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New Hudson, MI

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Is It Okay To Quit My Nanny Job?

It is always ok to quit if you are being taken advantage of. I'd say either negotiate for more money or give them two weeks notice.

What Is The Daily Rate For Nanny?

Most areas under the table is $150, otherwise it is $200 a day for any shift over 8 hours.

How Much Should I Charge To Nanny This Family?

20 per hour or a set rate of $150 a day is fair in that circumstance. (That is for under the table pay) If the family wants to go through or similar to pay taxes on your pay then $200 a day is the going rate in the... more

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

15-20 per hour or if there are set, recurring hours then a daily rate can be discussed.

Is The "salary" Fair?

That sounds very fair.

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

If she is using your family car, no, but if she is using her own then a set amount per pickup would be fair.