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How Do I Search For And Apply For A Job

I look at it as though I am adopting a family.

Paying Caregivers

When one is getting to know someone, if any "red flags" are raised, I recommend that you move on to the next applicant. Trust your intuition!

Drug & Alcohol Testing On Caregivers

Legal or not, I would never let anyone take care of my child without their volunteering to take random drug and alcohol tests. If it were my child, I would have a background of my own conducted on a caregiver. I would also use IP cameras with audio to check-in... more

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

Listen to them, think about what they say, comment and talk with them.

Cash Loan While On Medi-Cal

A lump sum loan payment may reduce the monthly SSI you receive or may make you ineligible for SSI, because it may be considered a resource that can be used to meet your need for food or shelter. However, there are some exceptions. Find them by Googleing: SI 00830.099... more

Eldercare Abuse

Contact the police as Florida has extremely strict laws that protect Elders from financial abuse. Most police departments have a special officer or department for this crime. Of course you also must immediately call the agency that recommended your caregiver! The field of caregiving is only for trustworthy people, so... more


Historically, severance pay is money that an employer might want to provide to an employee for many years of dedicated service. In my opinion, severance is like a tip, telling the employee that he/she has made a big difference in the life of a loved-one. employees are... more