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I am 23 years old with a 6 year old boy who has special needs. I love helping people in anyway that I can:)

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What Do You Use To Clean Your Gas Stove Top?

may sound cheap but i always use oven cleaner from dollar tree works wonders

What Do You Use To Get Grass Stains Out Of Clothing?

water, lestoil let it sit for 15 mins scrub with scrubbing brush if it doesn't work the first time apply again and wash in washer machine

When Do You Start Your Spring Cleaning?

i know some people start in the month of spring and some people start in October for some reason

Where Do You Start Spring Cleaning In Your House?

spring cleaning is generally your whole house closets, kitchens, etc every room in the house

Do You Make A List Of Spring Cleaning Chores?

absolutely, because if your like me i am very forgetful so i make a list of what to do first and i check it off when im done

How Much Time Do You Spend Spring Cleaning?

if its spring cleaning your home you can take all the time in the world but if its speing cleaning someone else's home depending on the house and what needs to be done it can take up too a whole day or a couple of hours

What Is The Best Thing To Clean Laminate Floors With After Contractor's Are Finished And It Is A Final Clean?

i have laminated floors, you need to be careful because they get easily faded just get a bucket of water with a real damp cloth just clean it but obviously sweep first

For A House 1600 Sq Ft, 3 Bedroom 3 Full Bath, Needs Detailed Cleaning, Whats A Reasonable Rate?? How Do You Charge? Based Off..?

I think that's too much but again you know the work that needs to be home I would charge 120.00 just based on what you told me but then again depending on the house and what needs to done