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Can A Babysitter Charge To Watch A 17 Year Old? My Stepmom Has 3 Children Which Her Babysitter Watches But She Send Me To The Library To Spend My Entire Day. She Claims Its Because The Lady Will Charge Extra To "watch" Me (But She Never Actually Asked).

Yes. Depends. A sitter or any should be told how many children their looking after at the start, if their not, that can raise all sorts of issues, so even if you don't interact with her much, she might charge you. On the other hand, if you're old... more

How Do You Respond When Asked About Negative Reviews?

Be honest. Sorry. But never lie in the interview if the subject is brought up. I wouldn't say bring it up yourself, but always be honest about it, hopefully something along these lines. "I only sat for the family twice, and I am very sad to say, that I... more

How Do I Quit My Baby Sitting Gig On Good Terms?

Oooh, thats a rough one, it might be hard, but I recommend sitting down and handing the parents the standard two weeks notice. "Im sorry, but I am giving you advance notice, but I will be pursuing employment with another family. This is not a reflection on how I feel... more

I Booked A Care Giver But Never Showed

Oooh... I don't believe so no. Im very sorry for that. Generally we are paid afterwards, wether through direct deposit or cash. I recommend also writing a review and rating her on the sight that other parents know to avoid her. I hope she at least managed to send... more