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How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

Ask him if he would enjoy having a friend/companion to visit with play a few games, run errands with. Try and get creative.

How To Provide New Caregivers With Funds To Grocery Shop, Pick-Up Items For Senior.

Have the caregiver use their own money then you reimburse them upon them providing receipts. If you don't trust a caregiver with your money, how can you trust them with a loved one?

How Do I Know Its Safe To Go To Someone Else's House For A Job?

Great question. I personally try to find out the most I can about the family in advance. Then if I for any reason don't feel comfortable while approaching the home, I would make a call and cancel. My safety and those I care for are the most important.

What Is The Cost Of Companion Care For Elderly People Living Alone?

The united states average for assisted living is around $3000 per month.

How Do I Help A Parent Who Doesn't Want Help?

Keep trying, ask close friends and possible other family members to help by intervening to come up with a safe satisfactory solution.

Alzheimers At 64, When To Place In A Home

I believe that it is best if family members can be her caregiver, however the next best thing is seeking outside help.

Senior Care Information?

I would suggest setting up interviews with different advertised Senior care businesses, then interviewing individuals.