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Does Being A Parent Count As Child Care Experience?

Does being a parent count as child care experience? It sure does, well it does in my book anyway. This is sometimes the very first time we have experience with children, the ones in our own families :)

What Do Kids Like In A Babysitter?

Kids love it when the person watching them plays with them and gives them love and attention :)

🌴how Do You Handle Asking For Time Off For The Holidays? 🌴

Most of the families we work for, have the Holidays off themselves. So asking for time off for the Holidays is not a difficult task to do. Most of the families will tell you that they won't need you for the Holidays anyway, they are spending the time with... more

How Do I Set Up A Bedtime Routine For Myself?

Make a schedule and if you break it you have to pay $5.00 for a jar that someone else in the house gets to hold. Once you have lost the amount of $25.00 they get to keep it and if it doesn't go to $25 by the... more

Tips For Changing My Wiggly Baby's Diaper?

Make airplane noises and ask him or her..."What is that"...and watch there face or sing a favorite song that makes them listen and hum right in lol it works!

Which Non Mercury Thermometer Is The Best Thermometer For Kids?

Vicks has the best one that I found for my grandchildren.

What Are Some Cool Crafts For Kids', Especially Boys?

A bottle with those boats inside the bottle or a time capsule full of goodies that the boy would like someone to find years later!