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How Can I Convince Parents To Pay Me Legally Vs. Under The Table?

The parents have to be fair with the salary, if they go of vacations of equal way to pay those days, because we the babysitters have expenses, like rent and have to eat etc. Benefits: Sick Days, vacations ,holidays, + bonuses.

πŸ€’how Do You Handle Work Days When You're Sick?πŸ€’

I have other trusted babysitters friends that can cover me in the position, if I am sick.

πŸ“ Do You Use Written Agreements With Your Families? Why Or Why Not? πŸ“

Actually, if I make the agreements in writing, it is recommended. because afterwards some families that hire us forget the agreements.

πŸ’°what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates?Β πŸ’°

they must be fair in wages, every day food, gasoline, etc. go up in price, it is usually every year. nanny or babysitter we have to have an agreement with the families that are hiring us from the beginning for the increase of salary and benefits.

πŸ† What Moment Are You Most Proud Of As A Caregiver? πŸ†

When they have told me that I have done a good job with their children because I teach them to write and read in math, or generalizing in care, at home when I help them and they tell me that I did a good job.

Which Educational Games For Kids Are Fun? Sources of multiplication games . Have fun!

What Are The Signs Of Dehydration In Children?

*Feel very tired * Feel dizzy when you stand * Have weak or rapid pulse * Are disoriented or confused * Have dade seizure * Haven't peed in 8 hours * Are to sick ( nauseated or vomiting) to take fluids