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Jenny Powers

Brooklyn, NY

Amazon Prime, stepping on Legos, going to Target & secretly folding laundry while I'm supposed to be playing hide & seek. Living the dream.

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Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

When you head out for the day, it’s natural for your pet to follow you to the front door and maybe bark, whine or get into a little mischief while you’re out. However, if it continues for prolonged periods of time, your pet causes damage to your home or inflicts... more

What Is Home Daycare And How Much Will It Cost Me?

Consider factors like location, experience, licensing, and more when calculating the cost of a home daycare provider. Home daycare -- or family daycare, as it is also commonly known -- is a childcare service that takes place within a caregiver’s home rather than in a commercial daycare center. Home daycare services can... more

Here’s How To Write A Personal Assistant Job Description

Use this customizable template and detailed list of responsibilities to write a personal assistant job description for posting on online job boards or careers pages. A personal assistant is a dedicated individual whose main role is to serve as their employer’s liaison and handle administrative tasks, freeing up their employer’s... more

5 Great Community Service Ideas For Kids In New York City

Let’s teach our kids they’re never too young to make a difference. As  parents, guardians, and child care professionals, we often find ourselves wearing many different hats at once: We are chauffeurs, short-order cooks, social planners, nurses, and referees. We search for missing action figures, monitor computer usage, check homework... more

The Top 5 Spots For Apple Picking Near Nyc

Whether you want a bushel or a peck, we’ve got an orchard for you! With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time until the air turns crisp and our Facebook feeds are flooded with traditional back-to-school images of adorable little haircuts and first-day smiles. Most... more

The Top 10 Date Night Ideas For Couples In New York City

Get off the couch and go on a date with your spouse! The job, the kids, the housework, the mortgage. No wonder we can only muster up enough energy to throw on sweatpants and turn to Netflix when it comes to a little quality time with our significant other. Remember... more

The Top 10 Places For A Kid’s Tea Party In New York City

Here are the best spots for a spot of tea for the little ones! If your cup of tea is channeling Eloise -- The Plaza’s most famous resident, taking a journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, marching in line with Madeline, playing dress up and sipping tea with pinkies up... more

Drag Queen Story Hour: The Best Children's Storytime In Brooklyn

The queens are holding court to help teach creative diversity. Drag Queen Story Hour, which launched last year in San Francisco, is the brainchild of author Michelle Tea and Radar Productions. Due to its popularity, events at schools, bookstores, and public libraries are popping up in different cities, including Los... more