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Melissa P.

New York, NY

Melissa Petro is a freelance writer, writing instructor and work-at-home mom living in New York City.

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We All Lie To Our Kids’ Pediatricians. Here’s What You Can Do About It

According to a recent study, between 60 and 80 percent of patients say they haven’t told their doctors the truth or have withheld information from them. For parents and their children’s pediatricians, experts say there are even more compelling reasons to lie. While “well-child” checkups aren’t required by law, they... more

I Get Bored As A Stay-At-Home Mom. Here Are 7 Ways To Beat The Boredom And Burnout

For a host of practical reasons, becoming a stay-at-home mom was the right choice for me and my family. And yet, despite loving my 16-month-old son and generally enjoying the time we spend together, there’s no denying some days drag. While my husband’s off doing who knows what exciting grown-up... more

6 Unexpected Ways Life Changes When You Become A Mom

Fifteen months after I pushed my son out of my body and onto this earth, I’m only beginning to come to grips with how motherhood has altered me. While I’d anticipated certain challenges — having to renegotiate how I balance my career and family life, for example — others were... more

Sorry, Grandma, We're Not Coming Home For The Holidays

We’ve all heard the old adage: There’s no place like home for the holidays. But let’s face it, it’s not always true. Whether it’s avoiding family drama or simply saving funds, I’ve learned that taking care of myself sometimes means staying put and skipping the yuletide cheer. Sure, mom missed... more

The 5 Biggest Decisions You'll Make Before Your Baby Turns 1

Like most new parents, I spent a lot of my baby’s first year on the internet. After the baby fell asleep, I was up — sometimes late into the night — researching infant milestones, reading other moms’ experiences and, very often, desperately seeking advice. The first year, I read, was... more

8 Common Parenting Disagreements Couples Have — And How To Handle Them

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… constant disagreements over how to handle the finances, what to feed your toddler and exactly who did the dishes last. If you feel like you and your partner bicker more now that you have children, you’re not alone: In one study, 90... more

6 Mistakes I Made My First Year As A Mom — Which You Can Avoid

The journey of becoming a new parent is as beautiful and joyous as it is messy and exhausting. Most of all, it’s a learning experience. My son, Oscar, will be turning 1 in just under a month, and as we inch closer to this milestone, I’ve been reflecting back a... more

What To Do When Grandma Doesn’t Respect Your Parenting Rules

I often find myself wishing my family lived closer to either set of grandparents. From free childcare and frequent family dinners to having that constant source of advice and moral support, there are a lot of advantages to having Grandma and Grandpa present and involved in your child’s daily life... more