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19 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes Kids Will Love

Halloween means you and your kids are bound to be surrounded by holiday-themed treats galore everywhere wherever you turn — from drugstore aisles to the classroom. But if your little one has a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, it might feel like an especially challenging time of year, as you... more

Senior Voters Could Decide The 2020 Election

The general election is swiftly approaching, but the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage from coast to coast, raising concerns that fears of transmission and confusion around mail-in voting might keep voters at home. But early indicators suggest that older Americans, who have been flagged as especially vulnerable to the novel... more

Black Seniors Are Harder Hit By Covid-19 — Here's Why

In April, a COVID-19 outbreak took place at an Atlanta-based nursing home where almost all residents of the 186-bed facility are Black. More than 120 residents and staff fell ill, according to the Washington Post. This is just one alarming example of many that underlines how the racial divide is... more