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How To Speak With Nanny About Issues?

Ask her to make it to the classes on time, consistently, or you'll be looking for other care. It's plain and simple. She's not meeting your needs so if she can't improve her punctuality she is not the right nanny for you.

What Would It Mean, For You And Your Family, If You Were Required To Work In Order To Receive Snap (Food Stamps)?

My family applied for SNAP when I LOST my job, because we needed temporary assistance to be able to eat. Later we found out that with only my husband working full time at minimum wage and with a baby and myself living with him, we did not qualify for assistance... more

Advice Needed: I Work Overtime But Don't Get Compensated

It is the law for them to pay you AT LEAST time and a half when you work overtime, and it sounds like they're not even paying you at all! I'd demand that they at least start paying you and casually bring up that labor laws stat you... more

When Do You Pay The Babysitter If You Are Hiring Them For Multiple Days?

Yes, pay the sitter on the last of the 3 days, unless you the days are not all in a row. Then you should probably pay the sitter after each day in case you decide you no longer need 1 or 2 of those days or the sitter needs to... more

Sleeping Nanny

You should probably talk to her about it and let her know you're thinking of letting her go. If she knows her job is on the line, she may adjust her behaviour.

To Pay Sitter

You still agreed to pay her when you hired her, so you should pay her. I'd just never hire her again.

Gift Of A Babysitter?

I think it would be a lovely gift, as long as you tell them about it in advance, or let them pick the sitter. It'd be ideal if you could let them meet the sitter or interview them. A surprise sitter that they've never met would be a... more

How Do You Balance Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others?

If we can do it together, we do! I try to eat when my baby is eating, sleep at night when she's sleeping, and do anything else I need to do that I can't do along side her when she's taking her daytime naps. Sometimes that means... more