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Tyler, TX

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What Do You Use To Get Grass Stains Out Of Clothing?

Espro sports cleaner should work, just buy it and follow instruction

How Many Chores Should I Give Each Of My Children During The Week?

I give my kids around three chores a week but that's in addition to having them clean their own bed and their own dishes anyway

Advice On Pay For An Entire Weekend

Set fee of $150-$200 for an entire day

When Do You Start Your Spring Cleaning?

There's no rule on when to start but I normally try to start in the beginning of March

Where Do You Start Spring Cleaning In Your House?

my kid's closet and I will finish a room at a time before moving to other areas

Do You Make A List Of Spring Cleaning Chores?

yes I do, making a list will save you time, also will help so you won't forget anything

How Much Time Do You Spend Spring Cleaning?

I normally would take at least three days

Is It Wrong To Ask For A New Hourly Wage If The Job Has Changed?

no, communication is good so there will not be any hard feelings later