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Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

CPR is super important, and see if you can take a local rec center babysitting class too. They certify you for CPR and Heimlich, as well as teaching you first aid in a way that applies specifically to children.

How Much Should I Be Charging?

Completely! With all the work you do it seems strange that you are making the amount they do, and with the impact you are having on the kids, it seems very justified to ask to be paid at least $20/hour. If the travel thing is also a worry to... more

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

Ask them why they don't want to listen to you and then provide really good and well thought out real reasons why you're right. Kids ask why all the time, it's important that they also take a moment to reflect on why they're behaving in a... more