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Overcoming Me Time Guilt

When was the last time you spend time focusing solely on you? I know I'm so busy taking care of others that I often forget to take me time, and when I do get a chance to go out with a friend, go to the movies or read a... more

Tips For Cleaning With Morning Sickness

If you've ever been pregnant, you know how hard it is to clean when you have morning sickness! Just the thought of bending over to scrub the toilet or sniffing your ammonia floor cleaner makes you feel sick. Consider these tips that help you clean your house and take... more

Dividing Chores With Adult Children Living At Home

Last month, my recently divorced brother decided to move in with our parents. Unfortunately, the arrangement is very challenging, mostly because my brother wants to work, watch TV and sleep all the time. I had to encourage my parents to take a few steps as they divide chores with adult... more

6 Best Place To Donate Clothes

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this week, which means we'll have six more weeks of winter! Ugh - I'm so ready for spring! I think I'll start getting ready and clean my closet. I know I have tons of clothes I don't wear, and I can donate... more

How To Know If You Need A Marriage Boot Camp

It's unfortunate when a marriage fails. Just today, I heard that a good friend of mine is struggling, and she's thinking about a divorce. We talked about whether or not a marriage boot camp would help her. What is a Marriage Boot Camp? An intensive marriage retreat, marriage... more

How To Plan A Family Reunion

For years, my dad planned our annual family reunion. It's a day-long event our entire family looks forward to. He's getting tired of all the planning, though, and this year he asked me to take over. I'm using this checklist as I figure out how to plan... more

How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

For some reason, my kitchen sink gets clogged frequently! I'm careful about scraping dishes before I wash them, but apparently there's something else going on with my sink. Until I can get a plumber to take a look, I use these two methods to unclog my sink.1... more

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

I used to think my home would be immune to a bed bug infestation since I'm a clean freak, but one of my clean freak co-workers ended up with an infestation her upstairs neighbor shared. It took her weeks to resolve, and now I'm worried I'll get... more