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Preschool Help Littleton, Co

I do not know the area but I do know about preschool curriculum and I strongly recommend that you look for a school that follows the High Scope philosophy - it is solidly based and designed and age appropriate! Of course you will want to check on school cleanliness and sanitation... more

How Much Allowance Do You Give Your Teens?

Why not settle on a reasonable sum as a constant and if she wants to have extra money for something she can earn it by working for it. This certainly teaches to value of money and gives opportunity to manage it.

What Are The Red Flags That My Son Is Bullying His Brother?

First of all, who's doing the bullying? More than likely, it is the older child who may have some deep seated and long standing resentment against the younger child for showing up and usurping a lot of the attention he was so enjoying; of course he wouldn't be... more