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On The Park Bench: This Babysitter Sets Her Sights On Helping Future Generations

As many sitters know, being the weekend babysitter can be a bit like being the special guest on a long-running show: You show up, smile, do your best… and you hope everyone likes you. More than anything, you hope to make a positive — even if it’s small — impression... more

On The Park Bench: How An Artistic Caretaker Fuels Kids' Imaginations

Over the years, Crystal Williamson has found success in a variety of jobs, including working retail at the Salvation Army and serving as a manager at a laser tag center. She has worked at a day care, run an athletic program for youth with the City of Detroit’s recreation department... more

On The Park Bench: How This Nanny Turns Everyday Tasks Into Adventure And Fun

In a previous chapter of her career, Laura V., a classically trained French chef, spent hours serving up decadent dishes. But the long hours working as the Chef and Operations Manager for a Los Angeles catering company didn’t mix easily with the arrival of motherhood. "I was working full-time and I... more