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When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

If you feel like it is too much to handle then you know you may need help. 

How Can I Encourage Our Teenager To Be More Involved With Us?

Try and plan somethings that he is interested in. 

Do You Worry When Your Teenage Son Won’t Talk To You?

I would worry but he is a teenager. Is it different than normal?

How Do You Get Your Teenager To Come Out Of Their Bedroom?

Just keep extending the invitation. That's what my mom did. I was the same way. 

How Do I Get My Teenage Son To Learn About Cooking?

Spend time with him in the kitchen and make something he loves!

How Do You Get Into A Good Workout Routine After You’ve Had A Baby?

I just had to force myself to get up early in the morning and make it happen. 

How Do You Clean Paint Brushes?

Use a little bit of turpentine in the bristle of the brushes.