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What Is A Good Rate For A Senior Caregiver.

Depends on the billing rate for your area and how much quality of care you are looking for. Research on the web. Also visit

How Can I Make It Easier For My Mother To Travel?

If she has memory loss, do not have her travel away from home for over an hour and 1/2. If she has no memory loss, check with a mobility expert (a PT) and adjust your home, entrance, automobile, etc. If you need help for your wealthy parents with Alzheimer... more

Is It Selfish To Send My Mother To Stay With My Sister?

If she does not have memory loss, no - it's ok. If she has memory loss, like Alzheimer's keep her in her home. She will go down hill very fast in unfamiliar surroundings. For more tips on memory loss read

Advice On Hiring 24 Hour Care -

Complex answer. While the details are on . The skinny is try to have as few people as possible in the home. Hire privately and do a background check on that person. Come up with a system to track expenses in the same way you... more

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Live-In Care Vs. Assisted Living?

Assisted living is 1 to 3 short visits a day. It is for people or get around very well and need little to no supervision. Live-in care is for people who need a high degree of supervision and are comfortable in their home. For Alzheimer's, this is critical that... more

My Daddy Has Early Dementia And His Health Is Failing! We Have Inhouse Care For Him Right Now But Not Sure How Long That Will Last. My Question

DO NOT SEND SOMEONE WITH DEMENTIA to a nursing home until they no longer recognize their home. This is a common mistake that costs you parents the memory at a much faster pace. Please read for all the tips. If you need help for your... more

How Can I Help My Mother Decide Which Things She Can Get Rid Of?

Elderly do not get rid of things easily. If it causes stress, do not involve her. Become the trustee and make the decisions for her while she is not present. If you need help for your wealthy parents with Alzheimer's anywhere in the US, visit my profile.

Is A Garage Sale A Good Way To Help My Mother Make Some Extra Money?

If you are talking to pay for home The costs of home care are very high.