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What Are The Expectations Of A Nanny When 1/2 Of The Shift Is Nighttime?

For overnight care there is usually a set fee per night ($150/8 hours). I have never been required to sit up all night but I do have the baby monitor in my room and tend to the baby promptly every time it wakes. With this set up, the nanny... more

I'm Expecting. When Should I Start Interviewing Nannies?

Consider having the nanny come work during part of your maternity leave for several reasons. 1. She and the baby can bond. 2. You become comfortable with her. 3. She learns where everything is and exactly how you prefer things to be done. 4. You can get a bit of... more

Am I Being Paid Enough?

You should be paid minimum wage at the least. Having your own child there is often a plus for the family because their child gets socialization practice. Rates are not determined by how "good" a child is, it is about what you are worth. I wouldn't take less than... more

Should I Charge More For My Babysitting Job?

I would not accept anything lower than $900 per week for those hours. That is incredibly low to me. It isn't even minimum wage. I am unfamiliar with your level of experience or in which state you live, but figure out 50 hours times the minimum wage and stand... more

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

I discuss overtime pay in the interview process so we are clear from the start about expectations. It is not legal to not pay you overtime. If they refuse to pay overtime, I would advise them to please find a back up babysitter to cover the extra hours. Once working... more

What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

Hi there, I charge the same rates for all children unless there are severe behavioral difficulties or other reasons to raise my hourly rate. Other reasons meaning something that requires me to have to go above and beyond the scope of care I provide that requires much more out of... more