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My Brother Is Paying A Senior Home Aide And His Friends $22,000 Per Month Of My Parents' Money

While I feel that your brother is paying way to much, I would suggest that you speak with an attorney with specialized knowledge of seniors. Unless the caregivers are doing harm or stealing from your parents there is most likely not much you can do. Sometimes I feel that peace... more

How Do I Make Jalapeno Mac And Cheese?

make your normal mac and cheese recipe but add in some chopped jalapeno bits in when mixing.

What Is C O P D?

No they are not the same, but someone with emphysema (they can breath in but have trouble getting the whole breath back out) can also have COPD (chronic obstructed pulmonary disease)

Early Signs Of Alzheimer's?

The biggest difference I have noticed is that with normal aging you tend to have short term memory problems but can recall your past and people in it without much difficulty.

Is It True Getting A Pet Can Help Manage Depression?

I do not know about scientific facts but I do know that animals are wonderful for people with depression just make sure that the care of any animal is something your dad can handle. Music is also wonderful.

What Do I Interview A Senior Caregiver About?

I would make sure that you are crystal clear about what you want and need. Then ask questions with that in mind. As in do they have experience with medications, exercises, etc. You also want to find someone that likes or has experience with things your dad likes. Playing cards... more

Live-In In-Home Care - How Should I Best Focus In The Search For A Caregiver?

Word of mouth recommendations at the best so I would reach out to a support group of like minded people. Most likely found through a senior center.