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Growing Pains?

Why not see a doctor? Better safe than sorry.

💕during An Interview, What Questions Do You Always Ask Families, To Make Sure They Will Be A Good Match? 💕

I always ask what their parenting techniques are. It usually gives me a good insight into their personalities, the personalities of the kids, and through that I evaluate if I can see myself working for them or not.

I'm Considering Becoming A Newborn Care Specialist. Does Anyone Know The Requirements And/or Special Trainings Involved? Also The Cost, And If You Think It Would Be Worth It For Someone Who Already Has Over 15 Years Of Experience With Newborns?

In my eyes, no it doesn't seem worth it for multiple reasons. You're making the same pay they do, families don't ask to see your credentials/certificates/degrees, you have the training and experience. However, should any of these things change such as the pay difference, families... more

📝 Do You Use Written Agreements With Your Families? Why Or Why Not? 📝

No, I don't use written agreements with my family. When we agree on something, it's almost always usually susceptible to change; the plan itself happens but just the way we do it changes. Plus, whoever makes himself or herself in charge usually is the director, making the plans... more

What To Do With Kids 9, 6, And 2?

A more crafty approach would be to keep them entertained with certain activities. 2 year olds are fascinated by their toys and still require nap times too. 6 year olds want to follow around their older sibling, they could usually play together or watch a movie together. If not, then... more