19 funny breastfeeding tweets from parents

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19 all-too-real breastfeeding revelations

These funny parent tweets on breastfeeding nail the good, the bad and the hilarious of nursing.

19 all-too-real breastfeeding revelations

Ah, breastfeeding. There’s so much to share on the topic. The leaking. The drooping. The poking your baby in the eye with your own boob. (What? You, too?) When you’re a nursing mama, few things are taboo.

From ill-timed dad jokes about plentiful boobs to what happens when your breasts start leaking at work, here are 19 hilarious, all-too-real tweets about breastfeeding. Oh, moms. You’re amazing. 

1. The Peloton has nothing on nursing

2. The bar is pretty low when you can’t get up

3. No one’s laughing here, bubs

4. It was the best of times, it was the boob of times

5. Mamas are tuned in, alright

6. Yeah, bad call

7. Touché

8. It’s kind of a wash

9. That’s a good way to measure 

10. Pretty much sums it up

11. Seriously, can a mom get some peace

12. Ever feel like a broken record?

13. Seriously, who cares at this point in the game?

14. A terrible byproduct

15. DO cry over spilled milk

16. Just missing one important thing

17. Truth

18. Well, this is awkward

19. Oh the power …

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