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Is it common for teens to go through a phase of "I want lots of money and lots of nice stuff"?

We have tried to raise our kids simply, without a lot of emphasis on material things. I think they have had happy childhoods, but recently my younger son (age 14) has been talking a lot about how he wants to get a good job and be rich so that he can afford all kinds of pleasures for himself. This is not the way that I raised him, and I feel so disappointed! My husband thinks it's just a phase and we shouldn't worry. Is it common for teens to go through a phase of "I want lots of money and lots of nice stuff"?


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  • I think there can be a balance between simple and lots of material things. Though you have raised him one way - he may choose to live a different way. Let him get a job and see what it's like to work for something. You planted the seed and now it's time to let him be the gardner and see how he will come out. He's responsible for his choices and at this point you've done the work and now it's time to be the guide without judgement. Good Luck PMathis RN BSN MSP DC

  • Yes it is I am a teen myself and we know more than any adult thinks they do. everyone is pressured into buying new and popular branded things. If you were to go into school with a pair of sketchers on you would get teased either in your face or behind your back point blank. It's hard being a teen especially once you hit high school, so I understand your teen completely and try to be there for her and buy her new stuff once in a while to make her confidence get boosted. But don't just buy her stuff all the time talk to them about being themselves and not trying to get the most expensive clothing just to impress people they will probably never see after high school. They'd be lucky to have a parent tell them that because some parents don't care about their kids at all some children don't even have parents around. I hope my answer helps you.

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