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no response from applying from nannying positions on

Why haven't I received one response from applying for about 10 different jobs for a nanny on I have 10+ yrs experience, Im a mother of two, and one of my parents I used to nanny for left me a 5 star rating. Tons of great references available. Anyone else having trouble with this website and connecting with parents??

  • Yes! I’ve applied for at least 15 jobs and not one reply. Frustrating! - HIDDEN from Saline, MI

  • I have applied to over 235 jobs in all of the fields in the past 2 months. I’ve gotten 2 responses. One said the position was filled, and the other said she would contact me a week later and didn’t. Strange that I don’t qualify to feed a cat for a day less than a mile from my house. - HIDDEN from Montgomery, TX

  • I signed up to find a housekeeper. I was mislead to think this service was free. I was informed that I would be contacted by interested parties. Well, when I tried to respond to an applicant, I was asked for payment. I could not respond without making a payment first. I will not be using this service. I cant figure out how to take my post down, there is no option to remove your post. You cant cancel/unenroll… sucks! - HIDDEN from Kansas City, MO

  • No one ever gets a job if you upgrade still no job nust take your money - HIDDEN from Rochester, NY

  • I have the same problem. - HIDDEN from Kissimmee, FL

  • It’s totally a rip off just to take people money.. - HIDDEN from Tupelo, MS

  • Yes, I applied to jobs in Madison, AL and in HSV when I lived in northeastern Alabama. Also am constantly applying here, even for low paying babysitting.

    I suspect that the parents are signing up for the free account then not hiring because it costs them to respond to us!

    HIDDEN from Brooksville, FL

  • I caught on to their little way of deceiving people who are trying to find jobs. I began putting my direct contact information in my applications to each job. I even save that message and use it for future jobs sent to me. I alter it if I need to, but I have gotten half a dozen jobs by doing it this way. Because the website wants your money, and still not be liable for anyone who doesn’t get a job. I won’t upgrade because the few jobs I have landed have multiplied through word of mouth. ..I think its best to have your own background check done, and tell that to the customer’s in the application. - HIDDEN from Lincoln, AL

  • I saw in another thread that a woman who was looking FOR a nanny said she is only able to see 5 applications at a time. If she wants to see more she has to eliminate some of the first 5. Kinda sucks for us caregivers. But that maybe why people are not getting replies. If you are not in the top 5/10 your application may never get seen - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • Some jobs have as many as 80 applicants. Imagine having to view so many apps. It is better to look at the jobs that post at least a month or so out. - HIDDEN from Houston, TX


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  • Yes I have had to deal with this also. I have been told that families receive so many responses they don't always get back to them. I think it should be required to get back to the caregivers that are applying and at least let them know that you have found someone or thank them and say they will let you know. We as caregivers need to know that our messages are recieved and could use some feedback. Families should consider this.

    • Completely agree! It’s respectful, I hate to be left waiting for a response, - HIDDEN from Madison, OH

    • I agree with you. Even a very short message letting me know they are not interested would be appreciated. - HIDDEN from Meridian, ID

    • Yes, complete agree w you!! - HIDDEN from Daly City, CA

    • HI!! HI!! I have apply to tons of jobs around my location and 1 out of 20 gets back. I have noticed that many are fake accounts to steal your info to use it on their own search (i found a girl who posted to my job posting, when I was trying to find a part timer for a previous family I worked for, she pasted exactly what i have said). others are exactly the same families with different names (just watch for same location and job offer… when is similar its because is the same person.. you might use different words or pasting of you qualifications and that is something that will be negative and will be seen as desperation}. just write a short message about your experiences and what will you offer accordingly to their needs. You can copy/paste your messages but edit it based on their requirements!!

      HIDDEN from White Plains, NY

    • Some one contacted me and wanted me to send my information to them .. It was a scam . When I try to answer the email it was not a real email address . I think these people are out of the country . And they just want you to up grade to get your money . It’s a , scam to play into it to much go some where that you know is legal - HIDDEN from Charlotte, NC

    • The whole site is a scam - HIDDEN from Charlotte, NC

    • Vanessa….tell me more about your experience with scammers….I’ve gotten contacted by text from phone numbers in Miami or the southern border of Texas all claiming to be moving to my area and willing to pay $30/hr for my services. Their texts seem to be broken English…. - HIDDEN from Fishers, IN

    • Hello I have been employed by two different people in my area, and worked for them untill their loved one passed, but this time around I am experiencing the same as many of you I’ve had applied to many jobs and the ones that responded were scammers, and one that seem legit Nevers responded again and yes I’ve up graded and had reviews so I will wait and see, Carol D from Grand Island, Fl. - HIDDEN from Grand Island, FL

    • I’ve been applying and no one hasn’t gotten back to me I’m beginning to think this website is fake! Very disappointed - HIDDEN from Loganville, GA

    • I have just been informed via email (after having an issue with my applications) “basic members may only reply to you if you are a premium member” In other words if there is a person that I send an application to that has the free membership or a basic membership they can not reply to me if I only have the basic membership. I have to have a premium membership. I feel this site is very deceiving. I am very disappointed. - HIDDEN from Leesport, PA

    • I agree with you on this. It would be nice for them just to let us know they received the application, even if we are declined the job. - HIDDEN from Bradenton, FL

    • I agree! A simple short & sweet message would be helpful so we feel appreciated. I just started on here and have not got any responses yet. - HIDDEN from Canonsburg, PA

    • Omg Kris… do not respond to those they are exactly what I read about involving scams!!! - HIDDEN from Mchenry, IL

    • I agree, I have applied to several jobs, and would at least like a response one way or the other, that way I know. - HIDDEN from Cuyahoga Falls, OH

  • Yes, I totally feel your pain. I will get maybe one or two responses per 25 applications that I submit. I think it is just part of the process though. Some families may not be consistently checking their messages. They may see a tiny detail in your application that they consider a deal breaker. They are screening us just like we are screening them. If I see something on their profile that turns me away, I do not apply because I would rather hold out for a family that is close to perfect for what I want. They are likely not willing to settle for anything than their ideal, and well, I am not a perfect match for every family. I would rather only the ones who think I would be a perfect match to message me anyway. It is a game of patience and persistence. Taking advantage of all of the improvements has to offer also helps, such as background checks or being featured for a week. It costs money, but it could help draw attention and get you that job you have been waiting for!

    • problem is the back ground check is expensive and so is upgrading especially if one is unemployed looking for work and finances are tight. I recently had a back ground check done, and it was cleared even though it was through a prospective employer. - HIDDEN from Yuma, AZ

    • I have been on for several years and have gotten several jobs. I will say that my age, experience, and reviews have helped me to get a leg up. If you have anyone who can do a review for you that helps. There are so many nannies applying for jobs. Families get overwhelmed with all the applications. I recommend looking for a nanny agency in your area. It cost nothing to be in one and if you are good, you will stay busy until the right job comes along. I got a lot of short term gigs and vacation sitting in my area through an agency. Also, there are mom pages and nanny pages on FB. Get on them all. Good luck! - HIDDEN from Mount Pleasant, SC

    • Did you have I pay to in order to read messages? - HIDDEN from Mission Viejo, CA

  • I have gotten responses by scammers also. I've been applying and only bogus replies. I have so much experience too. CPR, AED, EMT and 12 years on an ambulance. I just sent out another request today for senior care and if I do not hear back, I will be cancelling my agreement with Care.Com.

    • I’ll do the same. I’ve been applying maybe 40 times. No responds. I move to pro. But not even one family replayed. So frustrated. - HIDDEN from New York, NY

    • Omg I’m going through the samething when this site was free sometime ago I had no problems getting a job now that they are charging to get jobs I get absolutely know response it is very frustrating I joined the site looking for one but I didn’t join to pay for it. - HIDDEN from Pine Bush, NY

    • I applied for 2 jobs this morning and it popped up that I had to upgrade so they get my message. - HIDDEN from Norwalk, CT

  • I was having the same issues! After I upgraded, I literally got 2 responses and had 2 families contact me, without even applying for a job. I think if you don't have more than the free profile then your apps aren't even seen. I think that people should at least respond that they're not interested, they've filled the position, they'll contact you if a change occurs, etc. I feel like that's feedback for me if they just say why; lets me know what I need to work on to better my profile/ experience for increased consideration of future postings...

    • It is concerning when you meet a family, and then no response. Most be something they didn’t want, but, then, that would mean a less then perfect match! I keep forging on. This is the best site thou, others are full of scammers. :) - HIDDEN from Hallandale, FL

    • I stopped being contacted when I applied for jobs on this site after the site introduced the “pay to upgrade” feature. Now that I have paid, someone has contacted me. I also have a problem updating my profile. I am primarily a Nanny, but I’m open to tutoring and pet care also. Whenever I pull up my profile and calendar, it refers to tutoring or pet care, and I think this may be affecting my chances at being considered for childcare. - HIDDEN from Atlanta, GA

    • That’s not true. I’ve never upgraded and I’ve been hired twice and offered another three positions I had turn down, I never even applied to two of them. It just depends on your area an what those families are looking for. You probably just had bad timing. - HIDDEN from Centreville, VA

  • Yes! I have no idea why either.

    • get some references on the! it really helps. I have more job offers then I can possibly handle! Also, reply to all offers asap! - HIDDEN from Nashville, TN

  • Stuck in the same rut as all of you. I've come to believe 2 things. 1. Parent's place the free ad, realise that they have pay to respond and abandon the ad completely. 2. The ads are simply fake fluff, meant to make us believe there is work in our area, when there isn't. Equally both aggravating. At this point I don't even apply any more because if these dozens of daily added families REALLY actually need care then they can message me. I'm done chasing.

    • Dont give up i have gotten work on I find that you need to be warm and professional. And both informed and willing but not desperate. You are going into peoples homes in to the sacred space. Dealing with their loved ones. Its not so simple people really think hard about letting a stranger into their homes. You must be qualified and believable. Everyone has the thig that irks them. And if you rub someone the wrong way even a little that gut feeling will work against you. Especially in child and elderly care. If you are not getting work fix tour profile and change up your message. YOU are doing something wrong…. - HIDDEN from Staten Island, NY

    • Oh wow, good to know. I didn’t know families had to pay to respond! I hope I haven’t been applying to “fake fluff” … - HIDDEN from Canonsburg, PA

  • My best guess is that it has to do with your profile picture. I judge whether or not I'm comfortable with a babysitter on their profile picture first, then on their write-up. If the profile picture is glamour shots then I lose all interest. If the profile picture shows a sloppy person, I lose interest. I personally go for the pictures of people interacting with kids. I'm not saying this is your problem (I can't see your profile picture from this page), but it's something to consider. Also if an applicant doesn't put effort into their write-up, I lose interest. If you have no creativity on your profile then I can't trust you to be creative with my kid. I hope this helps!

    • Great advise!!! - HIDDEN from Hallandale, FL

    • I don’t want a glamour shot but I definitely want a well thought out picture. I would take a glamour shot than some cell phone photo taken in a dark room. - HIDDEN from Helena, AL

    • Sitters should not post photos with other children. This violates very important safety and privacy concerns of minors and is a terrible habit. You can even be held legally responsible for doing so. - HIDDEN from Philadelphia, PA

    • I’ve been turned down because of how I look. And, I’m not talking sloppy etc. It’s personal because I’m not some gorgeous blond or brunette or whatever floats their boat.

      They don’t wan t me ‘scaring’ their children.

      HIDDEN from New Berlin, WI

  • Sally S: I don't know if it holds true for others, but I tend not to reply to parents who send me a cut and paste email. I take the time to carefully read every ad I reply to, and express WHY I feel I'm a good fit. I get a lot of the pre-written messages from parents that ask me to read their profile, without giving any indication that they've read mine first. In every instance that that has happened, everything they were asking for was everything I DON'T do! I have pretty good luck with the following: • pay for the membership. Remember that it goes in 6 month cycles, not 12! • pay for sitter spotlight • have someone edit your profile if you are not a strong writer. Be articulate and expressive. I know that's hard to do with this ridiculous 1,000 character limitation. There's not a lot you can say with so little space • create a file that you can offer to email to parents with more information (rates, tasks you are willing to perform, cancellation policy, etc...). Y'know... Everything that you USED to put in your profile. • download the app to see when you have a message on the go. Unfortunately, it can have a bit of lag time, but it's still good to see. Then respond. • use the search function • view the families who've viewed you. It's a little like on-line dating • take good pictures. Nothing with your tatas hanging out, nothing with lipstick smeared halfway across your face, nothing with you scowling and looking terrifying. Parents tend not to want people who look scary near their kids • get a background check. I have state and federal checks, and I tell parents that,so the check through isn't worth my time or money, but if you haven't it may be worth yours. • when you reply, reference a SPECIFIC point of their post, so the parents know that you actually read the job description and are not doing a cut and paste • use the parent's name, instead of just "to whom it may concern," or "dear parent" • use punctuation, consistent verb-subject agreement, use everything you learned in School House Rock's grammar rock! • try to ask a question of preference about the job. For example, "I see you mentioned having flexibility in the scheduled days. Would you prefer to set X number of days out of X, and have those become regular, or would you be more comfortable playing it by ear each week as your care needs arise?" Our profiles and initial contacts are our first impressions. Make yours an impression of someone you would want to leave with your kid, pet or elderly relative. Good luck

    • Great advice. I agree. I just started and did the monthly fee of $16 I think. I have had over 7 families respond and 4 message without my applying. I am older but still new to this site. I do agree with putting your contact in your profile in case the family is on a free to look basis. All great info I read! S. Rudy PA

      HIDDEN from Elizabethtown, PA

  • I feel even if you are the worst nanny here, someone emails, or at least views your profile..Only 2 have viewed me in over a week, and I would think with all the applications I have sent out, that someone would at least respond, even if to say thanks, but no thanks..This site is very weak!

  • I haven't got one response. I paid 20.00 to upgrade and still no response!!! Why????

    • Unless they pay they can’t message you. Unless they pay they can’t see all of your profile. Just bits and pieces but not contact information. This place is not what it says it is. I tried to put my contact information in my profile so that the unsubscribers could contact me, but no matter how I put it in there (even misspelling numbers) the site would delete it. I gave up. Run an ad locally in your paper or on Craig’s List. There are more stories of no responses here than success. Sorry… looks like you are in the same boat as the rest of us who thought this place was legit and forked over money. I am not on the site anymore. Jahala J.

      HIDDEN from Flint, TX

    • Ughh, frustrating. Thank you! - HIDDEN from Bradenton, FL

    • Hi! You have to make your Bio attractive! Write about your experiences with children and what have you learned. Ex: potty train, dealing with angry kids, etc. A little about yourself and what you’ve done or will do to make children engaged and happy, families just want to hear why are you a good fit, Offer references., Also, have the families that just interviewed with you write a review, have your previous employer’s contact info handy. I constantly get families contacting me. And I only apply to potential families. I don’t go crazy applying to 100’s of job posting. If you get the time to get to know you could easily noticed that the less you apply per they the more chances you have of finding a potential job. If you apply to 50 in one day and 25 wants to meet with you within 2-7 days then you’re in trouble, like, how are you going to deal with it? I know, you’ll pick the closest to you but that one is not as secure as the one 5 miles away. I’m on the top 10 in my area! Tip: always read carefully what the families are looking for. If you feel or know that’s what you can do then apply. Always talk about the job, and that you’ve done it (if you have) and end the message with, “I would love to know more about your child/ren and expectations. You’ll get contacted. P.S. I don’t pay for upgrades or premiums or anything.

      HIDDEN from White Plains, NY

    • Thank you. Great advice! - HIDDEN from Bradenton, FL

  • Anyone else having trouble with this website and connecting with parents

    • I had applied for petcare and a family found me on the website, for transportation, picking up the daughter. But i find i have put in for a ton of jobs, with no conversation or texts. I have almost been scammed twice but now I know what to look for. - HIDDEN from Las Vegas, NV

  • Chances are you're putting the wrong information in your applications and you're not applying to enough jobs. When I'm on the move, I generally send out 40-60 applications in 3-4 days. I get about 6-10 responses within one week. It is very dependent on how you present yourself in your application. You should be double-checking for content (that should only contain important information about your skills, capabilities, and child experience), grammar, and punctuation.

    • Agreed. I also carefully respond in each message to the family using the hiring person’s name, and commenting on exactly what they are looking for, stating how I think I can help…. Responding to an job post saying “let me know if I can walk your dog” doesn’t work. - HIDDEN from Walnut Creek, CA

    • That’s what I think also Lisa. I have had a great deal of success on Care, paid and unpaid account. I am an older adult with mad skills and no particula certifications. I have had 2 very successful jobs through this site. Soooo Just Saying?

      HIDDEN from Santa Fe, TX

    • I agree, I literally just started Care yesterday and applied to 47 jobs last night 3 weren’t a good fit but I am actually meeting one of the families on Monday to get more details. I think in order to get a job you have to be very consistent with applying and responding because it’s so competitive. Crossing my fingers this family on Monday works out. I’m a teacher on summer break so the time frame I’m looking for work is short. - HIDDEN from Sacramento, CA

    • I have been working for housekeeping positions. In two weeks I have already attained four great customers. I check in multiple times a day and apply for many. I would have to say my success has been great. - HIDDEN from Waterford, MI

  • Im having the same problem, I am cpr and first aid certified, I worked with children through a government agency and I was cleared by cbi and fbi but I have gotten absolutely no responses

  • I had the same problem. You have to be a member and pay $20 a month in order for parents to see your applications. If that's not the problem sometimes parents don't update their profile to say if the job is closed or not. You could be applying for jobs that have been filled already.

  • I'm having the same problem. I have an excellent resume and amazing references. I have 13 years experience, too. I've had two responses in the past month(I've applied to many), but after relying to them, I never got a reply back. It's very frustrating. You are definitely not alone.

  • I Haven't had any luck what so every in finding a job it's been over a year, I'm beginning to believe that this is a total waste of my time.

  • Whenever I come into a problem issue I call the company up to give me the answers that I need. I can not teii you on how to get a client. Because I am looking for work myself so only source I go to beside is Jesus.

  • I have had this same problem and am wondering if this site is a scam

  • I have tried for months now to get a nanny position. The thing I've gotten is scammers answering ads.Half the time it will not update my information. Then I have tried several times to unsubscribe from and it won't let me. I have a friend who was on this site and even after she signed up for premium package(where you pay to have a background check done). She got no responses either. I think it is just one BIG SCAM.


  • I am into taking care of seniors...put thru several applications, and rarely receive any information on them. I am trained and experience in that field.

  • I have no Idea. even I put in my application that I have trust line. Maybe parents don't trust

  • yea I haven't had any luck either just scams .

  • I thought I was the only one. I have been applying for over a year and a half and nothing. Scammers will reply but that's it. I have applied to over 60 jobs on here and nothing.

  • Yes I sometimes have trouble too. I feel parents on this site will hire a babysitter and will never delete the post.

  • I'm having the same problem! Have applied for dozens of jobs and no one is getting back with me!

  • KEY POINTS: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY APPLICANT. OTHERS MAY HAVE YOUR SAME QUALIFICATIONS. REFERENCES ARE A MUST. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE HELPS. BE PATIENT I believe it was over a year before I got hired on Then I got really serious about it. Added references, background check, video, good pictures, very in-depth bio.Still no responses. Then a family I applied for replied! She said at 30 applications were put in. 30!!! But mine was the only one with REFERENCES. References are very important. The more you have the better. And she gave me a 5 star review. And I have two other reviews. And then a week later I got a message from another mother. I was hired. And I DID NOT BUY THE PREMIUM SERVICE.

  • Yes, I'm having the same problem. I have the same amount of experience and also am the mother of two. I have excellent references & also have a 5-star rating from several of my clients. I'm very frustrated with this.

  • I can say that at most you need the basic background check, but you do not need to be a premium member. Honestly, most of my jobs, parents reached out to me or I stalked the site and applied within minutes of a posting. But also, some people, especially if using for the first time don't even know how to look at our reviews/references. I can't tell you how many people have asked for references because they either don't know how to check my profile or just have so many people to look at that they don't want to put in the effort. But I have gotten jobs from If you have the time, stalk the job postings. Make sure you have a strong 'application' if you want to be looked at again. Keep your availability up to date. My latest job I got was because of my Spanish minor. And they were looking for me. They didn't even post a job. 

  • Yeah I know. I went on here to get housecleaning. Job and was also mislead that the site was free it tells me to verify my email and i can't do anything. On the site unless I pay for it since when. Do you have to payfor a job application in mean REALLY

  • I had similar problems at first. I applied to dozens and dozens of positions without hearing back from basically any of them. (And by the time I did get a response, I had already accepted another job offer and no longer fit their schedule needs anyway)

    It takes time and a lot of patience. Make sure your profile is 100% professional and do everything you can to boost your rank on I only got a 3 mos subscription so I could try it out and see how viable was, it came with a free background check so  I didn't have to pay extra for the basics. By doing so, I was able to boost my profile and get myself out there.

    It took a few weeks, but now I have an inbox full of job requests. It's important to respond to any message as quickly as possible. Check your inbox at least once per day and be careful not to overbook yourself.

  • I can't get any responses either! I don't know if it's because I'm under 18 or they aren't on to see my messages. I really want to babysit but I'm not getting any bookings.

  • Don't feel alone. Years of experience, a related undergraduate degree with a related thesis, abundant references. I think it is just about people getting so many responses. As recommended by another user, I wish that there was a way for families to easily and efficiently get back to those caregivers that applied.

  • I have applied for countless jobs on care, but have yet to receive any replies. Finally families began contacting me directly first. This is the only way I have been able to book any jobs. I was on care for about 3 months before I heard from anyone at all.

    • I’m hopeful that I will hear from some families soon. If you have any other tips, please let us know.


      HIDDEN from Pittsburgh, PA

  • I have applied for lot's of jobs and no response only from scammers.

  • I've got 20 years in-home experience and I'm only getting about one hit out of 10 that I contact. I'm guessing parents get a LOT of responses and in sorting through, you and I, with our experience, are probably asking more than many of their other applicants. Make sure your profile is a polished as possible and keep at it.

  • I also was only getting responses to about 1-2 out of every 15-20 applications. I found that the more I applied, the more I would get a message back. Even if it was just them saying that I had great reviews and they would keep my info on hand for the future. I did revamp the way I was writing my applications which I feel helped a lot. I do have a few points against me which made it harder to apply, such as I don't drive and I have no infant experience. It took a few months to find something I really liked though and was a great fit, but I just accepted an offer last week and had to turn down 2 others. Helpful tip - Respond quickly to messages (and always respond back), it now affects your rating in the new Care Force program.

  • I would like to report that after applying to 67 jobs and interviewing with 26 families, I have finally found a job that fits great. Every family told me they received over 50 applicants to their posts. Some things that helped me... I would check the job post board constantly and apply right away if a job seemed like a good option for me. I definitely got a background check, my CPR/First Aid certificate, and added a video to my profile. I also highlighted special skills I could offer like previous experience with a newborn, playing soccer in college so I could pass those skills on to the kids, and swimming supervision. I would recommend making yourself a list of what unique skills you can bring to the job and then emphasize those in applications, interviews, and your profile. Oh and having a resume you can email over to parents is a great way to stand out from the crowd and show you are professional. At least that's all the things that helped me. Good luck!!

  • I found it just takes time and you may not be the right fit for the job. I am consistently applying for jobs and maybe get responses 10-15% of the time. Try changing the wording on your responses. I've been using for over 5 years and have had great success but it can be hit or miss depending on the time of year too. Good Luck!


  • I don't know what happen with, I'm in this web several years ago, and I'm working with child through, but 5 months ago, i have not received any offert of job, any answer, any advice, any emails, any calls from parents,??? and, i paid the membership, and nothing, what happen Can you answer me??

    • I noticed this response came from Florida. The reason you haven’t gotten any job offers is Florida is the worst state to live in. I got a great job on when I lived in Florida and when it ended, it got harder & harder to get a response. I moved to California about a year ago. Parents on are much more responsive here. I just got a job with a company a few months ago and hired yesterday for occasional babysitting. on so its got to be just the area you live in. I was in Florida for 13 years and was in the same position.

      HIDDEN from San Diego, CA

  • Could be what your asking for pay maybe?

  • It is worth the cost. If you are serious about this resource and finding work, make the investment.

  • I have had the same problem. I have been a private nanny for four years, have great contacts, and I have not received a response from any of the jobs I have applied to. I even emailed about it. I do recall at one point seeing a post on my account saying if I upgraded my account that I would be able to contact the clients directly....So my question is, than have they NOT been able to see my applications? I did upgrade, still waiting for better results.

    • Keep applying and make sure when you apply that you are letting the parents know that you love kids, love being a nanny. List your most recent experience and if they say they want you to take the kids to the park etc- make sure you say “I love taking kids to the park” etc. If they say they have pets, let them know you do not mind pets. Make the application personal. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • yes; I have been wondering too. Do you have to pay for "premium" and "pro" in order to be seen? What are others experiencing?

  • Me too! It's very frustrating.

    • Alot of it is the aera people live in. Florida is the worst. I was on there and lucky enough to find an awesome family for 2 years but after that ugh! I live in San Diego now. I have had great luck here on Care. Com because of the area. In Florida type in your zip code on and there are maybe 56-67 jobs in a 20 mile radius. Here in San Diego type in the zip and 267-400 jobs in the area come up.I have seen as many as 565 jobs at one time.

      HIDDEN from San Diego, CA

  • same thing with me I have applied for positions and no one ever messages me back

    • Pensé que era la única que tenía este problema, llegué a pensar que me habían sacado de, pero pagué la membresia y aplicó miles de veces y nada pasa, eso no era así antes, i don’t know what happen with, y el background checking es carísimo, cuando uno está buscando trabajo, una cosa que cuesta 5 dls o 10 en el dpto de Policía cercano, es un abuso, estoy decepcionada con😬 - HIDDEN from Miami, FL

  • I've applied for 50+ jobs and probably have gotten probably 2 responses out of every 15-20 applications, mostly to let me know they already are interviewing or to see that is notifying me that they rejected my application. Also, after applying and waiting, I tend find out the jobs were cancelled (meaning they were filled) or that the parents just never bothered to respond. I wait weeks and hear nothing after applying for counfless jobs. I have 6+ years of experience, clean background and motor vehicles checks, and I'm CLR and FirstAid certified. It's absolutely frustrating to have to deal with this lack of jobs as well as being almost 99% FORCED to pay for upgrades. I haven't yet and don't ever plan to. Its not worth the money.

  • Don't give up. Keep trying. When the time is right, a match will occur. I try to respond to every applicant, even if it's to decline. has some suggestions on how to get a response. For me, one pet peeve I have is to receive a generic response that the applicant spams to everyone. At the very least, you should specifically address your message by include the person's name. A generic greeting of "Hi, I read your job and feel I'm the perfect fit for the job. Please message me if the position is still available and let me know more details of the job". Good luck.

  • I am experiencing the same lack of responses to applications submitted. I have also paid for the service, background checks, & received reviews. Doing this did not change anything. I recently received feedback from someone on craigslist and she told me that they cannot contact us unless they pay to be on the site. I have no idea why they do not respond to applications unless it is because they are inundated with them.
    The main reason though is because they cannot send messages unless they pay.

  • One thing I noticed about the When you first sign up to care. com. You get a few responses. Either because you are new and your name is on top.  It gradually decrease . I must say, I found two job here so far, one for 2 1/2 years. Now just a part time. I received scammer reply. I received e-mail from family that asking for fix rate at very low pay.  I hope some people read at least how much you want to get pay. I did my background check to ease the potential employer and to get notice. I still get a  few response. Blah blah... To make it sure. Seems wants you to pay them more money to be on top. Basically to pay more to make the people looking for employer they are the best. I think employer are missing out the good one. Also to Invite people to rate your job or employer which I don't find it professional. Why you have to invite people to give you a good rating. Just call your previous employer to verify your experience or reputation.  More money for driving record also to get on top of the list. Common! My criminal background should verify it.  I am one of the honest and trust worthy with experiences in my field. More than 15 years. I work with family that can verify it.  Last note: I work 40 hours now. I got hired from other web sight. I am still looking for a part time, the reason my profile still up on

    Good luck!!

  • It sounds as though this may be a supply and demand problem: lots of supply and not enough demand. By the time a caregiver sends out their application, they may be the 20th response and it simply never gets read. 

    Additionally, one of the comments made it sound like parents seeking care may be getting lured into putting up an advertisement believing it is free and when they get bombarded with applicants they are unable to respond unless they pay for the website's services.

    Perhaps being more transparent to prospective families would reduce this problem.

  • I have used for many years. I have tried the free service and also upgrated to the premium service. I have definitely been able to get jobs using both methods. I always expect thought to send out about 100 emails just to get one or two back but eventually I always get a response and I get all of my jobs from They also have the cool new feature now that tells you how many applications have been received for any given job so you know how many your up against. Start your email to the family with something unique and catchy about you....always include a picture and be kind an answer anyone back even if it is not the position your looking for! Eventually the right family will find you! 

    • yes I indeed know what you mean..... watch out because I have applied for many jobs and all that have answered me were scam artists. I tried to report it to care,com and they would not accept it. I am glad I am not as uneducated as they think I am. They have tried to scam me 4 separate times for pet care and errands.

    • Yes scam trxt me¡ How permitted this? We can’t give any personal information to any person, only through, but i had not received any answer of the parents, and i applied several times and paid for membership, what happen - HIDDEN from Miami, FL

  • Hello, I have a similar dilemma to many of you regarding the amount of replies I get. One thing I noticed when sending job applications on this website is that my contact information that I freely share with employers are always blocked. This is a problem considering I found out earlier that certain families who do not sign up for the premium membership won't be able to respond back to certain applicants.

    This is frustrating, but I'm glad I stumbled upon this part of the website because it gave me a spark of hope to keep applying and hope for a response.

  • ive gotten one response out of all the ones that ive sent and I don't understand why!!!!

  • I am having the same problem! Over 15 applications and no one has replied. Makes me very sad. Let me know if this problem gets any better for you. I am hoping for some families to start replying but so far no luck.

    • I can see a handful of people having no response but it everybody that signs up. I am in the position to have this investigated i would really want answers to this site

      HIDDEN from Rochester, NY

    • I have submitted hundreds….NO response. - HIDDEN from Hackettstown, NJ

  • Same experience, paid a large amount of money for a background check and a motor vehicle record check, didn't receive any replies to well over 10 jobs that I applied to. Went ahead and filed a dispute and got my $ back. This site is nothing like what it used to be. I couldn't believe that even with a CLEAN background and MVR report, no one REPLIED. But then again, I guess location is everything.

    Still wasn't worth the hefty money I paid, so the dispute was necessary.

    • Honestly it does work, but you have to apply to WAY more than just 10 jobs. I have applied to at least 40 or more and I’ve gotten responses from half or a little less. Could be the area you are in too though.

      HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • Same thing happened to me.  I just found out that Care is now charging for a premium membership in order for our applications to even be SEEN.  I sent out over 20 applications and just found out that they were never viewed.  Care now makes Apply for a job" part of their Premium membership. Check it out. Ridiculous.

  • Unfortunately, not all people looking for a nanny or any other position to hire consider responding back to the applicants have contacted them. Once the person hires a nanny they just leave it as is and everyone else who has applied is left in the dust. I think there should be some type of system set up where the person seeking to hire someone should be required to respond to any and all applicants as a form of courtesy. 

    Also, maybe try looking at your account and comparing it to others to see if there is something you are missing in your details like a video or anything else that could boost your viewings. Best of luck on your future applications!

    • Great suggestions and advice. Thank you! - HIDDEN from Bradenton, FL

    • I agree they should have the seekers have to answer the nannies just like we have to answer them. Ive applied to at least 60 positions and only 2 or 3 were nice enough to tell me they had found someone already or that they decided to put their child in daycare instead etc. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I have the premium plan, am irst aid and CPR certified, and have experience watching 5 children at a time. I love watching kids so much. I feel like I have a very well written profile and I always tailor each application message to the nanny job I am applying for. Yet I never get responses. Do you guys think I need to change my profile picture? I was just being my happy bubbly self. All my professional photos I have are a few years old so i didn't want to post them.

    • Sarah, It’s a numbers game. Keep finding families, and applying! I have worked short temp jobs so I can build my reviews. Now, I have 6 reviews, and a 5 star rating! I see that the reviews are important to parents! Keep positive, and keep applying for the jobs you want! Good luck!

      HIDDEN from Hallandale, FL

  • Please know this service works!  Try to get all your reference spots filled.  This is huge!  Also, pay for background check, again makes the guardian feel so much more secure and confident in you.  And then answers asap all request.  Hang in there!  It works....less then 3 mths on and I have to turn jobs away

  • I went through this quite often. I think there are few reasons for the lack of responses. one, parents may be overwhelmed with so many applications. Two, they may not read or keep up with all. They may just pick the first one they got. Three, the methods we use to represent ourselves may scare them off. Lastly, I personally witnessed discrimination from So, I am not sure how much of its influence has impact the parents as well. Oh, yes, some parents never updated their advertisement...

  • I am on the other side of the coin.  We have posted three jobs on and have been so overwhelmed with applicants, it has been next to impossible to respond to all of them.  Each of our postings returned over 50+ wonderfully qualified applicants and trying to sort and respond to all of them has been a long process.  We ended up having to just choose our favorites based on distance and qualifications because there were so many great applicants.  I can completely understand how frustrating this would be if I were the applicant, but it may in fact be nothing you are doing wrong, there are just a lot of applicants.  Thank you for sharing your perspective though, I will try to be more considerate in replying to applicants for the jobs I post.

  • Yes!!! Same here....I am a mom of 2 teenage boys and I also have a 5 star review. I used to ask that they let me know either way so that I could freely make other plans. I would say 90% of people never even respond. (Of the ones that did, I got 1 job and couldn't match up times with another--the rest said they found someone). I even emailed to ask them to emphasize responding to us--as they ask us to do to clients--but they just said basically sorry you're having problems, they should respond and you should too. My profile is even screwed up saying I wasn't responding to messages--Um, no, I responded to EVERYTHING--even saying thanks for letting me know. But when I looked through the messages there were a couple I couldn't find my response to (I know I did too). said sorry, they can't fix it, it's generated by a computer. I did a general background check and tried the premium membership for a month--it didn't help. If you find out the secret, let me know :) Good luck!

  • The same thing is happening to me! I feel like a lot of families find their match and forget to tell the others that applied. Maybe they forget that they post on after a while, who knows.

  • I'm sure you think 10 applications is high, but depending on your location you most likely need to apply many more to get a response. I now work for a few families from this website, but I was applying for positions daily. Sometimes I applied for as many as 10 a day. There were times I got no response and times I got some response. Most parents get numerous applications from their posts. It is very hard to respond to them all. Applying to many, many posts will increase you odds. Also, I did not get much response until I had the Premium membership. Good luck on your search!

    • Seriously kust not me all over the states do you read all the negative responses nobody ever gets a job from

      HIDDEN from Rochester, NY

  • I receive from people that have different needs than what I have posted but I've received nothing from numerous applicants I've applied to.

  • Review you profile vs others online. Be patient. Apply to ads. Recently hired with excellent pay & awesome employers. "Everything works for good for those who love the Lord."

  • try I think that's free

    • Sittercity is only free to a point. Yes you can sign up but in order to actually have your posting live and on the site you HAVE to have a background check ( depending on where you live)

      HIDDEN from San Diego, CA

    • Sittercity only has scams emails. Do not try. Have patience with this site, same as you would putting out resumes. I’ve been a member on and off. I have a 5 star rating with 9 reviews. A babckground check only came into play recently, but I’m sure is great to add to your résumé. I’ve been on this site for 10 months. Read all the tips, and be patient. Apply to temporary or date night jobs which will get you reviews. Good luck!! - HIDDEN from Hallandale, FL

  • I am a nanny watch older kids at home clean watch them

  • It would be great if all families who have filled their position would post CLOSED in their advertised position. I have been very fortunate and found a beautiful family and full time nanny position in my first week on this site. They did post closed on their advertised position, much appreciated. I think in hindsight what helped me was responding to all new ads as they came out as well as stating that I was looking for longevity with a family. That's important for them to know you are not going to bond and then move onto something else. I hope this was some bit of help!!! Good luck to all! SR Lancaster, Pa.

  • I had the same problem that everyone is discussing. Until I upgraded to a Premium membership, I was not receiving any responses. My profile was probably invisible! 

  • I've applied to numerous parents and they've been rude and not even bother to respond. Or, parents say they're looking for full time care and it turns out they're looking for two hours here and two hours there or 2 days/wk. 


    I'm not sure how that falls under full time care. I'm also being turned down left/right because parents are overwhelmed by the fact that I do daily medications and g/j tube feedings at the child care center where I currently work. Why be overwhelmed by it? It's something I do as part of my job. As for being turned down, they do it because I'm asking for a decent wage or because they don't consider working in a child care center as experience.

  • I think something is wrong, I also only got response to about 1-2 of 2 months I have being applying for jobs

  • I have always had the same problem. Also, I respond to every email I get the very same day, yet my profile states my respond rate at 22 percent!

    • Me too! When they went to this new system I was at a 34% response rate! And they said they can’t fix it, it’s computer generated. (I FINALLY got like 2 people to respond they found someone and I responded thanks—so now I’m at like 67%).

      …Maybe the parents should have a response rate—then we can decide if we want to contact them. If I saw someone with our rating I would probably skip over them. (Which could be false too!). Why are we held to this response standard and they aren’t????

      HIDDEN from Lakeside, CA

    • You have to respond to EVERY message, even if the answered you’d with a “Thank you” - you have to answer again with a “you’re welcome” or something - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • If you fill out everything on the profile, get reviews, and make sure to reply to people fast I have found that it helps in getting replies. I guess that it makes you show up more for families looking for jobs. Don't waste your money on upgrading your profile. You can become more popular by just doing the free stuff. 

  • I don't want to delete my account or my profile but is there a way where I can just deactivate it?

  • I joined in 2013. With over 200+ applications with little to no family replies and the one I got, was a lunatic. isn't providing jobs. Just a fancy site and full of it. I have 5 years experience and that's not good enough. I cared for Special Needs older than myself and I can't get a job. They claim to have thousands of families in need of services. Why can't I get a job? It's been three years.

  • I have gotten 2 jobs out of this website, but I am having the same school-year family won't need me during summer and I have been trying for months to find a summer position. Some days I send out 10 applications! Most people never respond....I've beefed up my profile and always send professional messages...not sure what the problem is.

  • I'm in search of a live in nanny and can't find what I'm looking for as is. It is true we are picky I had a women reply she lives in Missouri and wanted me to fly her to Delaware to hire her.. No! I don't know you I can't see you I have no way to get any sense of feelings and I need Information.. Then another wanted to move in and her 3 kids.. Nooooo no no! I wanted and stated a women or young adult no kids a small pet okay lives in our state or can drive to do a meeting.. Like its hard to find a Nanny I bet it sure as hell is hard to be a nanny for a family when as one said we need to find a good match for us..

  • Quite honestly for people experiencing this, it's just sheer luck finding families that are looking for what you are offering. I have great reviews and am in the top 5% in my area but I still never get responses. I don't know what the deal is with that. Also, I would NOT recommend upgrading your membership (I haven't) it's not worth it. 

  • I think a lot depends on if you are a paying customer. If I may ask do you pay or are you using the free service?

  • I have noticed alot of people don't bother responding or taking down their ad so you know it is not available.

  • I had that problem for a while, but then I paid for the background check and it made a huge difference. I think being CPR certified also helps.

  • I am having the same problems as everyone else on this website. I apply to about 20-50 jobs on a daily basis ad I've not gotten one response. I even paid for the premium membership and not one person has even viewed my profile, yet somehow is saying that I'm in the top 10% of the profiles. How can that be, when no one is even looking at my profile? I'm pretty bummed I spent all this money for absolutely no reason.

  • i have been getting text messages from people that are saying that saw me and a friend needs help and give me a e-mail address. i text the number back to find out where they saw me and i get no response please be careful out there i think these are scams.

  • need to check your profile a nanny job is very demanding people are careful about putting people over their kids people also run back ground checks maybe its something they don't like seeing. good luck

  • I know that people usually respond to me when I apply. When I meet with them they tell me that my application was one of the more professional ones that they have seen. I would research how to word a nanny cover letter -which is essentially what you are sending out- and formulate something that fits you and your skill set. This is what truly helped me! Hope this helps!

  • you need to follow up with parents. what do you write in your messages to the parents?

  • It's discouraging but I did end up with a kind woman giving me a chance & wanting my services so I say just keep trying someone will ask for your services and it wont be fraud because I've had alot of issues with this.

  • I have had what I consider to be a good experience here so far.  I have a free account  - I am not a paying provider on the website.  And I haven't paid to run my own background check here...

    I've been using for three days and I've applied to 19 jobs.  Of 19 "applications" (because it's really just shooting the family an email), I've heard back from three people.  Pretty good odds! 

    I met with a family and was hired as a dog walker within that three days. 

    I had a phone interview with a lady who needs some help organizing her home today.  She said that as a paying "hiring family" runs background checks for her when she indicates she wants to hire someone.  

    I am meeting with the third family tomorrow.  So in what is now 3.5 days on, I have one hire and one interview down with one to go... All within what will be 5 days after I complete the third interview tomorrow.

    I did read that hiring families can have 30-40 applicants to pilfer through for one job posting...  I have also noticed that MANY of the job postings I have viewed and that show up in my searches are for people that have NOT been active on the site for 6+ months, so I have started to look at the last time the family's profile was active on the site before I apply for a job.  Yes, it would be nice if they took their jobs down if they are no longer active.  

    I also apply to all of the new jobs posted in the categories I am listed for within 24 hours.  

    As a provider who has a free profile, I do not believe that families can see my profile in their searches  - I THINK they can only see my profile once I have applied to one of their jobs... There isn't a lot of information on the site explaining how the thing works. 

    I have found that when I go to the site without logging in, my profile shows up when I search for things I want to be hired for...  And again, I am not a provider who pays to use this site.

    I was told by one woman, as a paying (paying for a account) hiring family, she had accidentally let her paid hiring family membership expire - so while I was emailing her, she was not receiving the emails and she had no way of knowing I had responded to her... Once she renewed her membership, my emails to her popped up in her inbox. She stated that when her membership expired her job posting showed as "cancelled".  

  • How long have you been on the website? It took me a while before I got responses, and then all at once a few families contacted me. Make sure your profile is up to date too. I'm also picky about what jobs I apply for because with the free version you only get so many a month. If the family's profile is not detailed I usually assume they aren't using the website seriously and pass. If you pay for a membership you don't have to worry about that though. Good luck!

  • Yes I have seen three people and no job as of yet. It is a little frustrating but hopefully one day someone will call me for a job. I hope that you will find work on this website too.

  • I am having the same troubles. What bothers me is that my contacts who really want to give referrals can not do so.  Every attempt to be a referral forces them to a page saying they must pay for a full membership just to post something.  

  • I had that issue too when I started here. I was constantly on looking for jobs and applying to multiple jobs a day with no responses. It was really frustrating. Then, I spruced up my profile. I made sure that I had references, experience, a little background about myself, good profile pictures, added additional services I could offer, and kept my availability pretty open. Sent more applications and still nothing. So I decided to just let people come to me after that. Took about 2 months, but I got a request from a family to be their nanny. One of the things they mentioned they liked on my profile was that I was willing to get CPR and First Aid certifications. They said that they would pay for my classes, because it was important to them that I be certified (they had twin premies, about 2 months old at the time). I started working with them about 2 weeks later, still haven't done the certifications (they don't seem to be worried about it anymore). About a month after that, I got another request to work for another family. I went to their house for an interview, met the kids, they loved me and hired me on the spot. That's when I started getting all the requests from families. Ended up having to hide my account because I was getting so many requests I had to turn down because my schedule was full. 

    BTW I am using the free account, don't have a video, and have not paid for a background check on my profile. 2 families have requested background checks though.

    TL;DR I applied to multiple jobs, got no responses. Waited for people to come to me and got flooded with jobs.

  • Thank you for correcting our grammar. I myself probably included.  I understand when parents are looking for Nanny who can speak or spell correctly. Most of us here are not a Doctors or Professor or Have a master degree, the reason most of us are in  I am not putting down the sight but take it as consideration. I worked with family, I take care their Mom. The family have a great Nanny. She always asked me to text the parents back because she wasnt good in spelling. She worked with them for 7 years. The kids are very smart. I don't think Nanny's poor grammar affects them. It is up to a parent. Unless they want to hire a tutor beside Nanny , and pay this Nanny well. English is my second languages. I am very thankful to meet families who see more than my accent but my qualification to do my job well.  

  • a few tips

    • log on every day to check newest postings and email families immediately.  they are more likely to respond to the first applicants
    • ensure you are personalizing your message to them, include details from their posting and include something personal about yourself in your reply
    • apply to as many jobs as you think you MAY want, just like getting a job online with any other website, just because you apply doesn't mean you're going to get a response, period.  Be realistic, there a lot more people applying than there are jobs.
    • update your availability regularly - if your hours of availability don't match what they need, then you won't be considered
    • put a friendly picture that depicts you as you look on an every day basis
    • have references ready to provide to families once they contact you, they don't have time to dilly daly.  I have families I used to work for always willing to give me a reference at a moment's notice.
    • proofread, proofread, proofread - that means your profile and email correspondence.

    I hope this helps

  • Hi, I have been on here for years and have always found an opportunity if I wanted one. I usually send out, on average, about 100 applications. From those, I get around 30 responses and pick a family from there. So it takes some time to find the good ones!

  • Just Keep at it! I have found some awesome opportunities!

  • You can't wait for them to reply. You have to keep applying to new jobs. Some parents don't have the time to reply to all the applicants. Some people reply immediately others take awhile. The best you can do is double check your photo, bio, reviews and connections. You said you have one 5-star rating, why only one? How many reviews do you have? The more reviews you have the better if they are positive. Instead of waiting for replies keep applying. You'll find someone that you gave up on will respond out of the blue. It doesn't hurt to send a second message either.

  • Reading all these feedback pertaining to, I am flabbergasted to say the least. I thought I was the only one having these problems with this site. I recently upgraded my membership to ''Premium'' status thinking I would see some differences in the service, and it is worst. They said upgrading to premium I would be the 1st to be notified of new job postings, I would be able to see who viewed my profile, well nothing of the sort happened. I only received job postings a day or 2 after posting (just like basic status). I am not able to see who viewed my profile. I have also responded to 10 or more jobs and I haven't received one response. I am beginning to think (like most people said) this site is a scam. Our information on this site have been stolen by Scammers pretending to be potential employers, hence, all the fake texts and emails we received from these Scammers, asking us for more personal information. I think should request a background check on potential employers just as they do the employees.

  • I have the same issues. I have applied to 50+jobs not one response and i have 15 plus years of experience plus great references. I even paid the monthly fees for six months and still nothing.

  • For this parent, I have several applicants that I need to respond to. I just get busy, and the "responding part" of the process just gets buried in other things I have to do. Before I know it, it's been three weeks and I still haven't responded to applicants. Not a good thing, I know, but the lack of response is often a "it's not you, it's me" kinda thing.

  • I am new to this but Id like to say it could be that the parent is nervous or overwhelmed with a lot of applicants and weaving through trying to find what they're looking for that is their best fit. I have 2 kids, my oldest being 6 and have never needed daycare or anything because their grandparents always helped out but now I have been looking and it's hard. Scary to have to trust a stranger with your precious children and allow them to come to your home and watch them and trust them with your other belonging while you're away. Also there's stuff in the media about bad experiences of babysitters or nannies doing odd crazy things and being a parent that freaks me out! I feel also a person could pass a background check with flying colors and have references but still have some secret flaw or history. That is just my opinion, I've had several applicants for my post and I've narrowed it down to 4 total, 3 of them I really like and 2 that are pretty much perfect by their profiles at least but still need to set up interviews. I am hoping I find the right one and able to trust and not have anxiety if my children are in good hands.

  • Totally have been there myself.  These changes in tactics seemed to accrue more responses: 

    -Personalize your application message (don't copy and paste mass messages)

    -Be personable and update your profile for the seasonal changes (summer care, back-to-school)

    -Follow up with another formal message after a week (parents are recieving hundreds of applications and yours might've gotten lost in the shuffle. Following up will put your application at the top of the pile when parents are reviewing)

    -Leaving my phone # in the messages worked the best I think because it let parents contact me and expedite the process of questions and communication. 

    -Answer ALL questions in your inbox because it influences your "response rate"..even if it's just someone replying they've hired another caregiver.  The system for seems to only recognize when you don't reply back, regardless of how tedious the response should be.

    -Be SPECIFIC in your availability and start date (in a few weeks, that next Monday or next day..etc); this helps filter your application vs. the vague ones.


    hope you have better luck and these tips help!

  • It can be difficult when applying for jobs. It took me quite a while to find them, but if you're persistent you'll find a good fit. From what I've heard from the families I've worked with, they tend to get more applications than they can possibly read through (sometimes literally a hundred messages from potential caregivers), so often people get ignored. Also, parents are looking through profiles for people who haven't applied and sometimes communicating with them first before going through the applications. Some parents don't update their postings once they find a nanny so it will remain available for applications (some families I've been hired for have done that and continued to receive applications for weeks after I started until they got around to updating the posting). Or they may have someone they are really hoping it will work out with but are leaving the posting up until they are sure so that they can review new applicants right away if their first choice doesn't work out. To be honest, most of the applications I submitted went ignored; only occasionally did I actually hear back from a family and only a few of those responses resulted in interviews. The jobs I've gotten, for the most part, have been from families contacting me directly. My advice: keep your profile up to date, have a background check available, and be quick about responding to messages. Promptness in responses is something that I have been told set me apart from other potential caregivers; parents really want to know they are talking to someone responsible and reliable and responding right away helps them feel more comfortable. Good luck!

  • It think it goes both ways though also. I'm a person trying to hire a sitter. People will initially contact me and after I send a follow up email, I hardly ever get responses back. After about 26 applicants, I only had follow up responses from 2 people. I have a general email saved so I could mass copy and send to all applicants explaining the job. If sitters are not interested, I would like to think that there would be a general response that applicants can use to say, no thank you. So I know from my point of view, it can become frustrating in that regard. After a while with getting no back up responses it feels like well...I did get two. I might as well just take one of those....

  • Your headline: no response from applying from nannying positions I would write: no response from applying to nanny positions Without seeing your profile my humble opinion is poor grammar. If a family receives 25 messages they're going to screen applicants. If I were looking to hire a Nanny excellent grammar shows that they're intelligent and that they care. I'd want someone who will take their time to teach my child accordingly. Hope this helps!

  • I've ad three responses so far. Two were scams trying to get my personl information and offering to pay me in advance and to please allow them to ship a special wheel chair to me, and pay him out of the advance he would send me. Sad that this happens. The third has been polite and I am applying to assist her at her wedding this weekend. I look forward to speaking to her, as I did not expect to be out so late today.

  • I totally feel you I myself was wondering the same thing. After applying to a position you never here back from any of the parents, not even a simple thank you but we went with someone else type of message :(

  • Here are some tips I would give you that I used myself:

    -Apply for jobs that are local or short distance from where you live. I would say 30 max. Families like nanny that lives close by in case they have emergency or a date night. If it’s long distance the family might be afraid that nanny will be late for work or stuck in traffic. To have someone local or short distance is more convenient.

    -When applying make sure you talk just a little about yourself-couple sentences will do-tell them how many years of experience you have, that you have trustworthy references, what tasks you are capable of doing.  In the rest of your application make sure you talk about how you are the right person to fill the family’s needs. Example if the family needs nanny to prepare meals, tell them you would prepare healthy meals for their children. If they ask for trustworthy nanny, tell them you are able to provide safe and nurturing environment for their children. That you would be a great help to the family with your experience. Depict the needs the family talks about in tier ad, and assure them you are able to take care of their specific needs.

    -Talk the same language the family talks. If the ad is short, reply shortly, if the ad is long, give longer reply. Read through the ad and try to use same words they are using, so you ‘speak their language’.

    -Give a sense of urgency-so they feel urgent to contact you. Example, tell them that you are about to make a decision regarding work, but you just saw their ad and thought that you would be a great nanny for them so you would like to talk to them today. Let them know where they can reach you and what time is best to call you. Families are always interested to find the best nanny for them and are happy to find the right person the sooner the better for them.

    -Be reasonable with the pay. If nanny asks too little or too much for the specific area/tasks to be taken care of, it’s suspicious. Asks what the family’s budget is and together find the rate both sides are comfortable with. You don’t have to even mention the rate in your first application.

    -If you feel comfortable include application with your number when creating a sense of urgency. Families like to talk over the phone to get more information about nanny and to get the first impression of you over the phone.

    -Don’t give up, be patient and when the pitch for the application doesn’t work adjust it. Get more tips here:

  • I have trouble sometimes too. I was thinking about adding a video.

  • Yes I also had troulbe. I applied to so many that out of all that I only heard back by a handful of people.

  • I haven't gotten many replies either, but I know it is only because parents and pet owners are very cautious about who to trust online! Just keep trying!


  • I don't know why you aren't getting responses. I have been on for 4 years and have been hired 7 or 8 times by really great families so it is not a scam.. I applied THIS MORNING for a one time deal and already been hired.

    • I am the same. I accepted a full time nanny position my first week and second family I applied to. It’s definitely not a scam, I had many inquiries. Sometimes it’s just being well spoken in your bio and honest. Keep searching folks. It’s worth the $16 for the basic status. I did wait however until the employer requested to run a background check for that to become available. Happy Hunting to all! SR Lancaster, Pa.

      HIDDEN from Elizabethtown, PA

  • I have applied to tons of jobs in this sight and only once received a reply. Plus it seems like they are only posting out dated jobs

  • I haven't received any replies to my applications but then again I live in a small town and the nearest town is pueblo so I think it narrows down my options

  • I have had the same problem. I've gotten more responses from scammers that from people truly looking for a babysitter/nanny. I think part of the problem is that so many people are applying for the available positions. So I try to frequently check to see if new postings are up. 

  • I get texts from people wanting a sitter and all of them have turned out to be scams.

    • I just received a text as well and it really surprised me. How do they get our cell phone messages? - HIDDEN from Pittsburgh, PA

    • Could you share your experience so people know what to look out for and avoid, scammed tend to generally stuck with the same storyline. Thanks - HIDDEN from Windsor Mill, MD

  • Well, first of all, is a great place to find a nanny job. It took me 4 months, and responding to about 200 nanny jobs, before I found my nanny job. So applying to just 10 jobs is not enough. You need time and patience. The reason for this is that there are more nannies than nanny jobs out there. So keep applying until you land something good.

  • It goes in waves. I have had that happen before and it seems like no one responded to me for months and then I will get several inquiries in the same week, I guess the only advice I might give is to leave your phone number on your profile for quick access to getting ahold of you. Good luck!

  • Hi! I am also having this issue. By no means do I have as much experience as you, but I am experienced. I wish that I had an answer to your question. I think that if we take the time to reply to users who are seeking child care they should respond to us.

  • The first thing that I would check is your spam folder. Perhaps your email is automatically flagging responses sending them to spam or junk folder. Don't forget to download the app to your phone. Make sure that you have a picture of yourself on your profile, check it daily so people can see that you are very active in looking for opportunities. Order an background check that includes motor vehicle records, and if you are not CPR certified, look into getting that, if you are certified, brag about it! If you are on facebook connect your profile to it so all your friends and hopefully their friends know you are a childcare provider with excellent references. I recently had a question about my background check and how it showed on my profile to others, I went on the facebook page and sent a message and received a helpful answer in a short period of time. Good Luck, it sounds like you have a lot to offer, take it to the next level with the background check and the CPR certification to show them that you mean business and kid's are your passion.

    • I want to add to this: I got lucky with one of the family. I worked with them last March 2016. for more than two years. She passed away. I have PTO for one month a year, holiday off with pay, their daughter gave me bonus for two weeks pay. When their Mom passed away, I was given two weeks pay to cover the time to search for job. I hope other employer would consider that employees need time of their own without having to worry of losing a pay check, mostly when you have employee that work hard for you and work with you for a long time. I got lucky with this family. Now, I work 40 hours, I don’t have the same amenity as the last one . My profile still on because I wan to add to my hours . I am lucky to find a job within a month. - HIDDEN from Houston, TX

  • I applied to probably about 15-20 and only heard back from two. Remember that there's a tons of people on here, and at least ten other people probably applied to the same jobs you did. Just keep trying, and do your best to stand out in your little apply messages as much as possible!

  • Yes I am too! And I have the same background as well! Something is definitely going on with the website!

  • try applying to less jobs so they can see your flexibility

  • Same here I have had 15 plus yrs & no response from anyone. I have applied for 10 babysitting jobs & I have heard nothing. So so frustrating!!!

  • I have received all my positions when I was contacted first by the parents. I have been on interviews and I was told once that this family had received 85 applications!

  • I experience the same issues as you do. I've had families respond to me months after that I have applied to the positions. The best advice I can give you is to apply to the position as early as you can, and sometimes you have to wait it out. I typically apply to every position that I can, hoping to get a response from someone within 3 weeks. Honestly, I believe that the families may not have the notifications enable to know that someone has applied to the position.

  • There is a lot of competition on this website. There are most likely hundreds of nanny's with the same great reputation you have. Also only having one review might not be enough to catch the attention of people looking for care. My advice would be to connect with other predominant Nanny agencies outside of to further boost your credentials. They can also help place you with jobs.

  • Keep trying! i have had that happen to me many times. then all the sudden, families respond quickly. So many Nanny/babysitters on, the GREAT ones are overlooked from time to time! Good Luck!

  • take a look on your picture profile, your background check, and your biography, Maybe there is a mistake that parents had notice and might not like it. Also, paying the premium will help you to find a job quickly.

  • Honestly, and this might sound harsh, but I've seen some jobs get up to 80 applications on a single job. Can you imagine, as a busy parent who already has so little time they need someone else to watch their child, reading and replying to so many apps? You're not entitled to a job just because you applied, especially only after 10. I read that someone on here applied to over 200 and still didn't get hired! I only applied to around 30, got hired twice and had to turn down another three offers. (I am also only a free member, proving the rumor that you have to upgrade for families to see you is complete bull).  It really depends on the area you live in and what kind of person the client is looking for. You gotta work for what you want, and there are a lot of people out there in our communities who don't have the privilege of applying to jobs from their home computer. It might seem like you have rough, but you could be doing a lot worse.

    • Wow, Jasmine! I hope you deal better with the kids you watch. There was no reason to be so, as you said, “harsh.” I understand that a lot of parents are busy….we all have lives. I can understand they are overwhelmed, but being on the other side it is frustrating not to hear back. You spend time applying and they don’t even respond. ( I have had some responses and some jobs but I have applied several times….and makes a big deal that WE respond when they do….they even penalize our response time! It would just be nice if they extended the same courtesy. But back to you….you were pretty rude, rubbing their nose in it …and then saying they need to work harder. You have no idea because apparently you put in for a few jobs and got them and turned work down, so your theory of

      HIDDEN from Lakeside, CA

  • I have had similar experience. I am just waiting, hoping that one of them responds and that it is a good fit for me... It is difficult waiting and waiting with no response..

    • I don’t know why parents aren’t responding to other nannies.I have been on for years , have been hired a dozen times sometimes by 2 famalies at the same time. I send out 20 or so applications and get 7 or 8 responses each time.Could be the area you live in .For example I was on in Florida and in my area of 20 miles radius there was 56- 67 jobs. I moved to San Diego last year and on in my area of 20 mile radius there is 267-565 jobs.

      HIDDEN from San Diego, CA

  • I know how it can be. I have sent MANY application messages out, only to not hear from quite a few. But I can tell you, having spoken to a few parents they do get A LOT of messages, so sometimes they can't go through all of them or they only look at a few. When you're getting a lot of messages for one posting it can be scary having to go through all of them.

    You just have to keep looking for a job and hope that someone will like you.

  • I've applied to TONS of jobs and only gotten around 5 responses. I was hired by 2 of the 5 and they are both amazing people with great families. Sometimes it helps sending followup messages when the job date gets closer or a few days afterwards. There may be some scammers on, but a lot of the people on here are great. Also when you apply to jobs, put a few things about yourself so they know you're a real person that isn't just trying to scam them.

  • I know the frustration and it seems like forever waiting for a response but depending on your city size and number of other applicants who are applying also.

  • Something to consider: Paying for the "spot light". Parents browse through sometimes hundreds of profiles. Spending the money to be at the top of the list not only saves a parent time, but insures that you are seen.

  • No problems! Maybe it's how you're applying to the jobs. Make sure you read the families profile and job description of what they're looking for.

  • This is a great website. But there are also a ton of care givers. Sometimes you will find people sometimes you won't. Don't get discouraged.

  • Maybe you should tell them more about yourself! Sometimes it can be difficult, I am just starting out and have not yet been hired. 

  • This is so frustrating, and I completely relate to how you feel. Keep in mind families receive many applications daily. I struggle with this because out of respect they could at least let you know. Keep applying, and one day you will get lucky!

  • Any updates? Don't give up! You will find the right job at the right time.

  • Keep trying. I get a response for maybe every 10 to 15 applications I put in.

  • I have the same problem,but these people are cheap wanting someone to clean a 4 or 5 bedroom house for 40 bucks I will not clean one for less than 100.I cleaned a house the other day that took 9 hours!!!

  • There is a lot of quality caregivers on this site. There is a 50/50 chance you may get the chance to be the caregiver for any given family. I look at this site as any other job and/ or interview. You will need to contact the parents yourself as well as respond to the ones who contact you directly and truly market yourself as one of the best caregivers available.

    • I’m having the same issues I’m only using the free service and I too can apply to several jobs in a day and I’m set up for alerts on so I’m applying right away and I may or my not get a response but when I do they will say their very interested but when I reply back nothing!! I leave my phone number like they ask but I too was wondering if they even receive it or if your only allowed one reply?? I’ve also had people ask me to contact them but can’t see their profile to get a number why is this?? Any suggestions?? I’m a very experienced senior caregiver and thought this site kinda did the screening for you and would make it easier for both parties but I’m guessing I was wrong about this site?? - HIDDEN from Troy, MO

  • I'm having the same problem.

  • Have you tried looking into being an Au Pair? 

  • Yes, but why is this?

  • Just Keep At It. I have found some great opportunities as well as re-connected with families I used to know from a previous Job. Stay Positive :)

  • Hi everyone!

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! Each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or main income!)

    I’m doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Karla need a sitter for one day I live in lake city please if you are in the area let me know here where I can reach you. Brenda

  • A link 14 Ways to Get Families to Respond to You on


    This is helpful!

  • Yea, me too I've never heard back from ANY of the jobs I've applied for. I'm well qualified, very responsible, and a recent University graduate. (I don't understand what's going on either...)

  • I totally understand what you are saying. It is so frustrating!

  • This is true go to It a free service you don't have to pay for everything

    • Actually sittercity is NOT free in every case. I was on there for awhile for free & found a great long-term job. It ended at some point when I moved & when I decided to register on sittercity again I did the registration just like before and then on the screen it says you have to pay $15 for a background check before we make your profile visible & before you can apply for any jobs.

      HIDDEN from San Diego, CA

  • Yes. I have been applying for senior care jobs and no responses.

  • think its a waste of time....ive been waiting forever.

  • It's definitely rough applying for jobs on here.  As they say, looking for a job is a full time job.

  • Yes I have applied for many jobs with no responses I have upgraded with additional monies as well I have asked my emplorer to give me a review he tried and told me he had to pay additional money to up grade to a premium he refused to pay additional this is not s very user friendly site


  • I'm having the same issue not sure if it's because I have a child of my own or not but I've only had 1 response in the last 5 months and have done a ton of applications

  • I am having the same experience. First I tried the free profile, I applied to jobs but I didn't get a single reply. I paid for premium but still no one replied to me. It seems as though no one is even seeing my profile or my applications. It seems as though this site is not working as advertised.

  • Me too! looking for a summer nanny job. Still no responses

  • You are not the only one feeling this way! I have applied to over 50 jobs and received maybe 10 responses if that. I've heard that in order for them to respond to you that you need to be Premium. This is only if they are basic. If they are Premium then they can respond no problem. It makes me wonder. What are the costs for the families??? I would love for families who are looking for nannies to speak up more!!


    Searching for a Nannying position has been challenging as well because they think that it is the same as a Babysitter. No. I'm with your children and helping them learn all day. I'm enriching their lives, not sitting in front of a TV. I'm certified and with tons of experience. Most important, this is my CAREER. I would never try to pay someone below minimum wage for a service, let along the care of my living, breathing child!


    It just baffles me a bit at the value on one-on-one childcare. But it's getting to the point where I feel like I'm living on this sight for hours a day just to get one response maybe. I've been following up, checking to see whose viewed my profile and messaging them and paying for everything I need. You're not alone!

  • Same here. I'm hoping a background check and reviews will help. I'm a premium member already.

  • I can't even get people to VIEW my profile! I'm highly qualified and check all the boxes. I've replied to 9 jobs and not one profile view!  Is there an issue with the search engine? I'm confused as to how this is working for caregivers when parents aren't even SEEING profiles??

    • I find that they want to go pay extra to see respond, extra for your post to be seen, extra for background check. It has gotten way out of control. You shouldn’t have to pay for a background check. The person looking to hire you should.

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      HIDDEN from Norwalk, CT

  • Same problem thus far. Has anyone tried sending their email in a message or on their application?

  • Same here. So many families say they need a caregiver like ASAP, but no response.  If they were waiting for and didn't get a response they would understand our frustration.  It should be required to be able to continue using the sight; even if it is only a "sorry position filled," or something like that. 


    Just wanted to update everyone on my experience.  I'm a paying premium member and I did everything I possibly could to make sure I could get to CAREPRO level to earn my badge and according to "be more visible and rank higher in searches". Part of earning the badge was replying to messages quickly (within 24 hrs). I replied to all messages within 1 hour.  My profile was FINALLY being viewed, even if more than half the people viewing it were from another state and/or looking for pet care when I have a profile for child care.

    After having the CAREPRO badge for approx 1 day, I was randomly downgraded to CAREFORCE and lost my badge.  I had received no new messages but my message response rate had dropped from 100% to 34%.  Again, I had received NO NEW MESSAGES.

    Of course this happened on a Friday and although I have emailed multiple times, no one will get back to me till the next business day.

    The loss of the badge through some error by is detrimental to me finding a job.   All the jobs I applied to now won't see the badge and I look less competent and committed.  I'm also probably not showing up on searches because my profile has not been viewed once since I was downgraded.

    So all weekend, when many families are most likely taking the time to search though their messages and profiles, I don't have the badge I worked and paid for.

    I fully believe is a scam.  I think they take your money and then make sure it takes you forever to find a job.  If you ever find one.  The longer it takes, the more you pay. It's a vicious cycle that lines the pockets of while immorally taking the money of people looking for jobs. Unbelievable.

    If you read through some of these posts, you will find other caregivers who have had the same problem with changing their profile and making it less likely they would find a job.

    I will be making them give me my money back and finding a more reputable place to find a job.  I will also be reporting them to the BBB.

    Good luck everyone!

    • Hey I am going to be a little late ! - HIDDEN from Columbia, SC

    • Same Rigth here i pay like 60 dollars for nothing no body anwer I been aplaying more then 30 and NOTHING - HIDDEN from Santa Rosa, CA

    • I have been a member for about 1 year. I have paid 3 times, for membership, 1 month only each. I have 11 reviews. This site is not a scam. They have a lot of members, and a lot of people applying. - HIDDEN from Hallandale, FL

  • I have the same problem.

  • I struggle with that too...and like you, I am quite qualified!! I think a lot of it has to do with how is operating now...I even bit the bullet and paid for a premium one month membership and paid for a background check too.

    • I finally got hired but they contacted me. It took about 3 months to get it. Good luck

      HIDDEN from Bradenton, FL

    • I have paid for the background check. Its just crazy. I have applied to so many jobs and I keep getting “upgrade so they can see your message. I’m beginning to think this is a scam. Every job that comes up has been posted at least a month age except for like 2 or 3 which have been posted days ago. Nothing current - HIDDEN from Norwalk, CT

  • I'm a new member. After reading everyone's experiences here (mostly bad), I'm quitting this site. Scam? Maybe. But there's no work here for me.

  • It depends on luck, but to get 1 response I applied to more 40. Just keep applying each day and someone will get in contact with you. Sometimes too much experience can lead to the parents automatically thinking that your rate will be the highest of them all. Don`t beat yourself up over this because there are many applications they have to go through. I believe that all of us sitters will work with a family right for us. Don`t force it and just see who responds. You are not lucky if they respond to you. They are the lucky ones who found such a great sitter like you. Remember that :)

    I realize when you sit and apply or jobs and just think about who will respond nothing happens. When I do my own thing and not have it in my mind, I receive a message from the parent. Just keep yourself busy, apply every morning when wake up, and keep going. Don`t look into too much. You may be perfect for one family, but perhaps not for the other. Each family is different and if they contact you, they will you would be a great fit for their family. 10 years of experience may impress one family, but maybe not the other. It all depends on who finds you and know your self-worth. Know you`re a great sitter with experience and something will come your way! 

  • Silvia In West Milford If you can watch 5 kids at the you are my hero
    I'm a HHA/CNA/PCT I apply hundreds of application still nothing I know my english is terrible but my service is is great I have great reference  still had no job after 2 month of paying Premium service 

  • Im having the same problem unfortunately, it's very frustrating!

  • I also applied for over 30 jobs and have yet to get any response on here.

  • is a very stressful no matter the pay is never enough 

  • I applied to several positions when first finding I only had one response but it was right away. I always put my personal contact info in the message.

    I also had one person contact me for a petsitting job I did not apply for. Which was great.

    I myself am seeking a petsitter/ housitter and I have to say that I don't find the website very user friendly.

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