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Need To Set Up Rides, Not A Sitter

just list the job as a odd job & make sure to get background checks :)

📝 Do You Use Written Agreements With Your Families? Why Or Why Not? 📝

well usually i trust the people i sit for, but if i was to be cheated out of pay i would know quickly because i need paid weekly or after each session, but i one time cared for my friends mother, ( she was 80 & bedridden ) & After the week... more

How Much Should I Pay For Picking Up/dropping Off?

you should pay for a pickup service gas money plus maybe 5-10 dollars extra for the service

Growing Pains?

maybe if the pains dont go away, my daughter is also 15 & having joint problems, MS runs in our family so i will check her out as well soon.

💕during An Interview, What Questions Do You Always Ask Families, To Make Sure They Will Be A Good Match? 💕

during a intrveiw i ask how the kids are, what they are into, what services i would have to preform & how much would they need me :)

First Time Tutoring...

leave the address of the house with a family member & friend so they know were you are at all times & set up a small contract with the people beforehand- if you think you should, i usually dont but its always a good idea. i got cheated on pay... more

Back Ground Check/ Driver's License

i totally agree, my daughter's babysitter was my friends daughter & she really..... terrible. the reason most people dont put that information is probably because of the amount it costs for the background checks, if i saw it right i think it was 40 bucks. i dont know thats... more

☝️if You Could Change One Thing About The Caregiving Industry, What Would It Be? ☝️

the thing i would like to change about the caregiving world is pay, i get denied sometimes for jobs because they claim 10 dollars a hour is too much, but when you think about it im using my own gas to get to & from the house, not to mention... more