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What Can I Make With Dried Apricots?

This is a great site where you can find recipes from Apricot white chocolate chunk cookies to apricot bread. You can even be involved in the community comments and get even more great ideas. I hope this helped! Enjoy!

What Is A Decadent Dessert To Serve On Christmas Eve?

How about a creamy cheesecake dip for your favorite cookie, or a heavenly dish of fat man's delight? Go through the'll see what I mean! ;)

How Should We Start Talking To Our 12 Year Old Son About Watching How Much Junk Food He Eats?

If your 12 year-old thinks he'll neeeeeeeeeeeeever get anymore junk food, then chances are he will not want to listen. Would you never want to eat cake again? To start, try the middle ground. Limit the times he cannot eat them at times you know he is most likely... more

Should I Take My Son To The Doctor To Have A Splinter Removed?

Sometimes your insurance company may have a nurse advice line. You can also try that.

What Peanut Butter Recipes Do You Use To Make After School Snacks?

Peanut butter can be used a variety of ways. One way is with Ritz or saltines. It's fast, easy, and gooood! :)

Where Can I Find Free Halloween Coloring Pages?

This is what I like. There is an endless supply here, but this will take you,hopefully, right to the Halloween section. Hope this helps! Enjoy! :)

Are Stinky Wall Decals Safe For The Baby?

If you are unsure if it'll wear off by the time she is here, why not let it sit. You don't necessarily have to put it up right now. Taking it to the doctor with you on your next visit can also help settle this issue in your... more

Is It Ok For Our Sons To Sleep Out In The Tent In The Backyard By Themselves?

These are the times when memories are made. cherish these moments. They will soon be grown. If it'll help settle in your mind that they are safe why not leave the light on? Better yet have walkie talkies so you can chat if you have a question.