like that.

  • As a caregiver I am having the same issues as so many of you. I joined but am not interested in becoming a paying member. I am highly qualified and have applied to multiple listings and have not a single message in return. I am very disappointed. I love working with children and would love to provide someone with safe and reliable childcare.


  • I am seriously beginning to wonder about I've applied to at least 25 jobs and have only received one real response. I am overqualified for most of the positions I've applied for. I have a Premium Membership. I seriously question the integrity of this website.

  • I am really frustrated with this site.  I did this a few years ago and had tons of applicants.  This time, it has been very frustrating.  I have listed specific duties, hours and pay and even sent the job link to various caregivers.  I can see from the search that they have logged in but no response and many of the applicants want to work different hours than listed (its a before school position - I can't change the time I leave for work and he leaves for school to accommodate a caregiver!)  Even worse I have now hired two different people, given them paid training, and then not had them show up or even bother to text saying they no longer want the job.  I will say that if you are a caregiver looking for a job, it would be helpful if you reply with what specifically qualifies you for the job posted (ie if it is a before school nanny for a special needs position, respond that you have availability in the morning and have specific experience).  Too many applicants say "I want this job, see my bio" and often the bios don't address what I am looking for or their availability doesn't match my hours.  

    • As a care giver make sure you are offering competitive pay. I would not look at a morning position or afternoon position if the pay is low because it’s not enough hours/pay to make it worth my time to go or drive there. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I am also having trouble getting responses right now. Around this time last year I started working for an amazing family I found on this site and don't remember being this much of a struggle. I even have a more open schedule this time around! :(

    • I agree the responses are so slow…it didn’t used to be like that. I’ve been a member of care.Com for 7 yrs…in the last couple yrs they’ve completely changed their format. - HIDDEN from Boise, ID

  • You would think being on this site you would get a lot of hits but iv applied for so many jobs and only like two replys and haven't got a job yet.this site is more of a hassle than anything.any advice to where else I could aapply for a babysitting job?

  • There is a site called Sittercity,com try them

  • I have trouble with the jobs. I apply and they turn me down because I don't wanna pay 49 dollars for a background check. Even thought I have clearences to work with children as a teacher.

    • I live in MN. You can get background checks for FREE in minutes on a government website. WHY should I have to pay for one? If anyone ever actually gets back to me after I apply, I’ll give them the website and they can look me up!! - HIDDEN from Adams, MN

  • I have the same problem.  I think is a site that makes money from memberships, background checks, etc etc - all the things they keep harping at you to buy.  All the "community" blah blah blah is just junk.  They want everyone on the site to pay for SOMETHING and they hide this fact behind that "community" facade.

    I'm giving it one more day and then cancelling out of here.  It's bogus.  Or at least absolutely not worth any investment.

  • Oh no! I just started my orofile and succumbed to paying for PREMIUM membership so I could read messages from applicants!!! I've applied to over five...and I hope something bites!!! Say it isn't so!

  • I have stopped using Care You can go to it's free

  • Sorry to hear. I am a caregiver, and I always respond it is called common courteous. I find the opposite problem whereas the families aren't always responding. I think it should be mandatory where the family/caregiver needs to respond. Even a simple message would be nice. I noticed there are a few scams on Care and I refuse to let others see my number unless they request it. In the past I received multiple texts from people but it was a scam. Be patient you will find the right nanny. I have had great experiences with this sight too, which is why I continue to use it.

  • I have always had this problem! I have been on Care for about 5 years- I think I have applied to every job in my area! I probably get about 3 out of 25 responses :( it is very frustrating sometimes and I find that most the caregivers that are interested will message you then you never hear back from them - It is a great website but I think the caregivers should take down their jobs as soon as they hire someone or they need to make it so after some many days it expires - Now I get notifications that my application has been considered and declined and that makes me feel absolutely terrible-I understand I may not be the right fit but I took the time to message you and I would rather you not respond then to have that kind of notification 

  • It's very disappointing, I don't think caregivers should have to pay to apply or see messages. We are the ones trying to recruit reliable, honest help.

  • me as well I send out hundreds of responses to caregivers and I get maybe one or two back telling me that they don't want to drive how far out I live or they don't want those hours or something if you don't really want a job don't post a job up there

    • I have easily applied for over 100 jobs and gotten no replies!!! I have over 40 years experience!!! Today I finally get a message back from someone and the only way I can read it is if I upgrade!! I’m unemployed I can’t afford to upgrade!!! is just soaking EVERYONE for money!!! - HIDDEN from Adams, MN

  • im also having a hard time. upgraded my account and still nothing

  • I am having a similar experience, and in the past (roughly a year ago) it was incredibly easy to find someone. We have always ran into the non responders and no shows- it would be nice if had a better way of making caregivers keep profiles current and up only when looking for positions!

  • It appears that when I apply for a job it goes through, however. .when I click on the sent app in my messages it says "upgrade now so you can can unlock your application in order for Sue b. to reply". It looks like I either have to buy a credit to apply or I need to upgrade..paying to get a job? I can't do that.

  • You may not be getting responses due to caregivers not being able to see your job posting. In addition if you are not very specific in what you require for the position, many caregivers may not look at the ad

  • In order to be able to communicate with each other,  both caregivers and  people seeking those caregivers have to pay the premium fees. And also: if you are looking for someone to write you a review, guess what?! Just guess. When you send those people a link to your site, they have to pay  a boatload to be able to write you a review. Needless to say, it is going to be difficult to get many reviews that way. None of my current friends nor employer wanted to fork over the $60 to write three little sentences for me. Can you blame them?

  • Hi Guys, I sent a message to the support team about messages because I sent a few and when I accessed the site on my phone it made it look like I had a response but it said I had to upgrade in order to see her reply -- or at least thats the way I interpreted it. This is the response I got back from them. Maybe it will answer a few questions for some people.

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns about your application messages. Please be assured that your applications are being sent to the employers who posted the jobs. If you receive a reply, you’ll be able to view the full conversation, including your application message, by visiting the Messages section of your account.  Just find the message, open it, and you'll see the full message thread. 

    Please keep in mind that Premium Members are able to reply to your application messages. However, Basic Members may only reply to your messages if you are a Premium Provider Member. To increase your chances of receiving a reply to your applications, we recommend you upgrade to a Premium Provider Membership. 


    Sooooo....basically that second paragraph seems to say "good luck cuz you ain't getting an answer" 

  • Newbie here :) I couldnt see any messages unless I paid as well :( Is there anyway to see if your application has even been viewed?

  • I truly do understand the frustration. Since I am also having the same problems.

  • As a sitter looking for a position I too am frustrated at the lack of responsiveness. I know from a few that my application can be rejected if I don't meek their needs, but 1-2 out of a number (that I lost track of) applications have done so. I have  statistically had very few responses. The ones I did receive didn't read my bio, that I provide in the messaging as well as on my profile, to know what I provide/am looking for.  I have also received more scam responses the actual families, and a few of the families  act like they want to hire me and then just stop contacting me after about a month of back-and-forth.

    Though I haven't had any issues, as I read above, with seeing jobs or applying to them; I do feel I must ask why would I want to pay for an upgraded version of something that doesn't seem to be working. 

  • If a caregiver has a position then they might not be on care that often. When they do get on they may feel like it's too late to respond to your message. I would definitely go the route of creating a job posting.

  • Are you looking for a nanny/babysitter position or a tutor position? People might think you are too old to watch their children. In my honest opinion I would consider 71 too old if I was looking for a sitter/nanny for my children. My mom is 68 and watches my great nephews and she has a hard time keeping up with them.

  • I don't think so.

  • I guess they want you to pay to work but if you can't work how do you pay?

  • Question. Do all of you who are getting responses have your Facebook linked? I am wondering if these moms who need care but don't want to pay a membership can contact you on Facebook?

  • I think we must all have patience. I found that being active everyday and reading all of the new positions and answering them promptly helps.

    As for the applicants...just keep looking for an applicant that meets your needs. By the way I am available ASAP. look me up...Lucia Hyduchak, New Holland, Pa.

    Thank you, Lu

  • I also have applied for several assignments and no one is responding they also have to pay additional money as well I asked my present employee to give me a review he was trying to do so went into the system he told me that he would have to pay additional monies he refused So Care.Com is is pulling monie from all of us got every service
    That is no right

    Very Disapointed I'm getting off the site

    • They don’t have to join the site. If you send them a link to review your page they can do so without joining. - HIDDEN from Chelmsford, MA

  • I would suggest posting a job instead of just reaching out to individuals. I know as a nanny, I am quite leary of a message only sent to me. There have been numerous scams involving and I try my best to stay out of situations that look suspicious. Also make sure your family profile is filled out and has a picture of any adults that would be in contact.

  • We have had the same problem. We really need help and we've sent a lot of messages with very few responses. Additionally very few providers have their hours listed. Any best practices that have worked for you, please share!!

  • So sorry no one has been responding. I am always applying to positions for morning and night sitting and weekend sitting and no one has been responded so I understand your frustration! If I can be of any help please let me know. I have been in childcare for 5 years now and love children! Hope you find someone your looking for!


  • I am also surprised how very few responses I have received. I still have an open position for September!! I never had this problem before!!!

  • Thank you for opening this issue to discussion. I have had the same frustrations with finding a caregiver who not only follows through, but has read the specifics of the job description. It's been helpful to hear both sides of the story. I adjusted my hours and the tasks to see if we could get more interest from qualified caregivers with no luck. I don't know why it was so hard. Maybe the new restrictions, maybe I expected too much. I do have 4 kids:) We are now going with extended care at school, but for our kindergartener, he'd rather be with a caregiver and I could've used the after school activity help with my older 3 kids. Best of luck to all.

    • Hi Courtney,

      I can tell you at a caregiver it could be the amount you are offering to pay for 4 children. Make sure you are offering a competitive salary and include extra for gas when driving the kids to their after school activities. Just a few suggestions :)

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • Hi Shannon- You have commented before on families not paying enough for 3 or 4 kids. What amount would you say is fair?

      HIDDEN from La Canada Flintridge, CA

    • I live in Illinois and I would charge at least $25 and hour for 4 kids. Most people here only want to pay $10 to $15 an hour for 3 to 4 kids and I pass right over those positions. I have no idea about California. I know there’s a much higher standard of living there than here in Illinois

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • That’s what I expected. Thank you for your feedback.

      HIDDEN from La Canada Flintridge, CA

  • I've sent tons of messages, and only have three responses, so I'm exact opposite. I hate it. I adore children, have half my apartment set up for them, and nothing lol

  • I'm having the same issue.  I've got a real need to find someone, which is why I agreed to sign up and pay for this service.  I've posted a job and had only one applicant.  I also messaged about 10 people and asked them to consider applying.  The site indicates the time they typically respond to messages, and I eliminated those with long response times, but still not a single response from my messages.  Seriously disappointed in a paid service that isn't working for me.

    • Anita it could be what you’re offering to pay, the number of children etc. Could even be the area you’re in. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • I’ve had the same experience which is why I repost my ad. The worst part is that I’ve had been set-up about 5 times by almost too good to be true people. It’s very disappointing especially when we are hoping to find someone to rely on. They don’t even send a message to say they can’t make it or they changed their minds. I feel like they are false ads just to keep me paying.

      HIDDEN from Gaithersburg, MD

  • Working parents that need childcare are very busy.   It may take them a week to respond. I also think there is a large amount of applicants for every position / job. If you standout with the quality of your message and just happen to one of the first respondents you have a better chance they will eventually respond to your message  

  • I agree.... if we have to upgrade in order to reply to our caregivers why will require them to pay also. It only makes sense for pocket not the users.

    I hope things go back the way they were before the upgrade.

  • I am a caregiver and have had a similar problem with people not responding too. It seems that since changed everyone is having this issue. I have used in the past and not had this problem. Very frustrating!

  • I am new to and found the responses to this question to be both enlightening and discouraging. I paid a total of nearly $90 to upgrade and while I've haven't been at this very long, I would at least like to earn back my investment! I am a K-Gr. 8 tutor in Orlando, FL. I figure when report cards come out I may get some frustrated parents looking for my services. 

    I am a retired elementary teacher, age 71, in excellent health, and look younger than my age. Do you think parents think I'm too old? Please be honest!

  • I would definitely ask the person you are applying with  to please forward a reply so you will know how you stand.

    Also, the extra few dollars to upgrade are quite worth it.

    I treat applying to as I would any home based business. I am there everyday, answering and applying. I pay for upgrades as needed. I schedule interviews often. I prep for the interview, dress appropriately and present myself in a positive, calm, and reassured manner.

    So far my efforts have paid off and I have applied once, last year in 2015, been with the same family since 2 weeks ago.

    I am moving on and I started applying again last week and I was hired with a new position yesterday.

    Thank you for enhancing my career!

  • I was worried that not paying for membership would hurt my chances, but looking at these posts, it does not appear to make a difference. 

  • The saddest part is that some of us babysitters apply to many jobs but we don't get hired. It tells you you have a higher chance of getting hired if you upgrade however some of us don't have enough money to upgrade and that's the reason why we are looking, and to send a message you also have to pay as well as applying for a job there is limited FREE times you can apply. I think they should give at least the messaging free.

  • I'm a caregiver also, no surprise, having an extremely hard time communicating with potential families. I'm concerned that they are just not receiving my messages. Is it worth it for me to upgrade and pay for a membership to fix this problem? 

  • I'm a teen caregiver so I dont even have the option to upgrade, but will this affect me? Is this why a lady that looked like she might hire me after a handful of exchanged messages, stopped responding 3 days ago?

  • As a caregiver, I'm surprised at how few responses you're getting. I've answered every response I've gotten from the applications I've sent out (granted, that's only been about 4 from about 70). I even really appreciate the people who let me know that they're not interested in me (as long as they're polite about it of course). I'd rather know than keep hoping that I'd hear back from them.

    I purposely make sure I don't apply for jobs I wouldn't be interested in or couldn't fit in to my schedule... perhaps some caregivers are just lazy and send out mass messages to every potential job? Seems like a really bad practice to me though...

  • I'm a caregiver and new to this site. I am using the free membership..can someone please help me understand how it works? When I answer an ad, can the family see my reply? Thanks in advance!

  • I have the exact same problem. I apply for what seems like a job with a great fit and no response. It gets frustrating not knowing where the response you took the time to write, is ending up. My other big complaint is interviewing for a job  and then the family not having the decency to at least email to let you know somebody else has been chosen. If I took time out of my schedule to meet, then a response one way or another would seem like common courtesy.

  • I have applied to a handful of jobs with no response from parents. Can you guys see all applications, or just a handful at a time? 

    • I can see almost all my applications up until a certain date, but I can see all my messages from even years ago - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • Caregiver here. This website is not what it used to be. They nickle and dime you for every little thing. I've had a few responses to a few ads I applied to and got hired twice from families who post on here, but that was a long time ago. 5 years. That's how long I've been with my current family but the job reached its natural end. The kids grew up. But, like I said makes it very difficult for families and caregivers to actually connect. I've lost a lot of faith in this site and it's darn sad because this site used to be my go to place to find nanny positions. Now with the new layout as well. With only being able to see one position at a time instead of a whole list of them where we used to be able to sort by relevance or post date. It's quite annoying and takes double the time to look through the ads. I'm in Jersey. I would like to see ads in Jersey first before looking at Philadelphia ads. The new layout does not have an option to sort the ads that way. This website has become very frustrating for caregivers and families alike. To be honest, I've been thinking of closing of my account. Another thing is that families who only need part time help show as full time. Whats the deal with that? As a career nanny with 15 years experience it should not be this hard to connect with a family. Sorry for the rant, but I've reached my limit with this site.

  • Thus site is the biggest fraud. Anyone can say anything and they don't check them out. Better off going to a live service. At least they are checked out and will show up

  • Same. I have applied to many and do not get any messages back.

  • I used to find a job 4 years ago. It was quick and easy and the job was wonderful. This time around I can't even get a response from jobs I apply to. Since I'm also a parent I have a family account also, and I got so may responses to a job I posted that I could not possibly respond to all of them. I had to pay a lot to upgrade to a premium account, so I feel like there's there's no good "in between."

  • is telling me I have to pay to upgrade my account to premium in order for anyone who needs a nanny or sitter to view my application. I also have to pay for a back round check If I don't want to upgrade but they're pricey, and for teens or adults struggling with money right now it's hard. The whole point of was for people to make side money or use as a full job not take my money.

    • I have an upgraded premium account and have paid for the background check. I have sent out over 150 applications. I am not sure if the parents posting are not seeing my applications or if they are just not responding. I have to make a decision about renewal or cancellation. Its very frustrating.

      HIDDEN from Charlestown, RI

  • Very interesting that we might not be seeing responses from families after applying. I did have a women say she needed to resend her message because she didn't think the original went through. I just upgraded my page so hopefully this changes. Thanks for all of your responses, this was helpful!

  • I am in Virginia Beach, VA. I have been on for two months and I apply at every job. I have received two declines, likely because I am an active 59 year old retired Navy Veteran and young people may think I am an old "fuddy-duddy. It is too bad, because I have a lot of love to give. After I retired, I had my own day care home registered, licensed, certified, and monitored by the military. I was a foster care mom for children aged 5 days through 3 years and 4 years to age 18 for 11 years. I wish that I knew the Secret to being hired

  • Try Sittercity .com

  • I completely understand where everyone is coming from. I have belonged  to for over 7 years. At first it was very easy to sign up no money was required and had lots of jobs Come Thru. The response time was quick.  In the last couple of years they've completely changed their format. It seems like all they care about is money. I have filled out over 10 applications and I might get one response a week back. I used to brag about this website and tell all my friends about it because it was so great and so easy to use. Now it's a headache and frustrating just to get a job on Very disappointed. 

  • Some responses from client stating that they are moving in your area and want your resume is not legit one came to me like that could not tell me where their residence was but kept asking for s resume I declined that assignment

  • I have had this problem as well. 5 years ago I used to find a job (a family I still nanny for to this day) and it was so easy, I applied for 3 positions and actually had my choice! Those kids are starting into school so I am looking again and I have applied to at least 30 jobs and got maybe 6 responses. I did get tricked into upgrading because I had a message from a family I couldn't view only to find after I paid the $20 that I didn't actually have a message! I emailed immediately wanting my money refunded and was told I couldn't because I had "used the membership" and was also told as long as 1 party is "Premium" whomever they message can message back. So if these families aren't paying they don't see my application?? Not happy with this time around.

    • Wait a minute!!! If the families don’t have a premium account they won’t even see my applications? No wonder I’m not finding a job!

      HIDDEN from Charlestown, RI

    • Hi Leah,

      I was tricked to upgrade to premium in order to see applicants response. I “might” understand the fact one of the parties should have premium membership in order to communicate each other, after all this is way for to make money as a business. What I don’t understand is why it have to be so darn expensive. Over $20 is a lot of money…

      HIDDEN from Brooklyn, NY

    • Yes, both caregivers and the persons seeking caregivers have to purchase the premium fees in order to communicate with each other. And if you, as a caregiver, wish a non-member to write a review for you, they also have to fork over a bunch of dough to do so. Isn’t that lovely? - HIDDEN from Fairhope, AL

  • This might be helpful... this explains the "point system"

  • With having no problem to charge you when your subscription runs out, I would expect they could also have a money back guarantee.  We are having bad luck finding a reliable sitter as half the people who have been active and you try to send a message or reply to never respond back.  

    • This site is not what it used to be. Everybody has to pay now, and applicants/applications get lost in the shuffle a lot. I have not been searching for the last year because I had two long term assignments. What a shocking disappointment when I recently started looking for my next family! The site now takes my money and then asks for more, even though I am not working! If a family’s job closes before we have exchanged personal contact information, I might just as well kiss them goodbye forever. Even though I never used to do it this way, I now am inviting prospective families to contact me directly after our very first communication. Somebody who runs the system obviously realized that they were not making enough money off us. Shame on you! I read a post yesterday where folks are wondering if this is a scam site. Very disappointing - HIDDEN from Winter Springs, FL

    • Kay - I am fairly new to and only started using it this past year, but when I was looking for caregivers, ALL of them provided their personal contact info (phone number) to me after our initial contact. I assumed this was normal, but after reading this discussion, I see that it is not the norm, or at least that it was not that way in the past. I was able to find my caregivers very quickly and easily, but now I thinking that maybe this is because we had exchanged phone numbers. Do most caregivers on this site get paid through the website/app as well? — I understand that people want cut corners where they can and not have a website taking their profits, so I just went along with it and never asked any questions… - HIDDEN from Rockaway, NJ

  • We have been having the same issue.

    I am a little disgruntled to find out that they have changed things for the caregivers and made it harder to respond to job postings.

    I paid for the basic package earlier this year and received 3-4 fold the number of applications for job postings.

    My husband paid for the super supreme upgrade and I have now been searching for almost 4 weeks and have had to resort to going down the list of caregivers in the area and contacting them individually to see if they are available and interested. Needless to say, with the extra couple hundred dollars for the upgrade, I am not happy at all that I now have to put in hours of extra effort each week to get less than half of the applicants that I was getting before.

    We will be switching to one of the other services as soon as our membership expires.

  • The site as it is currently being operated is extremely discouraging. Communication fails are now common, and money is being extracted from everybody. Aggravation is, unfortunately, what we are buying these days. What used to be a quality site has been taken over by greedy operators and many of us are left wondering what we have done wrong. This is despicable!

  • So far we have taken the approach to simply post our ad and wait. The fact that sitters/nannies seek us out as opposed to us hunting them down shows us that they are motivated and willing to take the lead right off the bat, both qualities we look for in a sitter.

    I'm reading some responses about upgrades, etc on this site though and that worries me. I guess we'll see how it goes next time around!

    • I as a job seeker purchased the premium and applied to several child care postings. I think the problem lies not with you, the job poster, but with - HIDDEN from Fairhope, AL

  • As a care provider I run into this situation often. I may apply to 20 jobs and hear back from maybe 3 or 4 people. I think that some care providers don't keep their accounts up to date once they find a job. So they may look like they are available but they have already accepted a position. I try to respond to every message that I get even when I am employed. I think that many people once they get hired they just stop answering messages.

  • From a caregivers perspective I have applied to a lot so I cant imagine why someone with a job would not be getting many replies! Is playing some sort of game that no one understands whats going on? Seems so.

  • I'm a babysitter but my issue is is no one response or they decline me. All I'm asking for is a chance and a job.

  • I'm having the same experience. I'm premium, background check, references, and I'm featured. I'm well over qualified and I interview well with children. I am struggling to even get a "no thanks". Do the caregivers really have to pay to even read my message?? So is all they can do is view my profile?

    It makes me feel as though I should leave my email name in my profile. Something like I have another form of contact with If you want to contact me my username with this is amanders87@.

    I know that's round about but I feel like its not fair for the families. Or us to have to pay so much to find work. =(

    • It has gotten so bad that I added my phone number to my profile. Somebody in site admin removed it. They take money from everyone these days, and the response rates are terrible. By the way, after you pay, keep an eye on your ‘account’ page because they will re-up your membership if you don’t go in and actually cancel. Watch for this! - HIDDEN from Winter Springs, FL

  • I want to mention again that your 'membership' will be automatically renewed unless you go in and cancel it. I agreed to upgrade for three months but the response rate is so terrible now, I'm not spending any more money. My 'accounts' page shows that I will be renewed in January. N O T !!

    Watch out for this, everybody

    • and if you do cancel you lose all your badges, high response ratings etc. So if you want to renew your membership later you will have to start all over again - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I always try to answer messages in a timely manner. A lot of times I'm just not available due to other bookings or messages seem like scams, but I always give a polite message and wish them the best on their search for a sitter!

  • I feel that I am also having issues submitting an application as a caregiver without a membership. Glad this discussion came about. May as well open the companies eyes to some issues caregivers and parents are having!

  • I've gotten lots of responses on "Care", but it seems the families do not want to pay much for childcare. I've seen people having 5 children and want to pay $10 an hour.
    My daughter went to an interview where they had advertised to pay between $15-$30 an hour and when she got there they told her they were offering people $12 an hour. It's terrible that people would stoop to lie and waste your time. 
    I don't think people should be allowed to do that. There should be a way to report people that do that, the way Seekers can report nannies.

  • I am really diasapointed at the cre givers posted on this site. At least ones who respond. I set up 3 I terviews 2 where no shows

  • Almost all of my messages go into my Junk Folder too. I missed out on a lot of positions just because I never checked my junk folder

    • Junk folder on your personal email? Or is there a junk folder on the site? - HIDDEN from Euless, TX

    • (posting this again because I don’t think it posted the first time)Your personal email junk folder? Or is there a junk folder on the site? - HIDDEN from Euless, TX

  • I am a care giver for children and pets and I can't pay for the subscription right now to read my messages so I started putting my phone number in my messages to families hoping that will help.

  • I paid the upgrade for three months in order to apply for jobs, however; from more than 20 applications I haven't received any reply.

  • I just joined and have the same problem when applying for jobs. It doesn't advertise that you have to upgrade to get jobs, Im starting to rethink this site. 

  • That is interesting...I am a care giver and I am quite qualified (10 years of experience, college educated, CPR certified, experience with twins/special needs children, etc) and I struggle to even get one reply back.

    But if I do get a message from a family I won't reply if they don't have a profile picture of their profile looks fake. Or if their grammar is horrible...I just have been almost scammed way too many times. So maybe make sure that your profile picture is up to date, maybe include a picture of your child if you are comfortable with that. In your message and add be as specific as possible about what kind of care you need, hours ,etc.

  • It's because doesn't show your job request. I have someone who I met who's was searching for my position and they never found it. Also, I tried searching for her profile and couldn't find hers.

  • I posted my job and have no issue with caregivers responding. What I DO have an issue with is that I have had two caregivers stand me up when we had confirmed times to meet. Personal cell phone numbers were exchanged and used. They will not respond to me when i ask what happened. What is going on??

  • I, too, am having the same problem as most here.  I apply for a position and either get no response or try to strike up a conversation and after a few questions ie where is your town?  or I really want to bring them to your house.  I put in my bio that coming to my house is a no go due to husband sleeping days.  I just wish that there was a way to know if the jobs I am responding to are being seen.  In my email program I can send a read receipt...why can't they do that here?  I have paid for a membership and I really believe it is becoming a waste of time and money for me.

  • I'm having the same problem I've applied for like 24 daddy babysitting jobs and I have gotten no response back and as well paid for membership and everything and nothing

  • Same issue over here

  • I am extremely disappointed by the lack of responses. I am a highly qualified caregiver pursuing a Masters degree in child psychology and have taken numerous child development courses. There has to be something fishy going on. I've applied to over 50 positions and received 5 responses. From those 5 responses I messaged back-and-fourth and was asked to meet with the parent and the child, multiple times.   I agreed to the meetings, ask them for a good day and time, and give them my number incase it is easier for them and NEVER hear back. I'm starting to feel like could have phony people on here to gain more caregivers to pay premium prices. It has been a HORRIBLE investment so far.

  • Im new to I hope that someone notices my profile so that I can make some side money.

  • My experience was definitely different -- I had no problem getting responses, but I am wondering if this has to do with my geographical location (very populated and competitive area within the NYC metro area, suburban NJ), or perhaps my membership status (i.e. premium member vs free, etc.)?? I hired two individuals from -- once in the summer of 2016 and again in Fall/Winter 2016.  At the time, I had a premium membership, and I got responses to both jobs very quickly (about 25+ responses each time), I interviewed several of them and hired the person that my husband and I agreed upon in each instance.  

    It's interesting to see the variance in experiences that Care.come users have had, and I'm wondering what the reason/variable for the differing experiences is.  Are the people that are having trouble finding caregivers/jobs using the free or downgraded membership? If so, it might be worth it to sign up for premium membership temporarily, until you have found a few steady clients/found the caregivers you need.  This is what I did.  I was paying for a premium membership while I was searching for caregivers, but recently downgraded my account since we have found the caregivers we needed and they have been working out for us, so I figured I don't really need the premium membership anymore...but we'll see how it works out.  I've found that the free membership version of a lot of these communities is essentially worthless and very difficult to use (otherwise how would they make money, I guess?). I'm definitely not a pro with this community yet, so we'll see if I made the right move for my family's current needs as time goes on...

    I've also noticed that some people mentioned that has changed its policies and requires caregivers to have to pay to view the full job details and pay to apply to each job, and I'm wondering when this change happened, to see if this could also be something affecting the difference in my experience and ease of finding caregivers -- however, it seems like these changes were made BEFORE I hired my caregivers, so this variable might have nothing to do with my experience after all.

  • Soooo does this mean I have to pay at least 4 months worth of premiums? ?? Wow smh.. I think I'm just going to go out on my own. I got a response to an application.. they asked for my number. I'M trying to find out how this works. .. if it's is ok to give my number out etc. .. lo and behold.. I find same person. . With different ad requesting care.. totally different schedule both are for his gramma????? Scam??? Perhaps... website trying to keep me hooked.??? Who knows

    • I’m on the other end of the spectrum, as I’m not a caregiver, and instead, I use the site to hire caregivers….but just figured that I would mention that many of the caregivers that applied to my jobs simply gave me their phone numbers after our initial contact, and this is how I ultimately hired them. I’m not sure if this goes against’s “preferences” or even “policies,” but I find it a lot easier to communicate via our own phone numbers rather than having to log-in to some intermediary site. I think it helps save time, is more convenient, etc. I do, however, always make sure to followup on to indicate that I’ve hired the individual, rate them, and so on… - HIDDEN from Rockaway, NJ

  • You may try Hailey Donovan. She used to be my babysitter but we moved. She's 14, and in middle school.

  • Please take this babysitting/ survey I made it will help answer some of your questions once enough people take it I will share the results here! Part 1 Part 2

  • Me to i paid like a total of 200 hundred on here and only got like 3 job offers in months you end up paying more to than how much you make in jobs and experience.

  • I'm disappointed too. Every day I apply to new babysitting and nanny positions. I have had 1 date night  babysitter respond with a job offer. I'm starting to think that the people posting the positions are made up and do not really exist. As a mother of 3 teenagers with a teacher's background, I have experience but it seems that no one wants it.

  • Hello guys! I'm having the same issue that many of you. I've applied to many many many jobs and I've got just one response. It's really frustrating because I' serious about looking for a job and I would like to have a fair chance here. I'm very well qualified and I have years of experience, I've taught in 3 different countries and in 3 different languages, so I'm used to deal with all kind of kid's personalities. Do anyone knows any other site that offers a better service???

    • Unfortunately I haven’t found a site that parents frequent more than “Care”. There’s, but I have had NO luck with people on there…just scams - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

    • This is the problem with free sites, like craiglist, as another example. They are very prone to scammers. It’s never in the beginning, when the site is new and still “underground,” so to speak, but once the site gains the attention of the mainstream media, sometimes it’s hard to keep it free and keep it safe, as unfortunate as that is. Personally, to me, time is money, and so I just sign up for a premium membership on here, angieslist (before the free version), and so…and I really feel that the money I am paying for the 3 months or so is worth a long-lasting caregiver. This is probably different for those that are using the site to find work, but as a family in need of caregivers (or contractors in the case of angieslist, etc.), the ease of using the full functionality of the site to get what I need done quickly and efficiently, and then just cancel my premium membership until I might need to hire anyone else in the future (but I’m hoping that the caregivers I currently use will continue to work with me for well into the future). - HIDDEN from Rockaway, NJ

  • Hi there, Would you be willing to work in Charlotte? I am looking for a nanny for my 3yo and 14 mo. 😀😀😀

    • Wow totally looked at calender wrong. Must still be out of it! 😜I fell sick Monday 26th after christmas (holiday) then called in Tuesday 27th. Wednesday 28th. And was told not to come back to work till Tuesday 3rd. So that week had “2 holidays” and then this week has holiday” - HIDDEN from Newton, NC

  • Who decides if the ad needs credits to apply? Is it random or did the person putting out the ad purposefully do it?

  • Wow! So many people saying they have to pay as the Caregiver.

    I have been on Care for 4 years. I am in California. I signed up as a Babysitter Nanny and have expanded my profile to include Senior Caregiver, Pet Sitter, House Keeper and Errands.

    I have NEVER been requested to upgrade to respond to a potential job.

    Perhaps those that are asked to upgrade are for people who are not members. I know some websites work that way.

    I have put HUNDREDS of applications in. HUNDREDS!!!! And I Rarely get Replies. I know that many families set up an account. Put feelers out. Then never pay. So they can not answer the responses.

    I have built a wonderful clientele. It takes time, patience, and persistance.

    Perfect your grammar and introduction. Make your picture professional.

    I saw someone here say that Care should monitor the pictures better. That they see inappropriate clothing, activities and what have you. Well. WHY would you want Care to censor that. As a parent myself, I would totally appreciate seeing that because then I KNOW I would NOT be using that person.

    It is impossible to know someone from an online profile. So watch out on both ends. Look for danger signs and FOLLOW YOUR GUT! This is no time to take chances!

    Don't make your First Strike your Last!

  • Oh wow lim sorry Tri s site called

  • I have submitted many applications and am a qualified babysitter and rarely do I get responses. It's highly upsetting.

  • Personal I have been babysitting for 5 years and over the summer i place 60+ applications with people looking for care givers and only heard back from 5. As college ramps up I tend to check every other day. This is probly the best website i have found for me but, i wish the parents would also realize that i am a human and i don't provide instant feedback. 

  • I was told by CARE.COM Representative that one MUST be on the PREMIUM(UPGRADE) version on this site, otherwise, you WILL NOT be able to receive and/or read the messages from the families unless they are on the site with the PREMIUM status. Either the Caregiver, or the family, MUST BE A PREMIUM MEMBER. It didn't used to be like this, as I wasn't on premium, and yet, I used to ALWAYS get responses. Now, I replied to 42 applications with NO RESPONSES! SMH... must stop always looking to make money, and look to keeping business from the many customers they do have. have helped many a people, and they are FREE. WAKE UP AMERICA...WAKE UP CARE.COM!

  • I am having the same problem, except I have applied to have 50 families looking for a nanny, yet no responses. I am at a loss on what to do

  • I agree also, very disappointed and looking into ending my subscription when the 4 months is over

  • NEW Long Island childcare provider, with a Special Education teaching background. I have faith in this site. I believe like most things it is timing. Good luck to us all!

  • I am having problems with the opposite responding.

  • I am having the same problem, it is so frustrating. I just don't understand the whole pay to apply thing, it makes no sense :(

  • I'm looking for a babysitting job I can help

  • The funny thing is they sent me a message and when I responded with an interview some of them declined the interview!! And the others confirmed and skipped!! I had an interview appointments with more than 20 and met with only one!!!!! Like what the heck!!

  • I guess it works both ways. I am a nanny on and I answer every single message even if it is a kind decline because I am grateful to anyone reaching out. I apply to dozens of jobs and hear back from maybe 1 out of 15. It is a bit frustrating but it has always worked out and I imagine it is just because everyone is busy?

  • I have applied to several job requests and although I thought I would get more feedback and it is disappointing I believe it takes patience. I have worked for 3 different people now. One of my clients said she got 3 responses within minutes of her request. Its all about timing and consistency. I check daily and sometimes hourly. I have met some wonderful families. Keep applying!

    • I agree, Diane. I also think that people need to take into account what settings they have for their notifications. I work a full-time office job, and I’m pretty much on the computer all day (and then, of course, I get my email right to my cell phone as well), so I have my notifications sent via email as soon as anyone responds, and I’m able to see it and respond essentially right away. I also have the app on my phone. I can’t imagine having to log-in via the web just to check if I even received any responses! I can see how this would cause great delays in people’s responses and make it seem as though no one is responding to a job or an application - sometimes by the time someone does respond, the job might be filled or the caregiver might have found a job or filled that time slot on their schedule, etc. - HIDDEN from Rockaway, NJ

  • I'm having this same problem, and I've also had two people apply and never answer my response and a third schedule an interview and not show up, so I have no idea what happened there. 

    I hate that they made these changes after I paid for a 3-month stint. I'm now stuck having paid through October for a service that's no longer useful.

    • From a caregiver view we now see how many people have applied to each job. Every job I see it says 15-50 applicants! I wonder if this is even accurate. I saw initiated settings for parents where they sift through applicants so you don’t have to - maybe you aren’t seeing everyone who applied? I’m sorry to hear of your negative experience. It seems something off is going on with for both families and caregivers. I also think more people are trying to be sitters and nannies because they think it is quick easy money so it is more difficult to find a professional and reliable nanny. Good luck. - HIDDEN from Neptune, NJ

  • There is something going on with I am a nanny and have been using since 2009. I've always gotten plenty of messages and responses up until this past year. I apply to dozens of jobs a week and hear back from 1-3. I have background check, 5 star reviews, connections, badges etc! I know recently started sifting through applications for the parents - maybe this is an imperfect algorithm and some good candidates are getting lost in the sauce so parents never even see some of us. Luckily, I have always ended up finding a great fit with time and patience. 

    • Kirsten, I’m in NJ too and have never had an issue with getting responses. Do you think this has anything to do with the geographical area that we’re located within? I was surprised to see that so many people were not getting responses, especially because I had received so many of them (when looking for a caregiver). I posted 2 jobs in the last 6 months and hired a caregiver each time, eventually closing out the job. Each time I posted the job, I got about 25 responses within 1 week. - HIDDEN from Rockaway, NJ

  • I've applied for SO many jobs on Sittercity and have not gotten one response. I have gotten many on Care

  • I have had zero responses, and have applied for many jobs.  

  • I'm new here. I've applied to 20-30 and received 1 response (a day late) .. I responded but was 1 day late. ..

  • I think it has something to do with people forgetting about this website and not having the proper notification settings. I've had plenty of people respond a week or two after I've sent them a message. Though like every one else, I've also had problems getting responses to my messages. 

  • Homemade smoothies, peanut butter and cut up apples, string cheese, homemade healthy mini muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt with a little granola on top, pretzels.

  • Hi Ashley!

    And also hi to all the people reading this question. I've been using to find nanny/sitter jobs for about 5 years and I came back to find a part time dog walker for my cute puppies and I got a little overwhelmed and discouraged after I saw the price for the membership.

    I'm currently doing a little social study for my sociology class related to nannies and families. If you guys have a chance to help me get a good grade I would appreciate it! :) 

    This is the link to my google forms:

    Thank you and good luck 

  • I have been on this site for many years. I have encountered a few jobs as well. But, I have observed a couple of frustrating facts. I was listed in the top 5% of Caregivers in my area of TX., with my lovely profile picture showing as well. On September 29, 2016, my background check had expired. Keep in mind, I'm currently and actively, seeking employment. I log in EVERYDAY, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, applying to 5 or more positions, per day, throughout this website. However, because I did not renew my background check right away, I observed that I went from the top 5%, to the top 10%( or so they say), but noticed my profile picture was gone. And I looked over my profile, and there were now, inconsistencies. I have always had a car, yet, under the childcare profile, it showed I had no transportation. And under the Senior care profile, it showed that I was a smoker, and I never smoked a day in my life! Now, one could ask just how these erroneous marks appeared on my profile, however, I've come to the conclusion that "YOURS TRULY.COM" has done this sabotage. I KNOW I DIDN'T. I even received a message from a perspective employer stating she never saw any of my messages.(Still have the message as proof) But there enlies WHY no one has contacted me from the 28 applications I've placed. (And many of you too) So, I have now paid the $63 to renew my background on 10/11/16 early morning, and low and behold,(late last night) my profile pic popped back up in the top 10%. Ummmm, seems pretty fishy, don't you think? I do not pay for the upgrade, as I have been there, done that, with no greater outcome. I can only PRAY, that God will produce a resolve so we ALL can become gainfully employed. God Bless Every One Of You!

    • Kesha a similar thing happened to me!!! The credit card they had on file expired which I did not know and since they could not automatically renew my membership my response rating went down and down everyday, even tho I answered EVERY message within the 24 hour response time. When I gave them an updated card, all of a sudden my response rating went back up to 100%. Care has become a greedy money making scheme. 3 years ago I had luck finding a position, but this time I found my current position advertising on the FaceBook sale sites

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I'm coming across the same problem. I'm a highly qualified care giver with glowing references and i get one reply for every ten I send out? I was starting to think it was my profile picture or my bio... I hope something gets worked out with because they are going to lose a lot of service if no one is benefiting from the site

  • Hi everyone!

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or a main income!)

    I'm doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey it takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple. 

    I'll be very happy to share the results of the study with the community.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I never had that issue before, that explains a lot. Thank you!

  • Hi everyone!

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or a main income!)

    I'm doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey it takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple. 

    I'll be very happy to share the results of the study with the community.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Thank You for that info

  • my concern.....have gotten responses from clients who are "moving here in a few weeks or months" requesting resume and references.  I am serious about work but dont really trust these responses to be real.   have nt upgraded my acount.  if is so cncerned about safety and fraud etc what cannt i confirm that these responses are real?

  • I am having the same problem.  I have contacted over 100 families and have only been contacted by 10 or so.

    It is very frustrating when so many people post jobs and just don't bother to respond. 

  • I've seen a lot of caregivers and families who don't have the courtesy to update their availability. I try to keep my profile and availability up to date and I do reply to let people know I'm no longer available or I'm not interested in the job offer and I like when people do the same. It feels better to have some kind of an answer than no answer at all.

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! Each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or main income!)

    I’m doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple.

    I’ll be happy to share the results of my study with the community.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I am having the same problem, but atleast now I know Im not the only one. But now i am worried if I am even going to get a job. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. This is my first time on

  • I am having a lot of problems too

  • I likewise have applied numerous times without any responses. It is indeed very disappointing. I wholeheartedly understand families have to be very careful in their selection; however, I keep applying in good faith in hope that once I'm ever given the opportunity to serve in the capacity as a caretaker; my outstanding care and performance will speak for itself and lay the foundation for future opportunities.

  • As a nanny and babysitter i always respond even if i can't do the job. I'm sorry a lot of sitter's/nanny's aren't responding. I feel it's professional for people to communicate no matter if they can or can't do it.

  • I agree Try

  • Although you may have heard this before, it may help to make a post about  needing a sitter. Then, local sitters will be able to see your post and apply and you don't have to upgrade ( I believe ). But I also get that problem as a caregiver. Many applications are left unanswered, and jobs are eventually closed.

  • Make sure you, as caregivers, are putting the right info into your applications! I know when I first got on a few years ago, I applied to tons of jobs but was never hired, not even responded to. But now, highlighting my credentials, experience, and references, I get a response about half the time (which is a lot better!) Give it a few days and if the family doesn't respond, move on. Flakey is probably not a quality you want in your employer anyhow! :) 

  • I haven't had any responses either. If I do get a response, and I send them a message back, I don't never hear from them. Not sure what is going on. Especially with the new set up, I have been having a lot of problems. I didn't even know it was changed,

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