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Just Got My First Nanny Gig! Any Tips For A Newbie?

Do not stop looking for 1 minute, because that is the age that they are curious about everything and can be hurt.

I’m In A Nanny Share. Legally Does Each Family Have To Pay Me At Least Minimum Wage.

You are not receiving a fair payment, negotiate a salary increase or plan to find other families that beat you right.

Should My Teen Still Sleep With A Stuffed Animal

That is a value appreciated for her now, as she matures she is taking interest in other things and maybe she stops sleeping with her frog but I do not think she should throw it away.

Is Pricing For Overnight Care The Same As For Care During The Day?

Always night jobs have been paid with increase because they are forced hours, which are supposed to sleep, of course should not be paid as daytime hours.

Is The Same Pay Fare If I’m Picking Up An Extra Day But Watching One Less Child?

In my opinion, I will charge extra despite being a child, because it is one more day of work that you can use to rest, do errands or even take care of another child from another family. I always organize my personal things on my free days, if there is... more

💰what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates? 💰

The nanny aims to take care of the physical and emotional integrity of the children who care for their proper development, additional tasks such as washing, cleaning, caring for pets and shopping. My advice is, that these additional tasks should be considered to increase the salary.

How To Make My Son Mingle With Teacher

Children experience fears or sometimes anxieties when they enter a new stage that they do not know, those worries can be problems with their parents, a pregnancy of the mother, distrust with their teachers, they feel alone, they are shy among others. In my opinion the teacher could give confidence... more

How Much Should I Pay For Picking Up/dropping Off?

hasta $50 (10 millas) depende de las millas