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How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Looking For A Speech-Language Pathologist In My Area?

Consider partnering with tutoring programs, child support and development programs and afterschool establishments such as Kumon, Art and Music Therapists, and Special Needs Advocacy Programs. Creativity and thinking out the box is sure to get you a good clientele* Leave no stone unturned and always be hippa compliant, and fully... more

How Does One Become A Bonded And Insured For Tutoring Kids?

Check out the American Tutoring Association and/or the National Tutoring Association. They are a wealth of information, training and great at keeping your talents up to date and marketable*

How Do We Accsept A Job?

Check your state and county work permit criteria, and be sure to get a permit for each individual client/job. Be very selective about the services you choose to provide to ensure safety, cohesiveness with your study schedule and mastery of the service skill provided to create a great customer... more