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What's the easiest way to clean mini blinds?

We’re having a heat wave right now, and I'm totally not complaining. I love the warm weather! But when I opened our windows today, I noticed that the mini blinds are filthy. I dread taking them down and washing them. Is there an easier way to get them clean?


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  • Turn the blinds all the same direction, with a soft cleaning brush wipe away the excess dirt. Then open the blinds again and from top to bottom wipe each individual blind down with a dusting cloth and cleaner. Then reverse the blinds and start again. This has worked great for me when I am tired of looking a dirty blinds. 

  • I use a Bath Tub With Hot Water and TIDE DETERGENT or BLEACH, I take the blinds down , vaccumn or Swifter dust them first,  let them soak for 30 minutes. Pull them out, hand spray rinse them and wipe them dry, re-hang them, CLEAN BLINDS!!

  • I agree with Mikala, the best thing you can do if it's difficult to clean with just cleaning solution and paper towels is to soak the blinds. Soak them in a bathtub of soap and water.

  • put water in the tub, either soap or laundry detergent and wash the dust off, semi dry with towel and leave it outside so it csn dry

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