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💰what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates? 💰

I always work within a Family range of needs. Rates on this site are usually in a range format one can work with. I don't use written agreements. Nor have I been asked to. The more you formalize, the more we will be expected to pay/charge, in my... more

How Much To Charge Overnight?

Overnight with a baby is still BIG responsibility, not to mention, you are loosing sleep. Additional $30 for overnight in your community sounds reasonable.

New To Nannying

Hi, I Nannied in Virginia a long time ago and have been around kids all my life, other references for Character will work. My references don't include all I've done with children. I found a lovely family that has been using my service for a year Be confident... more

What Should I Wear To A Nanny Interview?

Good luck to you. I think being yourself and using respect in judgement for the position is what is best. Nothing wrong looking nice,

What Are The Best Pain Relievers For Muscle Pain?

hylands-magnesium-phos-6x with on-set. Magnesium I found to be a natural need for the body. These under tongue white dissolvable pills every four/hours four times. Then a dose every two according to the bottle instructions. Try that before advil, my choice only because of my allergy to acetaminophen in tylenol.

How Do I Help My 8 Year Old Get Used To Eating Better?

Mine can be picky, and she has grown up with good eating habits. Organic fruit snacks have taken over, yet she will now at least eat a banana or apple by choice, So hang in there, my daughter adds hazel not peanut butter to fruits too.

What Do You Use For A Tree Topper If You Don't Have A Star?

I have used a large Angel ornament and cut it to fit.