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Transportation Required

Sometimes the family may have a family car for you to use while on shift so that they don't have to figure out pay for your gas

School Breaks Are Vastly Approaching Caregiver's! (Yay)

Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, the beach, pool, go-kart racing, trampoline parks, etc

What Are Fun Activities For A 5 Month Old?

Be CPR/First AID certified for infants that's a huge thing. They want to know if you can change diapers, handle feedings/burping, be able to put the baby down for a nap, etc. Usually playing with an infant you can have toys that make different noises with each... more

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

If you are being paid cash or under the table then not much you can do, but if you are being paid professionally then they should be paying you time and a half for any overtime hours (which is any hours that typically exceed 8 hours a day or 40... more

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

I would try using a count down system/warning system. I've used this on kids of all ages. I'd give them 2 warnings and if they get a third warning then they get the timeout chair no talking or making noises for 5-30 minutes depending on how bad... more