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The 5 Best Ghost Tours In San Diego

Come and be spooked all year-round! San Diego has plenty of ghostly locations! Our geography and history lend a hand to some of these excellent ghostly tales and tours, while others are pure fun and fantasy. These tours take visitors through various haunted San Diego locations, some creepy and some... more

The 5 Best Haunted Houses In San Diego

These haunted houses are seriously scary. There’s a hot wind blowing through San Diego, and it’s scattering up the leaves and reminding us that it’s time for the season of scare! Some like to be truly scared at a haunted house, while others just enjoy the spooky atmosphere. Whatever you... more

The 10 Best Pumpkin Patches In San Diego

Find a pumpkin for your pumpkins! Perfect pumpkin picking -- say that 10 times fast! In San Diego, it’s easy to pick a perfect pumpkin because we have so many amazing pumpkin patches. Most of them are located on sprawling farms that offer families -- or kiddos out with the nanny or... more

The 10 Best After-School Programs In San Diego

Check out this list of safe places for kids to learn and play while you work! Parents in San Diego have a wonderfully diverse set of after-school programs available for kids of all ages. Schools and private organizations offer indoor and outdoor programs ranging from one to five days a... more

The 10 Best Food Trucks In San Diego

Charming trucks full of delicious food? Count us in! San Diegans have great weather, access to beaches and mountains and deserts -- and fabulous food trucks. We really are living the dream! Stroll down the streets of many busy, thriving San Diego neighborhoods and you might find a charming food truck... more

The 10 Best Dog Parks Around San Diego

Bring your pooch to play outdoors with dogs of all kinds! San Diego dog lovers have it made in the shade. One of the most dog-friendly cities in the country offers places where you can hotel, motel, dine, wine, and vacation with your dog. It should come to no surprise... more

The 10 Best Family-Friendly Coffee Shops In San Diego

Coffee and kids don't seem like they could hang out, but in these places, they do! Java Mama’s closing in San Diego cast a pall over all coffee-loving parents, babysitters, and nannies in search of a coffee shop that not only has great coffee but also is welcoming to... more

The 5 Best Water Parks Around San Diego

Splish and splash with your family in these great water parks! San Diego is absolutely the place to be if you’re a kid who loves water. There are more warm months in a year than not in these parts, so we don’t have to wait around for summer to get... more